Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Whole Lotta PANK

I hope you have your sunglasses on! This is a bright, BRIGHT dress. 
It's so bright, it's not pink. It's PANK. 

  • Dress - Essential Antwerp, consignment; first worn here in November 2017 with tall boots
  • Boots - London; last seen here in December 2017 with acid yellow and badass black
  • Coat (below) - Apparence, vintage 80s; last seen here on the weekend

This morning's view of the Castle. 
I see sunlight and blue skies! I hope this lasts.

I would have liked to have flounced around the office in this outfit today - it's an outfit made for flouncing - but today was so busy, I realized at 3:20 that I hadn't had my first cup of coffee (or tea). I also completely missed my lunch.  
 So I wasn't in much of a flouncing mood.

I did have a few of my very kind coworkers whisper, "You look amazing" at me, which helped.
 'Tis a wide dress! And it has pockets.

Utterly comfy and easy to wear.
 I showed off the legs today.

Outerwear - because it was clear this morning, it was brrrr! cold!
 The Unsafe Polar Bear, complete with pink accoutrements.

  • Cashmere/silk pashmina - Portolano, thrifted
  • Leather gloves - consignment

One of my readers asked me about all the walking I do - I frequently mention walking to and from work, or walking to town. I really do these things! I am lucky to have a 15-20 minute walking commute to my office, a 15-minute commute from there to my WW meeting (and I can easily walk home from that in about 20 minutes). A walk to town is only 15 minutes. Sometimes when I'm really pressed for time or as a treat on Fridays, I take a transit bus, since they run frequently.
 I rarely wear my good shoes outside, even on a really sunny day. I have a collection of flat shoes and boots that I consider my walking/shopping shoes, that I do wear out and about on my shopping adventures and on weekends, but during the work-week, I wear these lovely white leather Doc Martens to walk to/from work, and carry my good shoes in a bag.

The stuff:
 These booties are far too high to walk more than a few blocks. I can manage fine with them in the office but I'm not on my feet all day.

Gold and pink bling:
I liked the big statement necklace with the bright PANK.

  • Necklace - vintage, thrifted
  • Earrings - made by Sherri
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's

I'll be dressing in thematic colours for Valentine's Day tomorrow - will you?


  1. You DO look amazing in that bright pink dress, Sheila, and that stunning necklace is perfect with it. Sorry to hear you've been too busy to flounce around. When it's really busy around here, I have once or twice forgotten to have lunch too, then wondered why I started feeling a bit weird by 3 pm. Wish I could still walk to work (I did when I lived in Antwerp), as taking the bus every day isn't much fun. The booties, by the way, look fearsome! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Ann! It's rotten when we get too caught up in work and miss our personal time - even not eating! Walking to and from work is such a precious gift to me - I would hate a longer commute!

  2. You look fab in pank, Sheila!;) It's such a vibrant and gorgeous dress, that looks amazing on you! It looks great with the Unsafe Polar Bear, too! XXX

  3. You look fantastic in this bright pink! I'm sorry you were so busy you didn't get to enjoy the flounce of the dress much, hopefully next time you wear it it's a little less crazy at work!

    1. Thank you, Mica! I definitely plan on wearing it when I can properly enjoy its flounciness.

  4. well, nothing better than a Pank Dress to fight any stress at work!, sorry that you couldn't enjoy your coffee (nor lunch!!)
    You look fabulous, elegant and ready to flounce like a dancing queen!. Love all those gold and pink accessories, your booties and your other booties too!.

    1. Totally! It sure helps me feel brighter to wear something so zingy! Thank you, Monica!

  5. Pank! You panked me! Love this dress. Don't love that you were worked off your feet. You need a backpack with gloog or something and a straw to your mouth. Or not. Yep, temps are falling. I was hoping we were done with that. Nope.

    1. I panked you right in the face! Ha! I know, I need some kind of sippy cup or sippy-pack. I hope it stays clear for the weekend!

  6. Lovely dress and it looks so good on you! You have very good legs.

    Those pink earrings are the cutest...

  7. Oh my word, you look amazing in that pank dress! The colour and the shape are phenomenal!! Your legs look so good in those black tights.
    Good to see sunshine and blue skies, we've got them too this morning. Doesn't it make everything feel better! xxx

    1. Wow, thanks so much, Vix! I wish those blue skies had lasted.

  8. Gorgeous dress !
    OH wow you must have been really busy to skip lunch without realising it-
    I am not sure if I have asked you before, but who lives in that beautiful castle ?

    1. I'm constantly busy at my job - the time really flies - I have to set reminders to eat lunch!

      The castle is a tourist attraction, actually. No one's lived there in years.

  9. Be still my beating heart! This pank dress is utterly wonderful and you look utterly wonderful in it too! It looks like the perfect dress to flounce about in. I love those Doc Martens and think the dress/boots combo is quirky.

    Anna x

  10. Honestly Sheila, I am drooling over this outfit. Soooo me, although that perfect dress would of course be too short for me, thick tights or not. Essentiel Antwerp is my favourite brand and they opened a shop in my town, which I have to pass on my way from home to town (like you, I live 15 minutes from the centre). It is my financial death trap.
    And the boots... the boots...! Man you are teaching me so well what to put on as shoe wear with a dress. I am hopeless in that area and always go for pumps, which age me like hell. This is so much better. They are perfect.

    1. I think you'd look amazing in this dress, Greetje! I'd die if they had a store near me - I'd be in there all the time. Thank you so much for the sweet words on the boots - huge compliment!


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