Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Colour Matchy Fear - Gone!

I had a little mini-epiphany last night while throwing today's outfit together: I've lost my fear of not being matchy! Example: in the pre-blog days, I would definitely have bought this skirt:
But I would have been stymied by what to wear with it, in a tizzy over finding the right blue to match it, and probably stuck with wearing only black or white (or a matching blue, if I found it) with it. And in fact, the first time I wore this skirt, it was with just plain ol' black.

The horror!
I stood there in the closet, staring at the skirt, and then it struck me: red looks great with blue! And I grabbed the red shoes, then the (different shade of) red top, the lacy nylons and the black cami.

The stuff:
Ah, Fluevogs, how I love thee.

I also felt very daring in mixing up my metals and colours in my accessories:
The brooch is done in copper (and the blues don't match the skirt!), the earrings are actually dark orange, and the ring is a deep blood red.

I felt great in this, but I had a crappy day. It didn't help that I got rained on while walking home. Ah, well...maybe there will be sun tomorrow.

Cardigan (Vero Moda), knit top (Planet), skirt (Ricki's, consignment), nylons (I forget), shoes (Fluevogs), earrings and brooch (Plum), ring (Kenneth Cole).


  1. Congratulations! That is a big accomplishment, and a cute outfit!

  2. There's hope for me, then! What a great outfit. You make it all seem so easy!

  3. Lovely! The shoes are just fantastic. I'm also working on getting over my fear of color matching.

  4. love those ear-rings..ur outfit simple and beautiful ...

  5. I totally feel that way about the matching. I'm so glad to have the blog world to help break me out of that shell! Those shoes are awesome!

  6. Isn't it liberating? I think color culture has shifted a lot ... a few years back you were EXPECTED to match. I like things better now.

    And pardon me while I wipe away some Fluevog-drool ...

  7. Yay!
    This is so pretty and I love your picture poses... so dramatic and getting the point across !
    Have you ever done any theatre ?

  8. Thanks, Jane!

    Ha, Rebecca, you're doing fine. :) It's not that hard! You can do it!

    Megan, thanks, I love those shoes. I'm still a matchy girl at heart.

    Sal, thanks!

    Thanks, bunnyhead!

    Sal, it is! Wow, I never realized how bound I was by trying to match everything. Heh, they are lovely 'Vogs, aren't they?

    Lorena, thanks! No, no theatre here.


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