Sunday, June 15, 2014

Visible Weekend Wrap-Up: Not Much of Anything in Particular, Some Shopping

Happy Weekend, my friends! It's been a very chill one for me. The periodontist went well - I was heavily sedated for close to 4 hours, and it's taken most of the weekend to recover. Fun times.

My Friday was a write-off, but Saturday saw me determined to carry on.
No Ultimate this weekend, so L and I went out for brunch. I put on my "weekend pomp".

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It's been a little windy/rainy/chilly (typical spring in Victoria), so my jean jacket was needed. I last wore it here - it's one of the few pre-blog items I still own. I bought it in the Ann Taylor in Times Square in NYC back in 2007. According to my posts, I last wore it here (4th outfit) in April, but I've been wearing it as my outerwear regular jacket regularly since then.
The groovy skirt is on its second outfit, last seen here in May. I'm down to $2.00 per wear!
The little black top is a layering piece, last doing its job here in March with major pattern mixing.

The stuff:
Fabulous little almond toes, and a solid heel. I last wore these here in May with flies and copper.

Badass bling:
I loved how my pomp-y hair worked with all the leather and this gothic cameo.

Jacket (Ann Taylor), top (Mossimo, thrifted), skirt (Current, thrifted), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), cuff (Guess, thrifted), red cuff (Rimanchik), choker (Bauxo), cameo (local).

L and I did a few chores downtown, then a quick buzz around to a few shops. I quickly scoped out the Patch while he browsed in the game store. I fell in love with this bit of insanity.
MAJOR ruffles! I actually remember my Grandma J (she of the awesome jewelry collection) wearing something really similar to this in the 70s.

This had no label, but it's got wonderful structure.
There is thick fishing line threaded through the edging to make the ruffles really stand up. I adore all these colours too! Only $14.95 - too awesome. I think I'm turning into Sibyl Fawlty.

Seriously, I'm just all over the crazy-ass 70s stuff right now. Look at this skirt!
Oh, yes, I am wearing that. It's so amazing in person, too - Swoosh Factor 7, at least.

It's a mix of silvery-gold lame (lah-MAY, darling) and red velvet. Roses!
Are you kidding me? $19.99? I'm in. It has no label, and I'm sure it's handmade.

Today, I went to get groceries and have a little shop on the way home. A little more retail therapy for my sucky Friday, as it were.
It rained this morning, so the hat was necessary, just in case. The light jacket kept me warm against the wind, and the skirt was long enough to hide my still-banged-up knee.

Behold, the pomp! I last wore my shiny Star Trek Smoking Lily moto jacket here (3rd outfit) in April, also as a shopping jacket.
I have a green t-shirt-y top underneath, last seen here, last outfit, in April with stripes and floof.
The skirt is a favourite - it does nice things for the backside. I last wore it here in May without shoulders.

The stuff:
The shoes were last seen here in May with loads of pink. They were not as good for a few hours shopping as they were for a workday, and I ended up swapping them out with one of the (spoiler!) pairs of shoes I found today.

Rustic bling:
The hat's by Deluxe and I've had it for several years, although I don't wear it much. I noticed today that it worked really well to hold my hair secure and out of the wind. The little crow pin is actually a Scrabble tile.

Hat (Deluxe), jacket (Smoking Lily), top (The Limited, consignment), skirt (OptionElle, consignment), shoes (Modern Vintage, thrifted), belt (Club Monaco), earrings (Plum), cuff (About Tine), pin (Raven's Roost Studios).

So, yes, I had marvelous luck with shoes today! I popped into a shop I don't go into very often, and three awesome pairs called my name, including these Born sandals.
I am adamantly against flip-flops, and 99.9% of the time practically allergic to that *shudder* piece between my toes, but these are so comfortable and soft, and felt like they were made for me. They're leather, and don't have too much wear.

Also, Born sandals sell for around $100 new, so getting these for $25.00 was a good deal.
These are the shoes I ended up wearing for the last 1.5 hours of shopping, and they were fantastic. We'll see how it goes...

These probably won't stay in my closet too long; they are a little more beat-up than I like, and also a smidge short in the toe. But I really love the goofy style of them.
Look at that cute heel!

These are also leather and are nice and soft. I couldn't find out much about the brand, Anne Ross, but these were $25.00.
I love that little hook contraption for doing them up - I hate having to buckle up those dinky little straps on shoes!

But these, whoa, these rocked my world, big time.
Red. Leather. Cowboy. Boots. MINE.

According to the shop proprietor, I'm the first person in a month who's been able to get her foot into them - I have long narrow feet and a low-medium arch. These fit me like a glove, like I'd been the one who broke them in.
The brand is 1883 Lucchesse, and holy smokes, I just said a bad word. These are handmade in Texas, y'all.

One of the numbers in the style has been rubbed out, but after searching on their website and matching up the stitching, I'm sure that this is my boot - the Savannah, listed at $389.00.
Wow, and I paid $50.00. Go, me!

I strolled up to the WIN Boutique, but nothing much grabbed me (and I was still glowing after my shoe haul). This jacket is another bit of Chinoiserie that I fell in love with.
I'm sure this is made in China. It's a lovely thick brocade and fully lined with a heavy soft black satin.
I love the blue and white peony forms and the touches of gold. No label, but not bad for $17.50.

I liked these round earrings:
They show some signs of modification (parts removed - I'm sure these were massive dangly earrings in the 80s), but I like them just as these large buttons.

And how was your weekend?


  1. I love that top look, Shelia. I would wear that...I have the black denim I need to keep my eyes open for a similar style skirt. Great job!

  2. I don't know what I like better, your quiff or your hat. Both fabutastic! And you are winning with those red. leather. cowboy. boots! You must have been a cowgirl in a previous life, and you've just been reunited with your boots. Now if you can just find your trusty old steed and spurs.

  3. Oh My Goodness! Your hair is fabulous!!! I love it! I love that denim skirt too. Happy that your dentist's appointment is done, and that you got to chill on the weekend. My weekend was great too...a nice walk around Granville Island today.

  4. I remember that skirt; it's one of my favorites. Glad you survived the dental torture.

  5. I'm glad it went well on Friday and that you were able to still enjoy your weekend! Love the denim skirt!

  6. love your geometric printed skirt and how you've styled so rock&roll style, your hair and bijouterie are so fabulous!!
    And I'm also admiring your red velvet and lame skirt, it's awesome!!, and you've purchased some cute shoes!!
    Love your denim skirt, and you look gorgeous wearing your hat! oh yes!
    glad your smile is working nicely, after all that dentist torture!! argh!

  7. I love everything in this post. I especially love the ruffled blouse!!! Sometimes, the ladies where my mom lives will give me somethng that they no longer wear, and I am always happy to become an honorary Golden Girl.

  8. So much goodness, as always! That denim skirt is one of my favourites of your pieces, and those cowboy boots are fabulous. I have some authentic boots which I love and love that they are orange but they are a bit to big for me so I am envious you've got some well fitting ones. Great find! Okay, I'm also happy for you.

  9. I love the groovy skirt, but what i really want to comment on is your shopping. OMG Sheila, you did some mayor scoring if I may say - the red velvet rose, the Born sandals and the made in USA boots ! The shopping fairies were with you. Great haul!


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