Thursday, April 1, 2010

Semi-Casual Thursday-But-Feels-Like-Friday

Okay, full confession: I've had some wine. It was a tough week and I deserved it! Anyway, how do you dress on a Thursday before a long weekend?

Like this!
I'm not even sure what it was that inspired this outfit. Sometimes, it's an item I haven't worn in a while, or one I've had for a short time only and not worn much.
Hee, whose ears are those in the bottom corner??

Maybe it was the shoes. They are the Best Shoes Ever, after all. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm blatantly violating my company's dress code (ha!).

The stuff:
Everything in this outfit except for my hosiery is re-used. Wow, I didn't plan that.

Shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment), skirt (Ann Taylor, thrifted), shoes (Poetic Licence, gift from L), obit (Smoking Lily, consignment), earrings (vintage), cufflinks (L's, vintage, I bought them!).


  1. Mwee so cute! It's business casual chic. And those shoes! There are no words. Are they comfortable?

  2. I have obi envy. Hope you enjoyed your wine.

  3. I love this. The colors are wonderful together and the shoes are seriously amazing.

  4. Now those really are wonderful shoes!

    Just wanted to drop by and say I discovered your blog recently and have been absolutely loving your elegant combinations (not to mention the Alice outfit you reposted in your retrospective - fabulous!) :)

  5. They truly are the best shoes ever. I bow down to them

  6. I love the shape of this outfit! You look fab.

  7. Thanks, Megan! The shoes are very comfortable, no rubbing or sore feet after a long day (and I even walked to the pub and back in them).

    Jane, isn't it lovely? I have two like this one. I very much enjoyed the wine, thank you!

    Wendy, I'm on the same floor as HR now - eek! But most of them dress horribly, so tough beans. Ha!

    Jenny, thank you! I was really pleased with the way it all looked.

    Thanks, Cat! And welcome, and thank you so much for commenting! I like your blog!

    Sal, yes, all hail the wondrous shoes, haha!

    Thanks so much, Kasmira!

  8. Sheila, I just wanted to jump over here and thank you for your kind words!

    Also, you are looking great as usual, especially love the shoes

  9. You rebel, you. Sorry that it's been a rough week - I hope that you are enjoying your long weekend and your faaaabulous shoes. Everything about your outfit works perfectly with the shoes - they really pull it all together.

  10. That reminds me I must get my Obi belt out. Love your shoes.

  11. I love your blog! It's women like you and Kasmira that inspire me to keep on blogging and growing creatively (I hope :) - I am 45 (46 in June) and need to find other 40 something bloggers to exchange ideas and thoughts with! Please stop by and visit. I need some support right now. Any constructive comments are appreciated! Thanks for making the 40's great !!! I LOVE those shoes!!!

  12. Thanks for the wonderful comments!!! I will keep an eye out for it ! I actually gave on away :( before I realized what quality vintage really was! It had blue morning glories all over it, and was Fitted at the waist and a really full bottom. I still mourn that darn dress!!!

  13. Thanks again for the Betsy comparison!!! I love women like her and the great Iris Apfel who aren't afraid to just be themselves. I hope I will always be open to fun trends - Minus the daisy-duke, over-processed perm lady with road map legs! (which I have!) Will ya let me know when I've "crossed over" !!! ;)

  14. Thanks, Lesa. :)

    Heh, yes, I'm so bad, Kari! Good to see you back! Thanks very much.

    Jane, thanks! I love obis!

    Thanks, Reva, for all the comments! I like your blog - it's so nice to meet other 40-somethings who want to push their style.

    With regard to those sorts of things...ah, they are just "things". Your lost dress sounds similar to mine (also with a full bottom).

    Yes, me too! Betsey is one of my idols. Ha, you're doing fine.

  15. This is a "i am so cool" look .... i have to agree with you... shoes are the best ever!
    Are they as comfy as they look ?
    Oh ! by the way I am picking up my altered dress on Wednesday.... !

  16. Oh, thank you, Lorena! Yes, the shoes are awesomely comfy - I even walked to the pub and back in them! Ooh, can't wait to see how your dress turned out!


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