Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Schlumpy Vest

So. This is the vest I got while out shopping on Friday night:
I love the button detailing on the front, the nice soft heathered grey colour.

But what I don't love...it's linen. And after wearing it all day, it got very schlumpy bumpy lumpy in the middle. Ugh.
I need a vest that is of stiffer fabric and construction. Sorry, linen vest, you're going to go live with someone who will appreciate your unique appeal: Ruth!

On the plus side, I forgot how well these pants fit! Awesome length for a 3" heel, too.

The stuff: The blue shoes make another appearance (not even 2 weeks has gone by!). What the heck did I do before I got cobalt blue shoes? Good golly.

The bigass white cuff is from the $10 grab bag.

A close-up of the rings:
The left one I'd totally forgotten about!

Vest (Kensie), blouse (French Connection, consignment), pants (Calvin Klein, consignment), shoes (Feet First), ring (Nine West), blue stone ring (Scotland, handmade), earrings (Plum), cuff (consignment).


  1. I think it looks great but I know how you feel about linen.

  2. Well, I know you've probably heard the comments about "that's how linen looks" , but I wouldn't give up on the vest just yet. Perhaps rethink it as a more casual wardrobe item. Pair it with a tee and long walking shorts in the summer for a casual yet pulled together look. I think linen has such an old-school, summer at the Cape kind of feel. It's really pretty.

  3. Sheila too bad because it's a nice piece... at least you can't tell the schlumpy from the pictures....

  4. Hmmm... perhaps you could wear it open so that it wouldn't crease when you sit down? I'm thinking with a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, some wide-leg trousers and some killer heels. You could even get really crazy and add a loosely-tied tie for a relaxed but sexy menswear look.

  5. I adore the bright heel with those pants, and linen can be tricky, you're right. But I always love it in summer -- it has kind of "I'm rich and Idon't care if my clothes are wrinkled because I'll just have the maid take care of that later" feel, eh?

  6. Wendy, I guess it's not what *I* feel about linen!

    Oh, I know, Anonymous. But I loathe that look on me - and I seriously wouldn't have bought the vest if I'd known it was linen (kicking myself for not checking). It's already gone.

    Lorena, thanks - but it just looked so sloppy, and that's never how I want to look.

    Audi, too late, the vest has left the building. I don't like vests worn open on me (Boobs McGee) as they add too much bulk. I love a tailored, fitted vest though, so I am definitely in for your suggestions with my other vests, thanks! :)

    Thanks, Julia! Yeah, it's just never been a look I've liked. I have enough wrinkles on my face, haha!


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