Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pheasant Skirt, and Special Guest Cat, Baxter!

Meet Baxter.
"Who are these people?"
L and I are doing cat care for our good pals Cat and Ross while they're traveling.

Today, I had both morning and evening feeding and visiting duties, so I had to get up extra early. No time for the stair picture (it was darkish out).
 I've had this outfit in mind since I snatched the skirt out of the vintage section at WIN a few months ago. It has PHEASANTS on it.

  • Jacket - Simon Chang, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in December 2017 with purple sequins
  • Skirt - Ralph Lauren, vintage late 70s/early 80s, thrifted; purchased here in July for $13.95
  • Boots - Clarks; last seen here (5th outfit) in December 2017

The skirt demanded a dramatic top. Double peplum action, ready to go! I love this pretty vintage jacket. I had lots of compliments on the colour.
The skirt is a 100% wool print, unlined, but made with care. It has a paper/cardboard (!) tag on one seam inside with the model number stamped on it. It's old Ralph Lauren, and it's in amazing condition (only a couple of very small moth-holes) for its age - it's probably late 70s.

As my day went on, my appreciation for the perfect cut of it grew. It fastens closed by only two hooks at the waist, and yet it rarely gaped open. I did wear a full vintage red nylon slip under it for coverage, just in case.
First wearing of L's new Fluevogs - he did an orange shirt, a blue suit and a blue/lavender/orange tie - what style!
I experienced some rotation while walking to and from work, but that was due to my two bags. Otherwise, thumbs up!

Outerwear - my extra piece that I really wanted in this outfit was this gorgeous vintage silk Pierre Balmain scarf.
"I know you're going to see that Other Cat."
Vizzini's been in a snit all week due to our Baxter-care. We plan to give him lots of love this weekend, don't worry.

  • Silk scarf - Pierre Balmain, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Cashmere/leather gloves - Club Monaco, consignment

The stuff:
 Happy to have these boots back in rotation - they are super comfy for a full day. I love the colour and the "Siamese cat" toning of the toes.

Matchy bling:
 This is the first time I've belted the jacket - I'd actually forgotten that I owned this lovely belt. I bought it new at Club Monaco maybe 7 years ago?

  • Belt - Club Monaco
  • Link bracelet - J. Crew, thrifted
  • Snakeskin bangle - faux Gucci, gift from Mom and Dad from Italy, c. 1986
  • Tri-colour bracelet - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

Look at this gorgeous thing.
 It's the most slippery silk. The edges are all hand-rolled!

I'll be back this Sunday with my wrap-up, but here are some more cat and Baxter pictures for you to enjoy. Have a lovely weekend, my friends. Thank you as always for reading!

* * * 

Last night, L and I strolled through our neighbourhood; we only live a few blocks from Cat and Ross and Baxter. This street is one of our favourites, as it's guarded by a gang of cats. There's three of them now!
"People coming! Places, everyone!"
That telephone pole features portraits of all of the cats.

Two of them ran for cover.
"Scaredy cats."
 That black kitty was having none of us.

We were on his turf.
"Damned straight."
 I always thank them for safe passage. They guard this street.
"Move along, Lady."
 We never pet them, but I always talk to them. Yes, I'm that person.

L and Baxter have a discussion.
"You feed me. I like you."
 Baxter is deaf, and about 13 years old, but he is a really sweet cat.

He has the loudest purr I've ever heard.
"Is he doing that again? With the fingers?"
 We feed him, pet him and watch a bit of Netflix while we hang out with him.
"Rub my tummy. Go on..."
 Not a tummy cat.

Danger! Danger!
"No, really, nothing will happen..."
 He's a bit of a sly thing.

Then he goes full splay. Vizzini does not do this.
"I'm a sexy kitt-ay..."
 What a cutie-patootie!

This morning, I was treated to a different view of the Castle as the sun came up.
 You can see the trees all turning colours. The leaves are starting to fall.

But someone had things to say to me.
"Feed meeeeee..."
 His meows sound like whalesong. It's very odd.

