Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nov 30th - Outfit #28 and Wildcard #2 - Off to a Crazy Start

Hello, Blogland friends! As I mentioned, my holiday season is seriously insane this year! It's now Sunday afternoon, and I have a lot to get caught up on. I'll have 3 posts today: the last outfit of the month for November and another Wild Card; Saturday's premiere of the December capsule and the first Wild Card, and my November capsule recap. 

So stay tuned, and make sure you scroll down to catch all the fun and craziness of my weekend!

And here we go:
I had planned to wear my acid-wash denim skirt one more time with this dress-as-a-top, but it looked asstastic when I put it on, so I wore a longer black slip and actually wore this as a dress. It's a pretty short dress, so I was glad of the extra 6 inches that the slip gave me! I last wore this dress here as a tunic with my tux pants.

At the start of this month, the dress was pretty iffy for me, but it's proven its versatility well.
I know, I know, you're looking at the legs! Those tights are bright yellow with grey lurex/shiny thread - they are so baggy (no lycra in the lurex), but I love them. The shoes are my Tsubos, which I'm not keeping. I last wore them here (2nd outfit) with purple legs. They're good shoes, but they just don't ring my bell.

Dress (Kersh), shoes (Tsubo).

L and I met up with a friend for drinks and dinner after work, so you'll have to forgive me for the following sauciness - I'd had most of a bottle of white wine and was feeling frisky, tee hee.
We met up with a bunch of friends on Friday night for another Urbanite event at the Art Gallery. Although this is a Wild Card outfit, I did do neutrals!

The top is an off-the-shoulder Le Chateau one that I've had for around 5 years (purchased on consignment), and the skirt is by Kensie from November 2008 - it's a sample that I got at Dots for about $30.00. I've actually worn this same combo before, here in April 2009 (man, my hair is long there!). I also wore the top as part of my outfit for an Alice Cooper concert back here in September 2008.

I've worn the skirt two other times: on Christmas Day 2008, and the last time in December 2010 (to work!).

The shoes are an example of an awesome black heel (I won't be replacing the Tsubos, because I already have these!). I wore these in my June neutrals 30-for-30 capsule.
I decided to go for a fun topper and wear this streaky-finished green leather jacket. It's another Le Chateau piece that I bought on consignment (last year, I think). It was free on trade-in credit.

And yes, I'm showing my massive "boob platter" there. The corset top is rather effective at putting the girls out there!
Isn't the skirt's brocade amazing?

I carried this fun little beaded purse:
I've had this for about 14 years - I bought it at Fairweather (probably for about $20) when I worked there back in the late 90s. The beads snagged on the skirt a bit.

Top (Le Chateau, consigment), skirt (Kensie), shoes (Guess), bag (Fairweather), earrings (Aldo Accessories). 

For a bit of fun, I had L take some "action shots."
"Where in the world shall I go?"
You can see the massive boobage - it was kind of fun at the Gallery. I've never been hit on by so many people! It was a flirty night!

We got this globe from Mom for Christmas a few years ago. It's by Bombay Company.
"Sweden! Yes, Sweden is the place!"
Forgive my silliness - it was a fun evening with friends, drinks and art!

And here we are...a preview of the December capsule!
Jackets and dresses. Making sure I have enough neutrals!

Lots of skirts and even a pair of pants in there.
I see colour! My colours for December are pink, purple, blue, teal and red, with white, grey, black and navy as the neutrals.

The tops, sweaters and cardigans.
Oh, and a vest. I like a large amount of tops.

And the shoes.
Um, Vizzini, do you mind?
 I have only 6 pairs of shoes this month.
The three pairs of shoes are all heels (and two of them are Fluevogs), but all of the boots are either flat or comfortable for walking. And two pairs are Fluevogs, making their regular wardrobe debut!

Coming up next...the first day of December and the first Wild Card!


  1. Oooh lala! Sheila you are super gorgeous glam! Totally smoking hot. Seems like it was a gallery going weekend this weekend.

    Vizzini says "Mom! Am I helping?!" Fluuevogs! I keep wondering how the Guide style shoes would look on my skinny legs.

  2. Sheila! Love you glamming it up in that brocade skirt!!!! LOL. But you look gorgeous!

  3. How delightful! Those tights are amazing. And the black top? Let me just say that I had to double-check the URL to make sure I was on your blog. I've never seen your girls looking better. :)

  4. Such cute pictures! If I had Russ take some shots of me after most of a bottle of wine I wouldn't be looking this good I tell you! I'm such a light weight with red wine my photos would be taken in the bathroom ;)

  5. You saucy minx! I can't take my eyes off you! I hope you bought a big stick to beat the guys and gals away. And I can't wait to see what you do for New year's eve.

  6. Wow, you sexy thang! Now that's excellent asset management. ;-) That skirt is amazing too!

  7. Wow that brocade skirt is amazing! Looks like you had a very fun night too! :)

  8. "Boob platter" I won't stop giggling over this all day. If my girls were half the girls yours are, I would put 'em on a platter, too! I love seeing the 40+ style blogger gang showing off massive - and increasing - sex appeal,'cause we still got it. You GO, girl!

  9. Love that wild card outfit! You look like you're having tons of fun.


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