Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hugs and Heavy Metal

This week is all discombobulated. What day is it, anyway? 
"Oh, here she goes again.."
 L took a few picturs while I was working on the Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up yesterday (I see I'm editing my pictures). Vizzini was starting to bug me to feed him, which mostly involves him flopping on the keyboard, across my wrists.

But yes! Today is I think Tuesday? I went with tried and true: Clothing As Armour.
 After being off for two whole days, of course everything falls apart. I needed to be tough! Get some heavy metal on that chick!

  • Blazer - Le Chateau, consignment; last worn here in January with green and orange
  • Skirt - Pink Martini, consignment; first seen here in April in a winning combination
  • Booties - London; last worn here in February with my PANK dress (ooh, can't wait to wear that again!)

I also went with clothing items that I knew would work and be easy to wear. Lots of pattern and texture for visual interest.
 I've had this blazer for about six or seven years. It makes the cut every year because of the fit, the brocade weave and the pretty neckline. I have a black tank top/camisole under it (which I don't track).

The skirt was a fun and unexpected piece to go with the jacket.
 It's a weird texture; a mix of sheer lines and thick woven stripes. It's black with gold brushed on it - a very unusual fabric. I also appreciate that it has the front and back stripes going vertically.

I have a humongous collection of tights that I've gathered over about 10 years (yes, I have tights that old, don't judge me!). I've decided it would be a good goal to wear them all this season.

Blazers are awesome transitional pieces when it's not quite cold enough for an extra jacket over top.
"Blah, blah...any cookies in your purse, Woman?"

My outerwear consisted of this lovely silk/cashmere scarf, a gift from Mom's last trip, and wool gloves with a little puff of rabbit fur on the back of each wrist.

  • Scarf - gift from Mom - first wearing
  • Gloves - thrifted

Did not need them on the walk home - it was lovely out!

The stuff:
 Funky booties return! This heel is as high as I can do now, but these were fine for a day in the office. I always change into my walking shoes (right now, my white floral Doc Martens) for my hour-log end-of-day routine because I go up and down ladders and do a zillion stairs. Not doing that in heels!

Bronze bling:
 I pack my bronzy-coloured pieces away for summer, and it's always a pleasure to go, "Oh, yeah!" when I see them again. Must wear right away!

  • Belt - BCBG, consignment
  • Cuff - Midzo, vintage expo
  • Necklace - Nygard, consignment
  • Feather ring - Fossil, thrifted
  • Pearl ring - Erth, consignment - first wearing

Hugs for kitty!
"Very well, I agree to these cuddles."

Happy week, everyone, whatever day it is!


  1. Great oufit -- love all your bronze accessories :)

  2. I love how well you brought all the metal into your outfit! It's always hard going back to work after some time off, but you still put effort into your outfit so I am, as always, impressed! :)

    1. I always want to wear it all at once, ha ha! Yes, it sure is hard going back...Thanks so much, Mica!

  3. Awww, Vizzini! I know that food bullying, it's going on right now as I try and type.
    Love your heavy metal outfit 'cos I live in the home of heavy metal! Those tights are fantastic, the perfect choice with that fab skirt and jacket.
    I've got tights even older than 10 years - they last forever! xxx

    1. They are persistent little buggers, aren't they, Vix? Woo, damn straight you do! Tights are shockingly long-lived in my wardrobe.

  4. I do love your bronze accessories, they totally rock and match so nicely your skirt!, really love the ensemble, the textures, the beautiful brocade jacket and metalic skirt!. Fabulous!!
    And I also have some tights that old even if I'm notoriously clumsy! I think it's absolutely acceptable!
    Vizzini looks particularly cute in the first picture! ;DDD

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! Looks like we all have ancient tights! I know, isn't Vizzini cute??

  5. Funny how one's week seems to be off kilter after a long weekend! But you were well prepared for the onslaught in your heavy metal outfit. I love all the textures going on. Your skirt is fabulous and so are those tights. I've got some which are (at least) 10 years old as well. Your brocade jacket is divine. I used to have a dress in a similar material. Maybe I still do: it might turn up when I'm doing my swap! Look at Vizzini's face in that last picture ;-) xxx

    1. It really is, and we're headed into another long weekend now! I'll be a mess by next week, for sure. Thank you so much, Ann. Join the "old tights" brigade! I know, that face!

  6. Awwwwwwwww I love your kitty.
    Am not judging- I have tights that 12 years old- I even have a pair of old school tights from when I was 16- am now 37! They're dead saggy but so comfy! Am liking all your textures- very interesting to look at and I like the armour- the belt reminds me of that bullet sash that Chewbacca wears in Star Wars!

    1. Isn't he sweet? Too bad he's such a monster! Thanks, Kezzie! I'm so glad I'm not the only tights-hoarder, ha ha! Ooh, I love the Chewie reference - you're right, it totally looks like his bandoleer!

  7. You are unabashed in your feline exploitation! And I'm unrivaled in my admiration of your sartorial talent. You inspired me to create an outfit today, for which of course I credited you.

    1. I know, hee hee - my cat loves me! Aw, thank you, sweet Ally! Ooh, will be right over to check you out!

  8. Sylvester is very boned to me, but doesn't particular enjoy being held so he gets the same look on his face when I pick him up to snuggle him! I am a big believer of "Clothing as Armor" and 100% approve of your outfit!

    1. Vizzini only likes being held on his terms, but he's always amenable to a pat or a tummy rub.

      Thanks, Shelley!

  9. Just a few weeks ago I wore tights. It had been ages since I had.. in fact i tore them and had to run for a replacement. Nobody in the store spoke Spanish or English so I had to pretty much guess my size. Not fun.
    I love the skirt and tight pattern mix. You never stop amazing me.

    1. I bet, that must have been weird for you. Oh dear! Aw, you're so sweet, thank you.


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