Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Mystery Jacket and My Scuba-Suit

Today's outfit features my new jacket that I got at a thrift shop on the weekend:Also, my ribbon skirt, which I've owned twice, once in a size 12, when I was losing weight, and this one (a size 6). I packed up a new pair of brown fishnets to put on at work, since I popped a hole in my last pair when I wore them to Ronnie's party.

Little did I realize...scuba suit!
Okay, maybe I'm dating myself here, but do you remember the scene in "St. Elmo's Fire" (I've been having John Hughes nostalgia since he died, and didn't you love that part of the Oscars? *sigh* Molly, you look gorgeous!) between Rob Lowe as the rebellious sax player and Mare Winningham as the dowdy girl who secretly loves him? They're sitting on the back stairs at night and he makes a move on her to push her skirt up her thigh and he encounters the 80s version of Spanx and he says, "What's this? A scuba suit?"

I died a little inside for her, poor Mare. I know, I've worn the control garments too! Heh, everytime I went to the bathroom or changed to go for a walk today, there was my scuba suit.

The stuff:
Yup, done all these before, good wardrobe stalwarts all!

But back to the jacket. It was $13.50 (steal!) and was in the vintage section of the thrift shop. It's a wool blend, but no labels at all, not even evidence that a label was ever in it (not on the side seam, or at the back of the neck).

The neckline is perfect. Is this not the prettiest neckline?
There's a teeny shoulder pad in it (not a bigass 80s shoulder pad, and not the little pillow pads that 50s/60s stuff has). The lining is all hand-stitched into place along the bottom edges, and in the sleeves at the cuffs. The serged edges of the hem underneath (what I can see) have been hand-stitched down in a different coloured thread.

I think this is either a hand-made garment, OR it's been shortened from a longer style.
Either way, it's beautifully made. Look at the lovely hidden buttons! There are three up that seam and one at the crossover - and they aren't vintage buttons (and again, the thread is the wrong colour). I can't find any evidence that there were ever buttons on the front of the garment - I doubt this was ever worn (no armpit wear).

Anyway, I absolutely love the colour and the cut - and it's like it was made for me! But it will have to remain a mystery.

Jacket (thrifted, no label), skirt (Ricki's), shoes (Bleka), belt (Plum), earrings and cuff (Oscar and Libby's).


  1. I really like it when I find mystery items at the shops. And that jacket is divine. It really looks like it was made for you.

  2. i love your todays ensemble...jacket is a great find & when you are tired of it (perhaps u could give it to me)...there is somuch to learn from ur style..

  3. Remember, Mare got Rob Lowe in the end, so it didn't end terribly for her. (Their story was my favorite part of that movie. She was just so sweet!) I do think of it whenever I am wearing Spanx, too.

    Love that jacket -- great angles and cut!

  4. That jacket is such a find! And I'd totally forgotten the scuba suit line.

  5. I remember that scene! Great neckline on that jacket.

  6. Oooh, I adore that gorgeous neckline!

  7. I remember that scene very well. I died a little for her too. My ex used to call my various layered foundation garments "Fort Knox". Heh.

  8. Yes, that IS a gorgeous jacket... it's really unusual which is what makes it perfect.

  9. Tina, me too! Thanks very much!

    Sak, thanks. Ha, not likely - good try, though. :)

    Kristen, did she? It's been so many years since I saw that movie.

    Wendy, heh, you'll have to revive the line. Thanks!

    Jane W., thanks!

    Sal, thanks!

    Sherylyn, yes! Hee, Fort Knox is pretty funny.

    Lorena, I agree - I love unusual things.

  10. Details like those of your jacket are what rope me in to a purchase. Too good to pass up!

  11. Ah, I remember that line well! That was one of my favorite movies in the 80's.

    Love the jacket, and once again I'm ogling those glorious shoes.

  12. Rebecca, me too - I always look for those kinds of things in my clothes. I am all about the details!

    Audi, me too! I really loved all those movies. I confess, the shoes are cheap-cheap. Maybe one more year left in them. But they were so cute!


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