I sat with him for a while before I walked to work.
"If she made it past the cat gang, I might be able to trust her."
 He sat across my leg and kneaded my lap. Aw...

We hung out again tonight for a while after I got home from work.
"This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
I ate my dinner and read a book, with him curled up against me, head on my hand. TCB...Takin' Care of Baxter.


  1. Baxter is such a lovely cat, how nice you get to take care of him! :) I really like your outfit too, the pieces work so nicely together, I like the colour combination of everything and it is such a stunning skirt! :)

    1. Isn't he pretty? Thanks, Mica! It was a fun outfit to wear.

  2. I LOVE your cat captions! You and L are the best...looking after Baxter so your friends can enjoy a holiday away!

  3. You are definitely (my kind of) cat people. Love how you not just come in, feed the cat and go out again. I always try to find a mutual cat lover for my cat when we are away (not often). For this reason.
    And my cat does the same with her tummy exposed. Only when you fall for it, you wind up with lots of scratches and bites.
    I adore the outfit. Very good find. And indeed that scarf is a treasure.

    1. No, never! We treat them like family, Greetje, and always try to give our kitties and our friends' kitties all the love. Ha, ha! Vizzini doesn't do that, so I was not prepared for Baxter (although he wasn't too bad).

      Thank you! It's amazing to wear.

  4. Hello Baxter! What a cutie! And wow, your pheasant skirt is gorgeous! It looks fantastic with the double peplum jacket. You're going to laugh, but once again this outfit reminds me of one of my vintage Barbie outfits, a maxi dress with a tartan skirt and a velvet long-sleeved bodice in a similar blue as your jacket! Your Pierre Balmain scarf is to die for! Have a fantastic weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! That jacket is such a lovely piece. Ha! I love it - I'm a Barbie girl. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. Baxter - so cute! I picture you rolling down the streets of England in this get'up! Tea with the Queen :)

  6. I had one of those skirts! It was a special present for a teenage birthday in the late 1970s, and my aunt got it for me at Filene's Basement (a much lamented discount store in Boston). The pheasant made me so happy.

    I think I wore mine with a cream oxford-cloth shirt and Bass Weejun loafers. I like how you styled yours a lot more.

    1. Oh, that is so amazing, Julia, thank you for this! I remember Filene's Basement from when I was in NYC years ago. How cool.

      Ha! I can totally picture that! Thanks!

  7. Awww... Baxter's a cutie. So nice of you to care for him. I'm not surprised V is jealous: cats can get that way.

    1. Yes, he's been very sulky. We just keep giving him love.

  8. Baxter is gorgeous, I bet he loved having some new humans to fuss him when his proper parents were away. Love his fluffy tummy.
    That street of cats is fab. The next road to us has a gang of girl cats who chat to us and lounge around on top of bins and cat bonnets. We always greet them with "Hello, ladies" and they always reply!
    Love that Ralph Lauren skirt, could anything be more Autumnal? xxx

    1. He is such a pretty boy. Yes, he was very happy with us - we were accepted.

      I love the gang of cats street. How wonderful that you have your own lady-gang!

      I know, it practically screams "autumn," doesn't it? Thanks so much, Vix.

  9. Baxter is so cute and lovely! and the gang of cats too!
    And the Pheasants Skirt looks fabulous with the jacket, the péplum enhances its shape so nicely!. You look totally like a lady ready to go for a walk around your scottish castle! elegant!!

    1. I love the neighbourhood kitties - and Baxter too! Thank you so much, Monica! Ha, I love it - I shall saunter about my castle.

  10. Oh, we're also pet watching. In our case its a schnauzer, a puppy who is driving me bonkers! I have removed liqueur bottles from her mouth and matches. She likes the "good" life ;)
    What a great skirt ! I am wondering how it would look it you wore it as a dress and belted it. The Balmain scarf is a treasure!

    1. I had a schnauzer as a kid! They are funny dogs, good at digging into things.

      Interesting idea - I don't think I will go there...


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