Thursday, June 12, 2014

Orange, Purple and Swoosh

If I weren't going to the periodontist tomorrow, I would be about to enjoy a long weekend. As it is, my anaesthetist just called me to give me the drill of when I have to stop eating/drinking in the morning. Lordy, I hate anything done with my teeth.
I put on a brave face today in vibrant orange! Also, my fringed "hippie" shoes, because it's sort of my Friday.

This top is the twin to my pink one worn here last week - they were thrifted on the same day (here) but in different stores. Such a good basic top. And not bad for $4.00!
The skirt is so pretty and light to wear - it has major swoosh (Swoosh Factor 9, at least!). I last wore it here in November 2013 when L and I went to see Lindi Ortega.
It was pretty windy out today, and I had to run a bunch of errands (Dollar store, two times to a restaurant for catering, deposit at the bank) as well as walking to and from work, and man, I had to be very firm with this skirt - it wanted to show off my ass(ets)!

The stuff:
I love these fringe-y wedges. I bought them a couple of years ago brand new, in a consignment store, and they are just so comfortable. I last wore 'em here in August 2013 with this same skirt - also with an orange and purple ensemble. My creativity knows no bounds, ha!

Purple bling:
Cuff and earrings, yup.

Top (Liz Claiborne, thrifted), skirt (Corey Lynn Calter, consignment), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), cuff (thrifted), earrings (90s vintage).

I'll be back at the end of the weekend with a wrap-up, but it's going to be a fairly quiet one for me.


  1. I love your vibrant colours, especially appreciated in my world of sedate scrubs and never ending Dansko's. Keep up the great smile inducing ensembles, please!

  2. Love this vibrant ensemble! Keep up the great work, and I'll keep lurking from the world of sedate scrubs and never-ending Danskos!

  3. Aw, I totally feel for you! I have the same dentist fears as you. :( It's weird, I was fine about the dentist, but about 18 years ago, I had some non-freezing problems, and I became anxious about dental work. Orange is a great colour for happiness! Okay, you take good care Sheila!

  4. Orange looks good on you. And I'm with you on hating dental visits.

  5. Swoosh factor 9! Va va voom factor 90! Love you in orange. And purple is a match made in heaven. I love your colourful mixes. Hope you make the dentist swoon...maybe delayed reaction as you are on your way out the door, so your dental work isn't interrupted! And have a lovely quiet blissful weekend.

  6. LOVE the shoes!

    I hate dentists almost as much as getting a pap smear. I hadn't been to one in 2 years when I finally broke down this week. Good news is that I'm so anal about taking care of my teeth that they are all fine and just a quick cleaning was required, but just having my mouth open for any length of time makes me feel ill.


  7. At least you have a super pretty outfit on! I hope all went well!

  8. Hope the dentist went OK. Orange is a great colour for confidence, and you wear it well, Sheila! xxx

  9. Sorry about the periodontics. The orange is great!

  10. Love the bright orange! Hope that it goes well for you at the dentist.

  11. I hope it all went well with you appointment.
    That is such a vibrant happy skirt and paired with orange it looks fab.


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