Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pink, Pearls and Bark

Whoa, who is this classy-looking chick? Oh wait, that's me. Heh.
I know, no "pomp" in the hair, no crazy clothes, not even a hint of a pattern. I still liked this outfit. One doesn't have to be crazy all the time.

This cream jacket has always been a favourite. I last wore it here in May with zebra and green.
I loved this hot pink top - so comfy, and isn't this the best cowl neck? All of $10, thrifted here last weekend.

I'm majorly in love with this "bark" texture skirt. It rustles most satisfyingly.
It was also thrifted last weekend, for $15.00.

The stuff:
And of course, I had to wear my new-to-me thrifted vintage fair shoes, also found last weekend. $10.00 - such a score!

Pearly stuff:
I wore both necklaces wrapped around my left wrist. I've had these necklaces since 1986, when I bought them at the now-defunct Eaton's department store for around $9.99 each. I wore them to a friend's backyard wedding, with them wrapped just like this around my wrist. I guess that makes these homegrown vintage!

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), top (Liz Claiborne, thrifted), skirt (Gunex, thrifted), shoes (Navid O Nadia, thrifted), pearl necklaces (Eaton's, homegrown 80s vintage), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

Don't forget: Shoe Shine starts on Saturday morning! 
Bring your cool, comfy and crazy shoes!


  1. There may not be pomp in your hair but there is pomp in your pearls!

  2. Lots of yummies in this glamorous outfit. The pearls around the wrist will be copied :-) Also love the shoes, the shirt, the jacket, the skirt! Oh you are always gorgeous!!! No photos of shoes this week from me, will have to do better!

  3. I agree with the Hostess: there is some gorgeous pomp going on here. Great rustle-y skirt too, that's one of my favorite skirt shapes. xox

  4. Hello hello, you do class up so nicely! I love pearls, and the fact they are homegrown vintage gets bonus points from me. I've got a shoe pic on instagram (just so I can link up) to your Shoe Shine. Hopefully I can get it done by Monday. Happy Weekend!


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