Thursday, March 4, 2010

3rd Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - Day 4

Please forgive the mess from the neck up today. I walked to and from work (40 min. each way), did 1/2 an hour of power walk, including 6 sets of stairs at lunch, and then ran/walked for 30 min. with L after work. I'm pooped! Most of my make-up is melted away...and my hair which looked so nice this morning is all witchy tonight.

Anyway, today is the return of the strapless dress and the cream jacket:
And the boots...and the third wearing of the patterned t-shirt. This time I did the jacket open, sort of a boyfriend blazer kind of look. I wore the gold chain wrapped around my wrist today, for the third option for it (plain/long, knotted and as a bracelet).

Fortunately, it was really warm this afternoon and I got to wear the outfit without the jacket:
I did purple tights! The tee has bits of green, amber and purple on it (and it's got jewels in those colours following the pattern all over the front), so that's where the green, mustard and purple colours were pulled from in this week's items.

I love that the back of the tee is also patterned (the bottom is too) - oops, my tag's up! I forgot to check when I got re-dressed (for the 3rd time today). Dang, I'm usually really good about checking.
It looks like lace kind of. And there, you can see the adorable little bows on the backs of my boots!

My planning outfit:
A good shot of the "tower of power" - some of my shoe collection!

Click here for my full list of items, info on them, and pictures of the individual pieces.


  1. wow!!I love ur shoe rack...ur outfit looks great, they r very creative and stylish, take some rest...night night..

  2. How fun is the back of this dress! And the bows on the boots. Soooo pretty.

  3. I love that the shirt looks like lace print! The purple tights are rockin'~!

  4. I LOOOOOOVE what you did with the tee under the dress; so striking and elegant!

  5. Love this pairing! The dark neutrals really look fantastic together.

  6. Wow I am impressed with all that exercise. Love today's look. The strapless dress is a real winner.

  7. Well done and good outfit - the capsule wardrobe is such fun!

  8. What an unusual (and pretty) shirt!
    I'm worn out just hearing about your schedule - walking/running/dressing/redressing, etc.

    I like the peek into your storage system and the wardrobe planning pictures...

  9. How funny - I was just thinking that your hair looked fantastic today!

  10. I do love that teal skirt, but I think this might be my favorite outfit combo of the week. And I love the hair, looks sassy! Not witchy!

    I covet your shoe rack...if I had closet space to spare I'd have one made and totally copy you.

  11. Wow I love how you paired that dress and the top... the detail on the back is worth a second and third stare... i would wear without the jacket some other time...

  12. Thanks, Sak! I had my closet custom built a few years ago.

    Thanks, Bianca - I'm not sure that the back of the dress is that fun, so I'm guessing you mean the t-shirt?

    Megan, thanks! I like that too.

    Wendy - it's that kind of detail that makes an item special. Thanks!

    Kristen, thanks, it's so easy to do.

    Closet365, thank you!

    Thanks, Jane, I'm a little sore today (Friday), haha. Yeah, I love this dress.

    Make Do - thank you! I love doing these challenges.

    Rebecca, isn't it neat? They had about 3 different colours of it at Winners (an outlet/clearance type of store). I nearly bought the one in red, but I already have a red graphic tee an no cream one. I think the other one was blue. Yes, yesterday was a tough day! I think I am due to do another closet tour at some point.

    Sal, aw, thank you!

    Sherylyn, thank you, honey! You go right ahead and copy my closet any time.

    Thanks, Lorena! You got your wish with Friday's outfit. :)

  13. A Tower of Power in a custom built closet? oooh!!!! You must shoe us the whole closet!


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