Monday, June 9, 2014

Splatter and Geometry

After a busy weekend, it's good to chill for a Monday. Easy outfit, comin' up.
It's been a bit chilly in the mornings, so I actually wore this new-to-me red cabled sweater - and it went awesomely with  my splatter skirt.

I thrifted this sweater back here in May for $12.50.
That's quite a score for Talbots, plus it's pima cotton - not too thick, but lovely and soft. I like the V-neck and the 3/4 sleeves.
The skirt is another thrifted item, from a couple of years ago. It's completely handmade. I keep expecting to run into the person who made it: "Hey, that's my skirt!" I last wore it with these same shoes back here in August 2013. And yes, that is the last time I wore these shoes.

The stuff:
I love these lime green suede shoes! They are a much more vivid lime than you can see in this bleached-out afternoon light. I paid all of $6.00 for them 4 years ago (check it out here, in June 2010).

Geometric bling:
Matchy copper bracelet and earrings didn't look right (wrong shapes), so I went with my upcycled locally made green earrings. I like how the squares in them echo the lopsided "bow-tie" shape of the necklace's links.

Sweater (Talbots, thrifted), splatter skirt (thrifted), shoes (Circa Joan & David, thrifted), necklace (Renoir, vintage 60s), earrings (local). 

Shoe Shine is still on! 
Go here to join in!


  1. Ooo, garnet and peridot, a favourite colour combination of mine!!! Love the splashes on the skirt, it's like you were painting.
    Ooo, do give Vizzini lots of extra cuddles for me whilst I am away!!!

  2. You look great in red, and the print on that skirt is beautiful. As always, excellent shoes and jewellery! xxx

  3. Lovely splatter skirt paired with a cozy red sweater. A bit of summer, but the addition of warmth. These transition days present challenges, which of course you meet with great style.

  4. Gorgeous skirt! And necklace - I think it's one of my favorites of yours. Timeless. xox

  5. Love the necklace. You must have a separate addition annexed to your home to contain all your clothes and jewelry!

  6. Love that skirt! the whole outfit looks great.

  7. Ha ha - I ALWAYS wonder that too, is the donor of my latest find going to stop me and say, hey, that's used to me mine. I can't believe you like it. It's almost as fearsome a feeling as running across your latest donated finds in the a shop and buying them a second time around. You look fabulous, Sheila. Love that spatter.

  8. Splatter-tastic! That is so cool - besides the splatters, I love the color combination!

  9. I don't recall seeing that skirt before - and you were right picking up that red Talbots top- the do have very good cotton in their clothes. I just picked up two Talbots tops on sale and have to admit the cotton is outstanding.


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