Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Weekend Wrap-Up: Visible, Hatted/Haired, Vizzini Adventures, Shopping

Happy New Year 2015! 
Selfie, yo! The trick is to look at the camera.
I hope you all had a wonderful evening, and are enjoying the first days of 2015! I took the above shot in my bathroom mirror, so that you can see all my jewelry, false eyelashes and my make-up (most of which still doesn't show).

I wore the same outfit as I did for our company Christmas party, here, in late November. None of my friends were there, so no one saw this in person.

  • Dress - Eliza J, consignment, last worn here (3rd outfit)
  • Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, last worn here (2nd outfit) in September

I didn't wear the little rabbit fur coat, or the silver gloves, as we were at Randall & Yvonne's all evening and I didn't require the extra warmth.
And I changed up the shoes to a more sensible option, more suitable for standing around chillin' with my favourite bunch of people in the world.

The stuff:
I also changed out one of the vintage bracelets (a stretchy iridescent crystal cuff) for the rounded link one, as the stretchy cuff was snagging at my dress a bit.

  • Fascinator - local
  • Bracelet - Coro, vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Earrings/U bracelet -  Sherman, Grandma J's
  • Death Star ring - Stone Roses
  • Crystal ring - Ufizzi Gallery gift shop
  • Ear cuff/ring - Claire's
Bright bling:

So much sparkly! I was very cautious and put the earrings in my pocket when we walked to and from the party. I hate losing earrings, and it would be a tragedy to lose one of these.

While I was getting ready, Vizzini made his presence felt.
"It is time for kitty treats!"
We give him 6 hard little kitty treats a night, after 8pm. No more, no less; he can count, and gets very upset if he gets less. If he gets more, we would never hear the end of it from then on. He gets very vocal.
"Stupid woman! Give me the treats!"
He helpfully stares at the cupboard where they are kept.
"Look, they are right there. Use your opposable thumbs!"
When I finally get out the bag, he attempts to climb up me.
"Ah! Treats! Give them to me now!"
This is how I know when it's time to cut his claws: when they start poking me.

He gets 3 treats on the floor, then we put the other 3 into a ball for him.
"I know they're in there!"
He rolls the ball towards himself until they fall out.
"I still hear one!"
When we first gave him the ball, he took about 10 minutes to get the treats out. Now, it takes him about 2 minutes. Smart little bugger.

L and I chilled out on Friday (not hungover, nope, not me), and on Saturday, we went to the mall and to a rug store.
A super-casual outfit for me.

  • Top - Hama shirt, Smoking Lily; now relegated to "wear around the house" so I don't track its wear any more
  • Dress - Danier Leather, thrifted; last seen here (5th outfit) in November 2014
  • Boots - Ash; last seen here (2nd outfit) for Book Club in December 2014

I liked the studded tights with this.
I didn't wear much bling, just a thrifted cuff and stud earrings.

At the mall, we went to the Hudson's Bay and treated ourselves to a new feather duvet and cover. "Someone" ate the zipper off our old duvet cover (so it would have to be ripped open to be removed), and the old duvet is (ulp) over 20 years old. Where does the time go!? The Bay had a great sale on and we got a beautiful set at a good discount.

I popped into the Danier Leather store and was unable to resist their extra 30% off on accessories.
These are all shades of taupe, with sort of a champagne tint to them. The gloves are like butter, and the neck-loop style scarf and furry toque are stretchy and woven throughout with rabbit fur. These weren't cheap, but they are so soft and beautiful! They were worth it, and even though none of them were locally made, they are designed in Canada and Danier is a Canadian company (that is struggling, I've read), so I'm happy to support them.

We had Cat and Ross over on Friday night for some Arkham Horror, then L and I went for brunch at Floyd's before the Wild Card football games on Saturday.
Close to my team colours, to represent! And my Carolina Panthers made it! Woo hoo!

  • Sweater - Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment; last seen here in September 2014 with white
  • Skirt - Danier Leather, thrifted; last worn here in March 2014 with rust
  • Boots - Aldo, consignment; last seen here on Christmas Day 2014

These darned tights are way closer to the green-y teal of the sweater, but they always photograph blue.
I did a quick shop after breakfast and made it home in time for the games.

I had to wear all my new fur accoutrements!

