Monday, September 3, 2018

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Celebrating Friends; Friday Rust and Teal; Shubooties for Shopping; Getting Our Glo On

The last long weekend of the summer...ah, what a lovely summer it's been (and still 3 weeks to go, let's not rush things!). This was a quiet weekend for us, as we mentally prepare ourselves for a couple of months of busy weekends. Gotta charge those batteries before I can be "go go go" again. 

The face of someone looking forward to a weekend.
 I built this outfit around this new-to-me teal t-shirt that I recently acquired, but first...

Some celebrating of my blogger friends is called for!

  • This is my outfit for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Go! 
  • My dear friend Melanie of A Bag and a Beret is gonna be famous! She's one of the faces of Nordstrom Canada's "True Nord" ad campaign (her post here)! What!! So proud of her! Also, I'm famous by proxy, since we made a movie together a couple of years ago (go here to giggle your ass off). 
  • Dear Anna of Anna's Island Style is also getting her share of Fame, being a face in a Woman and Home ad campaign (here)! Way to go, Anna! 
AND, last, but not least
  • Wendy Brandes has been a blog-friend of mine nearly from the beginning of our blogs (2007 for her 2008 for me, and I own 2 rings that she made: the lapis lazuli ring here in 2012, and the Fulvia Ring, purchased here in 2013), and I've been a fan of her ongoing video series. I requested some tips recently for determining age on vintage items, and she came through! Wendy and her good friend/designer Stacy Lomman made a 17-minute video (worth watching the whole thing - some excellent info there), and they gave me a couple of shout-outs! I'm definitely getting famous through my amazing and talented friends, it seems. *grin*

So much awesomeness. Now, clothes.

  • Sweater - Sparkle & Fade, swap from Sarah; last seen here in August with secret accordions
  • T-shirt - Banana Republic, consignment; purchased here for $20.98
  • Trousers - Cartonnier, thrifted; first worn here in June with a tropical pattern
  • Shoes - Design Lab; last seen here in June with this same cardi and 70s apartment colours

This was the perfect Casual Friday outfit for the office. It was pretty quiet all day - one last gasp of vacation time for my coworkers.
 The usual pose - hands in pockets!

I read somewhere that leopard and/or animal print is huge again for fall. I can do that! Note the addition of my "homegrown vintage" leopard scarf to my ponytail.
 I liked the addition of this - it was a windy day and it fluttered about when I was outside.

A blurry, ghostly shot of me deploying the Swoosh Factor of this cardi.
 You might be able to tell how excited I am by this.

First wearing of my new-to-me bag.

A shot with the cardigan off so that you can see the t-shirt. It has really nice drape.
 I was also proud of myself for doing a "half-tuck" on the front of it. Ooh, I'm all fashiony!

The stuff:
 The return of my 10 cent shoes (really, that's what I paid). Good enough to keep!

Animal bling:
 My scarf is from when I worked at Fairweather back in 1999-2000.

  • Scarf - Fairweather, c. 1999
  • Bangle - "Gucci", gift from Mom and Dad from Italy, c. 1987
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpaneva, c. 1970, vintage expo
  • Copper/turquoise ring - Grandma J's
  • Feather earrings - thrifted

The earrings had to go on right before I left the house, and had to be removed as soon as I got home.

I wonder why??
"They look so delicious!"
 They are total cat-bait. Little kitties want to eat them.

L and I had very quiet evenings, full of music and board-games. My favourite thing to do! We had no Ulti on Saturday - too many people on vacation! - so we strolled to town for breakfast before each of us heading out to our preferred stores for a shop (the CD/record store for L, second-hand clothes for me, duh).
 I had to break out my new shubooties (that's what L calls them). I always like to test my new shoes right away to see how they do for a simple walk to and from town.

  • Sweater - Judith & Charles, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in June with a spotty Kate Spade skirt
  • Skirt - H&M, consignment; last worn here with an alien necklace in May
  • Shubooties - Sorel; purchased here for $69.00

Somehow, L and I always seem to be dressed in similar colours. He's in a pinky-purple Alice Cooper tee and a pink-patterned shirt, with purple Fluevogs.
 And there I am, in my dusty pink patterned skirt.

L was naturally thrilled that I wore these awesome shubooties. "Oh yay" were his enthusiastic words.
 They were excellent, I'm happy to report. I walked to and from town and shopped in them for about 4 hours. My feet were tired, but that's a lot of standing and walking. No rubbing anywhere, though!

Hands in pockets, and a "What will I find shopping?" gaze.
 It was a bit overcast on Saturday, and our temps are in the low 20s, so a light sweater was just right for warmth and coverage.

