Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wild Weekend Wrap-Up: L's Birthday Party and Kitty Pics

Ah, another weekend nearly done...but I still have the afternoon to chill. 

We started out with Ultimate on Saturday morning. 
L couldn't play, as he just got a new tattoo, so it was just me, hoofing it down to the field with the discs, cones and all my gear. It was a gorgeous, hot day, so this light dress was just right (I am sunblocked all over!). I also had my knee bandaged up, and my toe taped. I didn't crash or fall during Ulty (I often do, which is why my legs are frequently bruised), but my toe did not like being crammed into a soccer cleat!

I last wore this lovely dress here in May.
 I have a vintage slip on underneath to counteract the sheerness.
It was a great game - my team won, but it was really close.

The stuff:
I had to really baby my feet after the game, so these wonderful (but getting beat-up) sandals were awesome. I haven't worn them since here (3rd outfit) in September 2013.

Dress (Amanda Laird Cherry, thrifted), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), earrings (local).

After brunch, L and I got groceries for his birthday party. I always put on a big spread of healthy and yummy treats for our guests. As I prepped the food, I put a blonde streak in my hair, then coloured the rest of it a nice bright red.

I had a fabulous outfit picked out, and I I feel like I slammed this one out of the park.
I love my hair worn like this! I was also really excited to finally wear this authentic early 80s party dress. I bought it here in February for $28.00. There are detail shots of the label there.

The dress is very sheer, but you can only tell in bright light, like this sunlight streaming into the den at 7pm at night. To the reader who asked me who takes my pictures: I do. With a timer on a crappy little point-and-shoot. All of the pictures, and I only take 3-5 pictures total.
I wore a short black half-slip to hide my hoo-ha (hee hee), but I just wore a black bra on top. I'm so risque!

I love the cowl front and back - the one in the back is kept in place with a penny sewn into a little pocket. I love that the back tie adjusts the shoulders perfectly.
A nice opportunity to show a little of the ink.

The stuff;
I'd planned to wear this awesome belt all along, but wasn't sure what shoes my feet would be able to handle. When in doubt, go with Fluevogs, right?

Let's take another look at 'em.
Ah, I just love these. They were only made for about a year, in this lovely cobalt blue, as well as a snakeskin print. I last wore them in September here, with snakeskin and leather. I wore these until 2am, and they were fine, although my feet are sore today.

'Eavy metal bling:
Once I'd decided on the shoes with their steel, I played with other large heavy metal pieces, mixing my metals willy-nilly! The earrings knocked melodiously with the Wendy Brandes ring, but they proved to be too heavy and swingy for more than a few hours, and I had to take them off early.

Dress (Xanadu, thrifted, vintage 80s), shoes (Garden of Enjoyment Rita, Fluevog), belt (BCBG Max Azria), cuff (Club Monaco), earrings (thrifted), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes).

While we waited for our guests to arrive, I had L take a couple of shots of me and Vizzini:
"All this cleaning...are we having people over?"
 He was all warm in the waning sunlight.
"Wait, are those sausage rolls on the table?"
He went after the veggie pate and the cheezies - naughty boy. We can't put out most of the food until some guests have arrived and he's skedaddled to a hiding spot for the night.

A closet selfie of the hair.
I bleached a strip at the front (wrapped it up with tin foil to "cure", then washed it out), soaked it in conditioner while it was balled up tight in plastic wrap and an elastic band, and then coloured the rest of the hair.

Lately, Vizzini's been disappearing on us. We finally figured out his hiding spot - right in plain sight!
"Leave me be - that was a late party."
In his house at the top of his leopard scratching post. Aw, let's let him sleep.

I hope you all had a rockin' fun weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend Sheila, that 80s frock is gorgeous, it hangs so beautifully, and your hair looks fab with the blonde streak. Vizzini and your comments make me smile as always, I love your cat. x

  2. I used to want your wardrobe. Now I want your life!

  3. That black dress with the blue shoes is AMAZING! You look incredible in this...great job!

  4. Oh yes, that black 80s dress is fabulous! And the fact that the label is called Xanadu makes it even better! Such a cool hair do, Sheila, you look great.
    Such a cute pic of Mr V in his house! xxx

  5. Ohgoodness those blue shoes with that black dress. LOVE. Also your hair!! omg. I love. Cutie Viz!

  6. Happy birthday to L - i hope you guys had a great evening celebration.
    I have to admire your courage at bleaching your hair! i have only done it once, the tips, to get some blue in and it was crazy. I have very delicate hair and alopecia so I am really really careful on doing anything to it :(
    Oh the blessings of a wonderful head of hair!
    PS I had to laugh at the hoo-ha comment.

  7. wouuau, such a magnificent outfit for a partytime, you look gorgeous, your shoes are fabulous (even more than usual!!) and your hairstyle looks awesome! (I'm going to take some inspiration from you and Forest City Fashionista!!, so cool red heads!!)
    Vizzini looks particularly elegant posing with you!


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