Monday, June 23, 2014

Really Red and Much Marigold

It's officially summer and in Victoria, you know what that means: rain! It's not too bad, though, just spitting a bit. I wore my sunshine instead.
Lots of yellow! And red! Edit: and although it's not quite a hat, I am linking up to Judith's one year anniversary of "Hat Attack!" over at Style Crone! Go, go!

I built the outfit around these new-to-me shoes from the antique shop, purchased yesterday here. That's just odd. They are not antiques.
What they are is really comfortable. This is my top end for heel height these days, and not have sore feet by the end of the day.

I matched them up with this lovely ruffly tomato-red blouse, last seen here in April with concrete leather.
I love red and yellow together. This gorgeous marigold yellow wool skirt gets another outfit for being on good behaviour. It was last seen here in May when I gave away the jacket off my back.

The stuff:
I had a few comment about the "mod" look of my outfit. I don't think it was mod overall, but these shoes, with the bangle and earrings plus my head scarf do fit that look. A mini and a boxier top would be more mod.

Yellow bling:
I love this big cuff - best $3.00 I ever spent. The earrings are real Bakelite.

Blouse (Planet, thrifted), skirt (Mister Leonard, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Liz Claiborne, second-hand), belt (Plum), scarf (Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, thrifted), cuff (thrifted), earrings (vintage).


  1. Makes me happy just looking at all the brights. Love love love the new shoes, and the wide bangle.

  2. I love this color combination - I always love getting ideas for what to pair with a bright yellow skirt since I have one too! I will have to try it with some red!

  3. Love, love, love! That yellow skirt is the best! Your color eye is very good.

  4. No, I wouldn't say Mod either; but I would say bright, cheery sunshine personified! Love the colours and those sandals look great! xxx

  5. Bright, beautiful - what a happy look :)
    It made me smile (and want a yellow skirt) - you look lovely friend.

  6. so fabulous color combo, you rock that sunshine colors!, and love your headscarf and bijouterie, cool!!

  7. Gorgeous oufit! The yellow and red play so well together! :)

  8. I love your gorgeous thrifted scarf as headwear. And the red and yellow combo inspires me. Thank you for sharing your beauty with Hat Attack!


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