Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sheila's Shoe Shine #3

Shoe Shine is on!
Join us every other Saturday until midnight Friday.

For Shoe Shine #3, I'm sharing another pair of Fluevogs.
These are the Prepare Guide in aqua, purchased a couple of years ago, on one of our pilgrimages to the Fluevog store in Gastown in Vancouver. Our Fluevog trips happen during my and L's anniversary - it's something we do annually. We each buy the other a pair (or two) of shoes.

These are the first pair of Fluevogs that L bought me that he hated, heh heh. It was also the first time that I bought a pair that didn't appeal to me when I viewed them online.
They are rather ugly. It's a weird shape to the toe, the heel has that curve, and there's not much sexy about them. But when I put them on, I fell in love. They're so comfortable! And so kooky and bizarre! I fell in love. And they are now one of my favourite shoes ever.

Join me! Show us the shoes that rock your world!

Want to play? It's super-easy. Anyone can join.
  1. Anyone can join. Write a post featuring a fabulous pair of footwear!
  2. Include a link to Ephemera somewhere in your post (it's only polite). Leave a comment here if you like (note that comments continue to be moderated.
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  1. These are quite cloggy in a heely kind of way. Gorgeous colour, and I can see why they are favourites.

  2. I don't know if I have any great offerings, but I am going to look. These are faboo.

  3. yeah, these are the kind of shoes which stole your heart!, love them!, the color, the original design and that chunky heel with a strange curve!
    besos & shoes

  4. "Not Dead Yet Style" shared your link-up on Facebook, and I just had to participate!! Can't wait to see what everyone else contributes. Now I'm off to go explore your lovely blog! :)

  5. I have been in love with Prepare Guides for a few years, desperately wanting a pair in navy. I tried a pair on when I was visiting Portland, OR a year and a half ago, and have never gotten them out of my head. The price is daunting. I am close to saying yes when I visit Portland again in about a week. Yes, these shoes are a bit funky and outlandish, but whenever I have seen them on someone (not a very usual occurrence IRL, but it has happened) I just fall in love with the Guides all over again. I hear your great enthusiasm for these and it is yet one more reason I think I should take the plunge....Right?

  6. Ha! I made it. I was taking a photo for VOG and realized that I could whip these shoes right over here pronto. Thanks, Sheila. Great party. I loove those shoes. Wonky beauty to be true.

  7. Sky for shoes- love the look of them- great funky kicks. I'm linking up via INstagram again- my flip flops linked from last #shoeshine but they are the fanciest shiniest shoes I've been wearing as of late. Hope you are well.xo.


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