Thursday, March 25, 2010

Floral Legs

More of my weekend shopping loot! Today, it's this new ultra-thin silk and cashmere sweater ($18), a necklace and ring from the $10 grab bag, and these crazy-ass tights:
Can you believe people actually thought that a) those were tattoos and b) I had painted the roses on my legs? Uh, yeah.

I really like the sleeves on the top - this is the pink top I've been looking for for ages!
The ring is a nice simple hunk of shiny, and the necklace will be good layered with some pearls or something.

The stuff:
Those ar the tights at the bottom so you can see that they have a bit of purple in them. Of course, I had to do purple shoes!

Sweater (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Kensie), tights (Hue), shoes (Friis and Co., gift from L), necklace/ring (consignment), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. I love purple, the shoes rock and I am in love with the tights. I probably would be too much of a "wuss" to wear them, but my inner self wants to wear them EVERYWHERE. Great style as always!

  2. Awesome tights, they're such a unique piece. The pink shirt is very pretty and on-trend for spring.

  3. Amazing shoes. I also love the tights. Win!

  4. Beautiful outfit, simple but with a lovely "quirk" from the tights :-)

  5. That pink is soooo pretty on you; it is absolutely the perfect pink! It can be such a hard color to get the right tone for, but when you do, you hit the jackpot! I am still searching for my perfect pink...

  6. Yay for wild tights. You know I'm a fan. ;)

  7. That is the perfect top for you in so many ways--cut, color--gorgeous!

  8. So Springlike! Yay! Very pretty and ladylike, yet not boring! Love it.
    Those shoes are awesome!

  9. Thanks, Lesa! I was rather nervous about wearing them for work, but I kept the rest of the outfit simple.

    Thanks, Megan! Is pink "on-trend"? Wow, how about that.

    Jenny, thanks!

    Wendy, totally.

    Thanks, Tat!

    Kristen, thanks - it's the only shade I wear, pretty much.

    Sal, I know! Here's to crazy legs!

    Thanks, Jane!

    Thank you, Rita!

  10. yay for those tights... I have a funky pair I have not worn yet... i am still seeking encouragement... but, these look fab !!
    i would have told all those nosy people that they were real...

  11. Thanks, Lorena! Oh, you should wear your funky tights! If you are nervous, keep the rest of your outfit very conservative. Heh, yeah, I should have. ;)

  12. Oh wow, I LOVE the shape of that top, it was so worth waiting for. And the heels....perfection! You really did a great job pairing the tights too -- I have a feeling those could be tricky...Anyway, I love it!

  13. Thanks, Julia, I do too! Funny, every pink top I've found has been from the same season Esprit line (must've been a not-so-successful one). Ah, thanks - the tights *were* tricky - trying not to look too clownish.


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