I used my new bag again.
 L is making fun of me here, and I'm trying not to laugh.

The stuff:
 I'm always happy when a pair of shoes goes well. It's often hard to tell how they will really behave until you've done a full day in them.

Pink and silver bling:
More bling than I'd normally wear for shopping, but it was fine - nothing got in the way, although I did slip the shield ring into my purse when my hands got cold and it started feeling loose. 

  • Crystal necklace - Sherman, vintage 60s, vintage fair (part of a set with earrings)
  • Dragon bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Steel bangle - local
  • Crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Earrings - thrifted

Oops, there are my earrings. 

I went to the Patch, which has a huge BOGO sale on of their summer stuff. I took hours and tried on about a dozen things, but nothing rang my bell, so I went over to the WIN store to see if I could find anything there. 
 I found these black crystal earrings in the $1.00 bin - a good deal!

I immediately recognized the bracelet as another POLY piece. It was just $4.95.
 It has a bit of wear on it - a couple of scratches on the bronze parts, and some of the finish has rubbed off.

I don't mind a bit of wear on pre-loved items.
And there's that stamp. Nice. 

WIN has a huge sale on their spring-summer also, but nothing really grabbed me. Most of the second-hand stores in town are in transition right now before they bring in all the fall-winter clothes. WIN is also gearing up for the big annual Vintage Exp in a couple of weeks (yes, I'll be there), so they hold back some of their good stuff for that. 

I did find this beautiful velvet blazer.  
 It's a rich chocolate brown.

By Talbots Petites. I find that petites often work well for me - I'm 5'4" - although the sleeves are usually too short.
Showing the nice 4-button detailing on the sleeves. This was not $16.95, however - there is a punch on the tag (covered by the cuff in the picture), which meant it was 75% off! It was only $4.25.

It has great seaming, and two pockets on the front.
 It's also kitten-soft, being 28% silk. This would have been at least $200 new, easy. Into the fall/winter pile you go!

Did someone say "kitten"?
"Hm? Did you mention me?"
 Caught him in a classic "sneetch" pose on his post on the deck.

Our crew met up for our usual long-weekend gathering on Sunday, at Glo, which is on the waterfront - we had lovely warm sun, views of the water, and good company.
 I always dress up for the occasion.

  • Top - Le Chateau, consignment; last seen here in July with a funk copper skirt
  • Skirt - Trina Turk, consignment; purchased here for $20.98
  • Shoes - Faith Low Reumah, Fluevog; last seen here in the same outfit as this top, in July
  • Coat (below) - Christian Lacroix for Desigual, consignment; last worn here in June for a shopping day

I took a picture of my hair out on the stairs. I threw on a quick "mask" of Colorista by L'Oreal in purple to freshen up my lavender (it had some brassy areas from my former colours).
 I really liked how it evened the colour out. This will fade out over the coming week, which is fine by me. I have about 1.5" of white regrowth now.

I planned this outfit to transition from a warm day to a chilly evening.
 I wore my contacts so that I'd be able to wear my sunglasses outside on Glo's patio.

This new-to-me skirt was a dream to wear. The silk lining and waistband made it so soft.
 I love a ballet-length tulle skirt.

I changed up my purse to go with my outfit.
 And tied a scarf to it for later. I carried the coat on the way there.

My bus-hailing pose.
"Thank you for stopping for us, Driver!"
 Victoria was named one of the top 10 "Friendliest Cities" in the world by Conde Nast Traveler (link here, 'cause I love). We always thank our bus drivers when we disembark.

Coated up for later when it started to get chilly.
Just my usual Sunday gear, hee hee.

Buttoned up, with my scarf in a bow at my neck.
 Coats with pockets are essential.

Incognito with my scarf on my head. 
"Please, just ignore me and pretend your soon-to-be-famous friend is just a regular person."
I didn't wear it like this, but I did tie my scarf on to amuse my friends. 

The stuff: 
I often wear this scarf with these shoes, and this necklace with this top. I'm a creature of habit. 

  • Leather purse - BCBG Paris, thrifted
  • Silk scarf - Ralph Lauren, consignment
  • Necklace - Grandma J's
  • Gold bangle - thrifted
  • Gold cuff - vintage fair
  • Green glass bangle - thrifted
  • Green/gold bangle - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Jade ring - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

Gold bling:  
I was quite rattle-y with all these bangles. 

