Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lemon and Flowers - Birthday Guy

Ah, last day - that dread that fills you when you realize that you will have to again interact with people...
And the best thing is to fake it, with yellow and flowers!

L and I went out for brunch today, just a nice stroll to town and back. I read and napped and read, and now I'm off to WW for my meeting.

Return of the lemon cardigan, last seen here in March with more yellows.
I am fond of this flowered dress, mostly because of the voluminous pockets. It was last seen here (4th outfit, after Emmylou Harris) with these same shoes.
I last wore the shoes here (3rd outfit) in May with a floofy skirt.

Sweater (no label, consignment), dress (H&M, consignment), shoes (Chie Mihara). 

Today is L's birthday! Happy Birthday, my awesome husband. 
As he is practicing his guitar right now, I thought this picture from Christmas was appropriate. He was even more dapper today - I'm so glad my best friend likes to dress up. 


  1. Really like the yellow cardi with that floral dress! :) Hope L had a happy birthday :)

  2. Sounds like you took the day off to celebrate L's birthday with brunch...
    it was a lovely afternoon to spend with your best friend!

  3. I love seeing awesome husbands. It's wonderful when 2 people fit together for a long time. Happy birthday to L.

  4. Happy birthday to L! You're such a stylish pair. xo

  5. Happy birthday to Mr Clooney -
    and of course he's always looking sharp, he's got the teacher at home.

  6. Belated Happy birthday L It is mine today ! I am beginning to think Geminis are taking over the world. I hope you had a lovely day. What a stylish pair you two are!


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