Monday, March 8, 2010

Floofy and Flouncy

I should just give up on trying to be conservative - it's just not me! This darned blog has unleased a monster! I was sort of trying to tone it down with this new black skirt that I got over the weekend, since our new VP was in the office today:
I guess the bubble hem doesn't really scream "professional", does it? Ha!

I found this skirt on the discount rack of a little boutique downtown. BB Dakota, for only $35! It was regular $73.
The bow at the neck of the blouse (it ties on the side) felt a bit too much with the poufy skirt. But oh well - I'll try something new tomorrow!

The stuff:
Doesn't that blouse have a gorgeous print? I stalked it for months before I finally bought it on clearance (the last one, in my size, horseshoes up my butt or what?) - I've had it for about 2 years.

Shrug (Debut), blouse (I.N.C.), skirt (BB Dakota), shoes (Luichiny), cuff (thrifted), earrings (Foxy Originals).


  1. I LOVE the colors in that blouse. It's fabulous. Possibly overkill for the office when paired with that skirt, but you rocked it!

  2. Honestly, I think you look fabulous. I wouldn't say you're over the top - at least not for the Med College I work for. So keep it up, because you continuously give me ideas!

  3. Oh. Em. Gee. I love the bolero with the bow tie, and the bubble-hemmed skirt. You probably made the VP's day.

  4. look at are one hep women... don't try be conservative..i just love the way u are ..that blouse is so gorgeous and screaming spring..

  5. That top is just Wow! You look like a very successful lady executive! I like the skirt too. I would wear it to work and be glamorous. Good for you!

  6. Oh man! That yellow bangle is super duper fab. I love it.

    For what it's worth, I don't think the skirt is unprofressional. It's pretty. Isn't that what counts?

  7. I love your poses. I imagine you sitting there demurely until the new VP has gone and then you doing alittle twirl!

  8. The blouse (AND skirt) are totally you and you SHOULD give up trying to be conservative -- just as much as I might as well give up trying to be like YOU :)

    I actually LIKE the side bow on the blouse - even in this outfit. You look great in this color, too.

  9. You really have the most fabulous shoes, Sheila. I've never seen a dull or dowdy pair on ya!

  10. I like this outfit´s silhouette ...
    From this picture I am sensing that you are probably very nice to be around in the office... you look like the happy type that would bring in donuts for all... I would be happy too with that top :)

  11. You know, to me, as bubble skirts go, that one seems more toned down- like the bubble is only at the hem. Not over the top in any way.
    Imo, (humble) your outfit looks fabulous, and it shows that you think outside the box and are not a boring hack. If I was an executive, and had to pick a professional team, you'd be my first choice, because you can obviously make decisions, think creatively, and push forward.
    That is winning, in my book- you rocked it! An inspiration!

  12. How is that not conservative? And adorable! The blouse is my favorite part, I confess.

  13. Flounce it my friend! You look fabulous! I love the spring in your step!


  14. Adorable blouse! I like the shoes too - kinda funky :)

  15. Thanks, Megan! My VP is getting used to me, now. He knows I'm professional under the exterior.

    LaShaune, oh, you are such a dear, thank you!

    Jane W, ha! Thank you!

    Sak, thanks, heh, I love being hep, oh yeah! It's funny, I did used to dress way more conservative, but I really feel that I've blossomed since I started blogging. I'm never going back!

    Aradia, thanks! I love being glamourous on a daily basis.

    Closet, thanks! I got that for $4, I think, in a thrift store. I do believe you are correct: pretty is what counts, haha!

    Jane, thank you! I like being a little silly. :)

    Rebecca, thank you for that affirmation, you are so right. I like the side bow too, but it felt like a bit much.

    Sal, I aim to please - and, really, what's the point of boring shoes? Life is too short!

    Lorena, thank you! I do get along with everyone in the office - they tease me and I give it right back. No donuts, though!

    Rita, hi and welcome! Thank you for commenting! :) Um...I have a much more over-the-top bubble-hem skirt, heh heh. I haven't worn it for work at all - special occasion only! Aw, thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

    Kristen, oh, it's pretty outlandish in my office. :-P But I like that! Yes, I adore the blouse too.

  16. From the photos, I don't think this looks over the top at all. It looks like sheer perfection. Maybe it was a bit much in person?

  17. Your skirt is floofy and your hair is sleek. I like it!

  18. Thanks, Kasmira! My hair is driving me nuts right now.

  19. I HEART this lovely feminine outfit. It's just fabulous!!!!


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