Mr. Vizzini joined me on the couch for another round of games when we got home. 
"I'm just going to sit here on his pillow, as befits a famous feline."
 I didn't realize he was there until I spotted his little pointy ears above the pillow.
"Who's that?"
 Just me, buddy!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Happy Labo(u)r Day and thanks to the people who brought us the weekend!

    I love that teal color on you so much. And the red brocade top is magic.

    Thanks for sharing Wendy's videos! I love when jewelers talk about their work.

    1. Right back atcha, Julia!

      I love teal as well - it's good on almost everyone. The red top is a long-time fave. Wendy's vids are excellent - I hope you enjoy them.

  2. Wow that new bag is much bigger than I tought! That's very practical size. And that second bag also is so pretty. Both can be used with many styles.

    Thank you for sharing that video. I have to check out her other FAQ-videos.

    Oh Vizzini, you can get out of everything with that cute face!

    1. than I tought = than I thought. Damn you autocorrect!

    2. Hee hee, Mujeril, I would have figured that out! ;-P

      It's a good size - I need my bags to be functional! I'm getting into bags, which is probably not a good thing! Wendy's videos are fab! Vizzini is so expressive!

  3. Looks like the very best kind of long weekend - friends and music and cats and your beloved L - and shopping! And thanks for the tip on Wendy's video, I love her jewelry and her vid skills! Stay fabulous, kiss V. on the top of the head, xox


    1. It was perfect, Patti! Wendy's the best! Vizzini likes kisses there, how did you know?

  4. Love the swish photo! Such great news about your friends too! :)

    I really like both of your skirt outfits, such a nice way to wear your new subooties. They look amazing on, such a shame L isn't a fan!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my video too! I'd love to meet up one day and chat clothes, I could learn so much from you!

    1. Hee, thanks, Mica! Thank you - I wasn't sure about the full skirt with the shubooties, but I ended up liking it. Ha, no worries, I have plenty of shoes that he does like.

      You are so welcome - one day!!

  5. Yes, your friends are becoming famous and you're plugged right in!

  6. Oh I have to see that video !
    The rust and teal look fabulous together and I am so happy animal print in "making a come back" because it never left my closet.

    1. I hope you liked it - it's very good. Thanks, Lorena - I know, I got a good chuckle out of it - I've been doing leopard for DECADES.

  7. Where to start! Love the colours of the first outfit! I think L s shoes look fabulous, can't see it right, but I think they are fabulous. Love the coat and the look with the head scarf!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Yes, L's shoes are definitely fabulous. I felt like a star with the scarf on!

  8. Congratulations to all those bloggers!

    I just adore that coat in the final outfit post. It's absolutely gorgeous. And all your shoes and shubuties (fab word, L!) are amazing.

    I've never seen you with so many bags before. Your hair has got so long and you have a pony tail, too,what a difference a couple of months makes.

    Have a lovely week.

    1. I know, Vronni, I'm so pleased for them!

      Thank you - it's a really special piece, isn't it? Ha, me and bags...could be dangerous! My hair grows really fast - I'm lucky!

      Happy week to you too, thank you, my dear.

  9. You look incredible all wrapped up in that coat! Love the H&M skirt. The red blouse & tulle, the feather earrings... So much! Hair looks great with the lavender color. So awesome for everyone in the blogging community when someone fabulous gets recognized.

    1. Thanks so much, Becky! I know, I'm so proud of our fellow bloggers!

  10. Glad to see all these fab bloggers rockin'! thanks for sharing!
    I love your long cardi and it looks fabulous with the teal t-shirt and plaid pants!, such a perfect color combo! and your shoes are so cute!.
    The new bag looks really cool and those shubooties are amazing!
    And you look gorgeous in your red top and ballerina skirt, I love that your shoes and scarf match so nicely, those details rock!. It's so lovely that your bag echoes the circular motifs on your coat. And so fab bijouterie!

    1. I love celebrating our awesome blog-friends! Glad you liked it. Thanks so much, Monica - it was a fun weekend of outfits!

  11. Catching up as I've been away ... Total love for Sunday's outfit, both with and without the coat, and oh, your lavender hair is just lovely! xxx

  12. I've seen Mel's True Nord ad on television several times now and I always get excited to see her every time it comes on.

    The teal and caramel outfit is waaaaay cool - it's an excellent colour combination. I especially love the shoes with the little furry pompom.

    1. It's so exciting!! Our friend is a star!

      Thank you! Those shoes were only 10 cents!

  13. There are so many fabulous outfits here, Sheila, that they become a happy wash of overall style. I do like your scarfed head, the gaze in your opening shot, and your hair. Thanks for the shoutout - we're all stars. I had so much fun with you guys in that little movie, heh.


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