Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Grey Lace and Bad Shoes

Ah, Tuesday, my old foe. Easy-peasy clothes are what I require.
I planned this outfit last week, but ran out of week. Then I got new-to-me clothes...it got pushed back, but now finally, here we are. Killer dress, isn't it?

I called it grey lace in the post title, but it's not actually lace. It's just woven to look like it. I adore the cut and the beautiful neckline. I last wore it here in February (with Best Shoes Ever!) for Dress Week Came From Outer Space!
I really wanted to wear these new-to-me shoes today. I picked out the Smoking Lily obi to compliment both the lace (the silk-screened insect wing patterns) and the bold blackness of the shoes (with the black and white stripes).
They are just gorgeous shoes...but unfortunately, they were SO stiff (not leather, but a stiffened satin fabric), and they cut into my feet so badly, that I took them off halfway through the day. I keep an extra pair of black flats under my desk for times such as these, and I wore those for the rest of the day. I gave the shoes to one of my coworkers to see if she has any better luck (and if not, pass 'em on). I thrifted them here in May for $16.50.

The stuff sans shoes:
I love my obi collection. The zipper rose always gets a lot of compliments - hurray for museum gift shops!

Dress (Banana Republic, thrifted), shoes (Sam & Libby, thrifted), obi (Smoking Lily), zipper rose pin (Victoria & Albert Museum Gift Shop), earrings (The Cobbler).


  1. I was looking for a pair of shoes exactly like these yesterday and couldn't find them despite visiting numerous stores. Sorry for the discomfort.

  2. That is indeed a Killer Dress - love the lines and the looks-like-lace. I have had shoe days like yours too, and was so happy to change at lunch!

  3. Here I was thinking you had superhuman feet that could fit every shoe you try on! Nice to know you're human too! Truth to tell, I'm a little jealous. Shame they hurt, they were pretty. Lovely "lace" or brocade? dress. And the obi with it is amazing!

  4. They are fun shoes, it's too bad they were so uncomfortable! I have a couple of pairs that do that too, I keep them for special occasions or when I know I'll be sitting down a lot!

  5. Always, always you are the epitome of style!

  6. Love that dress, and the pop of citron is perfect! Too bad about the shoes, though.

  7. Beautiful pattern mixing with the dress and belt :) Shame about the shoes, hopefully your coworker has more luck!

  8. Sorry about the shoes - uncomfy shoes are like a burden!
    I think you did a great job with the dress and obi - the colors and pattern look fun.


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