Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3rd Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - Day 3

And welcome to Day 3, the day where the Wardrobe Challenge items start repeating themselves and I become deeply BORED with the clothes I have selected. Thankfully, it's also the day I wear some things for the last time!

Today's outfit is also fairly dressed down (for me! stop laughing).
I had meetings almost all day (this was the day with the lawyer, and also a contractor, and then we all went out for lunch), so no whackadoo colour combinations.

They still both gave me a look. After all, I did wear ALL the sparkly jewelry today:
This is the last appearance of both this sweater and this skirt. There will be another wearing of the shoes.

I actually had to cheat (slightly) and wear a same-colour camisole under this sweater. Fortunately, I remembered before I got dressed at work that the sweater is see-through. I counted it as underwear and insurance over not getting sued by the lawyer for sexually harassing him at work.

My planning photo:
I love the teal and green together. I can't get enough of that skirt.

Special bonus item: I laughed my ass off over these 1970 Weight Watchers' cards (and captions, watch the slideshow). Oh my, good times. Embrace mackereality!

Click here for my full list of items, info on them, and pictures of the individual pieces.


  1. I think you've found your calling with this capsule thing. You look like a mermaid!

  2. Oooooo, what a fabulous skirt! It is very "Michelle Obama" to me.

  3. Eee those shoes are so great. The blue sweater is awesome, despite needing a cami. Can't wait to see the rest of the week. ♥

    (btw is that a hair cut, i see?)

  4. I LOVE that teal color on you! I actually think this is one of the best colors you've worn that I've seen. Really classy outfit today, Sheila, I quite love it :)


  5. Just so you know... if you are completely sick of that skirt after the wardrobe challenge, I will very, very gladly take that beauty off your hands!

  6. Though I'm not Jane & don't set the rules, I'm assuming that camisoles under clothes (if they aren't visible at all and are just for warmth & modesty) count as underwear, not one of the 10 items. I wear them frequently just to prevent any gapping/cleavage visibility.

    I love the teal sweater with that skirt. I can't blame you for not getting enough of it - the combination is gorgeous.

  7. I love the unusual hemline of the skirt. Would love to see its true colors - I don't see green in it on the my laptop screen.

    Was it the same lawyer as day Monday? Maybe he recognized the skirt and THAT'S why he looked at you oddly.

  8. Did YOU come up with the slideshow narratives?!? Absolutely hilarious. You should get $$$$ for this. Go on the road. Comedy Clubs. SOMEthing!

  9. Love, love, LOVE the teal and green together!

  10. I would never think to try teal with green but I'm loving it! Also, that slideshow was A RIOT! That stuff looks disgusting, all of it.

  11. That skirt is positively magical. Glad it's in the capsule!

  12. Very pretty Sheila, these colors brighten you up... and i want your shoes.

  13. Oh man I love those shoes!! I love the green and teal together. Good thing you remembered the cami.

    The slide show and captions were so funny! What was with that melon mousse thing? Looks like cat barf. Ick!

  14. Thanks, Jane, that's so nice of you to say. :)

    FA, thanks! I love it.

    Megan, aren't they fab? And they're Aerosoles, so sooo comfy. I got my hair cut on Monday - I just flat-ironed it on this day.

    Thanks, Julia! You're so sweet.

    Ha! Not a chance! I'm going to let it age and become vintage in my closet - you don't find an Alfred Sung baby like this too often, my edit!

    Thanks, Lady Cardigan, and welcome!

    Kari, I totally agree, but I thought full disclosure was in order. I love mixes of greens and blues and all the shades in between. Thanks!

    Rebecca, can you adjust your screen's colours? What you see is pretty true to life (I checked on my camera vs. my own screen). No, I didn't see the lawyer on Monday - he's just a staid lawyer and is not used to professional ladies who wear shiny lace and vintage jewelry to work. :-P

    Oh, and gosh, no, a friend sent me that link. I'm not that talented...but thanks for thinking I could be! :)

    Thanks, Kristen!

    Suz, they're the same colour family - of course they go! Try it! Ha, I know, I was crying I was laughing so hard at those pictures.

    Thanks, Sal! I would never have even conceived of wearing it in the daytime before I blogged.

    Lorena, thanks so much! I love the shoes too - back off, lady. ;)

    Alison, I knew you would! Ha, that looked like a brain - too funny.

  15. I covet this skirt!!
    I also love your shoes in all of your posts... :)

  16. Thanks so much! I like your sneakers. :) Purple is good.


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