I went to the Hospice shop and had a bit of luck. Another Perfect Red skirt found. My last Perfect Red skirt was leather, but it never fully recovered from a salad dressing incident.
I was super-happy to find this one. It's by J. Michaels, made of 100% wool, and is made in Canada.
Old 80s sizing, so equivalent to a modern size 8. This was only $12.00.

My breath caught when I spotted these.
They're size 8.5 (I usually wear a 9 to 9.5/Euro 40), so I bet they were big on the original owner!

I love the sleek mod styling! They remind me of Mondrian's paintings. The brand is Joy & Peace and these were a whopping $15.00.
Look! It's my missing black earring! I found it in our driveway when I got home! It was barely scratched - so lucky!

The shoes have maybe been worn once.

Our brand-new rug arrived on Saturday too!
We got it half-price (floor model sale). It's really thick and plush - real wool, made in Belgium. Vizzini's in love with it - and so are we!

I'm in for Judith's "Hat Attack" I am linking up this outfit (this post, scroll down) from a couple of weeks ago (since I've done the NYE outfit in a past Hat Attack). I'm also joining in with Gracey's "Literary Stylings" on Tuesday!

Shoe Shine is still on here if you want to play along!


  1. I *love* the treats in a ball! Must try that with my three. Your lace gown is gorgeous, as are all the gems. And your new "Mondrian" boots are the find of the year! Well, short year so far, but I bet they hold the honor. xo

  2. $15?? steal!!!! Love those.

    I've been greatly admiring your recent purchases, especially the danier things. swooon

  3. You look amazing in the gown and hat!!! Gorgeous new rug, too.

  4. I love that dress on you every time Sheila! Hope you had a very happy new year - you've certainly started it off in a stylish manner!

    I had a bit of a giggle with Vizzini and the kitty treats - too cute! Every now and then when I'd add some cheese to my lunch or dinner, I'd give Cooper a piece. Now every single time I get the cheese out the fridge, he's glued to my side just waiting for a piece. Funny how quickly they catch on when there is food about!

  5. The scarf and gloves look so soft and cozy. I bet they are a dream to wear!

  6. Love the selfie in your bathroom mirror and your NYE gown...your hair really makes the whole look zing.

    Your cat is sweet and curious and clever to count the treats...I feel ours could learn a lesson from him if he were teaching...

  7. I love catching the party vibes on your party posts. Your footwear find just proves that it ALWAYS pays to check out the other sizes. These are ultra mod.
    And Vizzini is a real ladies' man. Great idea to put his treats in a ball. I hope he treats your new rug with respect.

  8. Ha, Vizzini is hilarious. Clever boy!
    Your lace party dress is a stunner, and no one rocks leather clothing like you, Sheila! The red skirt and shoes are great finds too. xxx

  9. That lacy dress is gorgeous! It looks amazing on you! Happy New Year to you (and Vizzini too!)

  10. Hi Sheila,

    You have a cute cat. How old is your cat ?

    Warm regards,

  11. Werner, Vizzini is nearly 4 years old. Thank you for reading!

  12. I'll be really sad if we lose Danier leather. Almost every piece I own is from them.

    I love that floor length lace gown and how you styled it. Gorgeous!

    Ha! I bought our pug one of those "games" for dogs where you hide the treats and they have to open drawers, and turn handles to get to them. Now it takes her 5 minutes to get all of them. They learn quickly when it comes to food.

    I'm delighted you have put the blogger meet-up button on your blog and I'm very excited to meet you! : )


  13. Oh and those shoes are amazing!


  14. So much to like here! The long lace dress is truly stunning; the shape is so flattering and I love a fishtail hem. The feather headpiece looks great with the upswept hair.

    I would wear that whole spaghetti strap leather dress outfit - very funky. I really like Danier stuff, so I'm sorry to hear they are struggling. I would buy more if I could ;) I've been looking for the perfect red skirt forever with no luck so far.

    Officer Vizzini is very vigilant about his treats, and that's a good idea to put them in a ball, even if it only extends the adventure a couple of minutes.

    Beautiful rug, no wonder the whole family loves it!

  15. OMG…
    that lace dress is spectacular !!
    You look British red carpet ready and I mean British by the beautiful feather head piece.
    If you'd been to a red carpet, you would have certainly made it to magazine pages. You look like a princess.


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