Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: A Little of Everything - Lame, Hair, Cat, Shopping

Wow, what a wickedly awesome and cool weekend I have had! So much fun! 

Two things first: 

Okay, are you ready? we go, this is what I wore to work on Friday.
Only one person said I reminded her of Christmas, and considering I'm wearing gold-y/silver lame (lah-MAY, darling) with red velvet roses, I think that's pretty good.

How do you do something as crazy as this skirt? You casual it up. I'm doing a denim shirt tied at the waist with the cuffs rolled up.
I've had this shirt for a few years - I last wore it here (2nd outfit) in April over yellow. The little silky red cami was last seen here in May with purple and white.

This is the debut of this awesome Skirt of Spectacularity, thrifted here for $19.99. I adore its over-the-top 70s vibe.
It was lovely to wear all day - it's not as stiff as many of the thicker 70s fabrics out there.

The stuff:
I am glad for my gladiators - the kitten heel is a fun take on it, and the pewter leather is a great neutral. I last wore them here on the May long weekend.

Vintage-y bling:
The leather rose is a wrist cuff, and the necklace is from the early 60s.

Shirt (Mexx, consignment), cami (Spense, thrifted), skirt (handmade, vintage 70s, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), necklace (Trifari, vintage 60s, Grandma J's), cuff (consignment), earrings (don't remember).

I had a minute in the morning, so I went looking for the cat to say goodbye. Not to worry, he was walking his beat along the window ledge.
"Cat on patrol, can't talk."
Officer Vizzini was easily distracted and spent a few minutes rolling about on the floor of the deck.
"Roll, roll, roll on the tiles."
He's very squirmy.
"I'm coming over for a session of leg rubbing."
And a pre-work cuddle was had. 

After work, L and I met up with Mom for her birthday present: dinner out and a night at the theatre. Mom and I have a long history of going to the theatre, and have been season ticket holders for many of the local playhouses over the years. We went to see Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guidenstern are Dead" at the Langham Court Theatre, which is in the middle of a residential neighbourhood.

I'm ashamed to say that as soon as the lights went down, I was snoozing. Could have been the stressful work week I've had, or could have been the wine. Heh. I have no idea if it was good or not, but the outing itself was a grand time. I love going out to events. 

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for a game of Ulty! I risked doing Weekend Hair:
As always, I change out of this at the field, then back into it after the game when I'm all disheveled and sweaty. I wear a Carolina Panthers ball cap during the came, and it crushed the hair. I managed to salvage it slightly, but lesson learned.

I'm feeling the end is near for this dress. I've had it for a few years, and didn't pay much for it, but I think I've gotten all I can out of it.
I last wore it here with the identical cardigan.

The cardigan is much more versatile.
 I last wore it here with plaid in May.

The stuff:
First wearing for these new-to-me Born sandals I bought on consignment last weekend (here). The whole thing-between-the-toes is on trial; I'm not a fan of it, so these are a stretch for me. However, I am happy to report that they were excellent for my short venture.

Sputnik bling:
Such a fun shape.

Dress (Planet, thrifted), cardigan (Peter Nygard, consignment), shoes (Born, consignment), earrings (local).

After Ulty, we went for brunch, then came home and decorated our new hidden door bookcase.
"What did you buy me?"
He presides so well over the neighbourhood. I wonder if he's ever seen a cougar (we have those on the island)?

I love how full the oak trees and maple trees get at this time of year. Happy Solstice!
"Crows are nesting in my trees!"
He chatters at them all the time.

We actually did buy him something - a scratching post for the living room to help wean him off the gold chair.
"Hmmm...what is this thing?"
He seemed to figure it out right away, and has been playing with it frequently when we're in the living room.
"I will show this post who is boss!"
What a good boy.

Today, L and I went out for brunch and to spend some gift cards at a mall we don't go to often.
Comfy and funky, that's me!

I love this chartruese-y/olive dress. Such a great colour. This is my first wear of it since I unpacked it at the end of March with the rest of my spring/summer stuff. I should really wear it more - the last time is nearly a year ago to the day, here in June 2013! And I'm wearing the same belt with it, ha!
I had to wear my cowboy boots again, that's why.
 Perfect for wandering about town, getting groceries and then strolling home in the lovely hot sun. Such a nice day.

The stuff:
I actually mixed that hot pink into this outfit as well as the dark red, both from the earrings and my hot pink leather purse. I had compliments on my colours from the ladies at the MAC store.

I wonder how these boots will clean up? I have yet to polish them up. They were last seen here on Monday.

Leather bling:
My lovely leather obi and thrifted leather feather earrings.

Dress (Cici), belt (local), boots (1883 Lucchese, consignment), earrings (thrifted). 

I like to browse for cool stuff in antique stores. I was surprised to find these groovy shoes in an antique mall today.
They are leather upper (the patent leather) and are barely worn.

Liz Claiborne...didn't know they did shoes!
I like the rectangle over the top of the vamp - it reminds me of the 60s and 70s.

The heel has a cool shape too.
I recognize the writing on the toe - these were sold at Winners. Probably for more than $22.00, though. A good deal!

Vizzini spent most of today snoozing.
"Leave me alone, woman."
 But I can't resist! He's so cute.
"The red boots again, eh?"
He posed very prettily once I gave him some scritches on the head.
"I'm the epitome of catness."
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading!


  1. Love that skirt paired with the denim shirt - really nice combination Sheila! :) Plus Vizzini is adorable as always.

  2. Ooh, that red/gold maxi skirt is spectacular! I've have grabbed that if I'd seen it, what a beauty! The olive dress/deep red accessories is a great look, and those Liz Claiborne sandals are fab too. Good to see Officer V is on patrol as usual and looking cute!
    PS. Awesome bookcase/door! xxx

  3. This is my first view of your secret door, and it's fantastic! It's so funky and useful and has a great personality. Great personality on that little fur-boy too. He should be in movies.

    Fabulous brocade skirt, you look terrific!

  4. Your Skirt of Spectacularity is, well, spectacular!!! How gorgeous - like wearing a beautiful teacup all day. I love those gladiator kitten heels too, and the thought of a gladiator wearing kitten heels - tee hee!

    Olive and burgundy are so flattering on you - that outfit looks great. And Vizzini is always a stunner in classic black and white.

  5. ohhhh, skirt of Spectacularity looks even more fabulous when you sport it with usual lovely attitude, love your denim shirt adding a touch of casual style!, gorgeous!!!
    And your olive and dark red color combo is really fabulous (once more!), love how accessories work together, and your pretty boots!!!

  6. I love the olive and magenta outfit - the colour combo works great together and the shape is very flattering. The hair swirl looks adorable.

    The red and gold skirt is super-effing fabulous, and you styled it perfectly. Bravo to you for wearing it to the office! If I wore that to work I'm sure I'd never hear the end of it.

  7. That lame red velvet rose skirt is EVERYTHING!!!


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