Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mauve and Cracked Glass

It's a purple kind of day.
Is it radiant orchid? Lavender? I've always called these shoes lavender but I was corrected today by a co-worker: apparently, they are mauve. She (hi, Lesley!) is a very well-read person, and recommended this book to me.  Mauve was the very first synthetic dye, and it revolutionized dyemaking and fashion. How very cool. Now I love my mauve shoes even more! Question, though: mowve or maahve? I'm in the mowve camp, even though my grandmother called it maahve.

This non-mauve shirt is going directly to another co-worker as soon as I've washed it. Love the colour, love the blouse-y cut, hate that it's developed micro-pilling. Ugh, cheap fabric. I last wore it here in March for our anniversary trip to Vancouver. This shirt has met Melanie!
My very attractive bruised and scraped up bare legs.
Second wear of my cracked glass skirt; last seen here in May.
Less damage on this side of my legs.
Such a cool skirt.

The stuff:
Mauve shoes! I last wore them here in April while I was being a fluffy chicken.

Big blue bling:
Because: blue.

Blouse (Cleo, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco, thrifted), shoes (Camper), necklace (gift from L), earrings (local), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. I love this outfit and really love those shoes. I am quite fond of all shades of purple. Your friend probably also told you that purple was the colour for royalty because purple dyes were expensive. Many people use terms like mauve, lilac, lavender and orchid interchangeably but to me they are all different. The term mauve seems to have gone out of fashion. I too say Mowve.

  2. Your outfit is wonderful. I especially like the way the blouse looks on you. Great color and the neckline lays perfectly. You look great.

  3. You look awesome in that purple blouse...both you and the blouse are gorgeous!

  4. I also say "mowve".

    In preparing a geography lesson back in February on quinine and malaria, I learned that mauve was first synthesized as an accident in the search for a synthetic form of quinine. I am sure that comes up in that book. (I was looking at another fascinating book that I highly recommend, Seeds of Change by Henry Hobhouse.

    I wish that your blouse was better fabric, because I love that particular shade of what I would call red-violet!

  5. Pretty - the color is fab on you, sorry the blouse isn't a winner. I never learned how to pronounce mauve, must research now.

  6. I really adore the skirt, it's just such a fun pattern! Pilling is so annoying when that happens - hopefully your co-worker will have better luck with the blouse!

  7. Shame about the quality of the blouse, it's a great colour. And that skirt is a fabulous print. xxx

  8. fabulous mauve shoes, and so pretty print on your skirt, so cool!
    (I've read that book about Mauve, it was interesting to know something about synthetic dye and colors and trends!)


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