Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dec 15 & 16th - Outfits #15 & 16 and Wild Card #3 - Last of the Parties

Happy weekend! I hope you are all safe, sound and snuggled up with your loved ones. My weekend's been fun: we went to a party and I did some Christmas shopping! 

L and I went for brunch on Saturday morning, then I took off to do the shopping for my youngest niece, my Mom and L. In the spirit of the upcoming pledge to Shop Second-Hand First (and shop ethically if new), 99% of my shopping was done that way this year. I bought a lot of locally-made items, a few consignment items and shopped the Global Village store for ethically-made items. It felt good!

I needed a very comfy and warm shopping outfit - it's been cold, rainy and blustery all weekend.
This is my navy cashmere pullover (last seen here with purple sequins) over top of a t-shirt. I wear t-shirts around the house a lot as layering pieces - this one is a zombie Audrey Hepburn, hee hee.

My big full wooly skirt was perfect for an afternoon of walking (I was out for 5 hours!) - I wore an extra half-slip under it for another layer of warmth and had tights on as well. I last wore it here with burgundy shoes.
The boots are my trusty black ones, last seen here with purple and turquoise.

I added the burgundy leather obi and a splash of Megan Mae's buttonflowers at the neckline.
Don't they look festive?

Of course, most people didn't see my outfit (except at the diner), because I had all my outerwear on!
I like wearing my thick black leather jacket - it cuts the wind better than a fabric coat and for shopping it's nice not to have the bulk of a bigger coat.

I bundled up with my toque, scarf and fingerless gloves and a cross-body bag.
I had fun shopping and spoke to some lovely people.

Sweater (Land's End, consignment), skirt (Mister Leonard, thrifted), boots (Aldo, consignment), obi (locally-made, gift from L), buttonflowers (Megan Mae).

However, I admit that I did buy something for myself while I was out...
That is a floor-length (with a bit of a train in the back) pewter metallic leather skirt! Isn't it spectacular? It's by BCBGMaxAzria and it was $70.00. I found it on the 1/2 price rack at Verve, a consignment store I don't go to very often - they carry very high-end designer stuff, with a good sale rack. It's the store I recommend to people who are ooked out by shopping second-hand.

Anyway, this skirt fits like a dream! I'll be wearing it for New Year's Eve.

Speaking of New Year's Eve, I wore last year's NYE dress to Nick and Karen's party last night:
I did hot pink tights with it, and my comfy Marc Softwalk boots (from my October capsule). I added my leather punk cuffs and my black leather obi.

I got a lot of compliments on the dress - it is pretty amazing. I need to wear it more! I'm posting the above picture as part of Patti's "Visible Monday" on Not Dead Yet Style - git on over there and check it out!
L and I walked to town for Thai food for dinner, then walked to the party, then walked home - and these shoes were marvelous the entire night!

It was rainy and cold, so we both wore warm gear:
Left uncropped to show L's Russian hat - actually from Russia!
Dress (Tangerine Jill, consignment), shoes (Marc Softwalk).

Today, I got groceries and finished up my Christmas shopping for Mom - more locally-made and consignment items.
This is the same top half as this outfit (even down to the necklace!) with my black pleated skirt. The skirt was last worn with my schoolmarm outfit, here.

I wore my lovely grey wooly boots (last seen here with my theatre-going outfit, 2nd down).
Again, no one really saw this outfit, as I had to bundle up again - it's getting a lot colder!

Brrr! Back to my leather jacket and turquoise accoutrements.
Vizzini's stalking about in the background.

Sweater (Kenar, consignment), shell (Jones New York, consignment), skirt (Etcetera, gift from Megan Mae), boots (Prepare Volunteers, Fluevog).

I kinda sorta bought myself something else. I'm not supposed to be buying myself stuff until after Christmas...
But it was so pretty! It's a cowled capelet by Floating Gold Iceberg that can be worn like a cardigan cape-y thing, or doubled up as a scarf-like thing. I loved the soft cream colour and the lavender designs of this one. It was $34, a darned good price!


  1. That New Year's SKIRT! I can't wait to see it on you! I like the leather jacket, too. It looks really great all buttoned up!

  2. OMG That dress!! Omg. Gorgeous. Both of your non-wild card looks are awesome as well, but your party dresses are always incredible. Sometimes you gotta pick up a little something for yourself, and I think you always manage to find quality stuff at great prices.

  3. You look amazing in the stained-glass party dress, Sheila! And your new capelet is a stunner too. Thanks for linking up the treasures with Visible Monday.

  4. Darling, you look like a pressie waiting to be unwrapped in that first outfit! I love it!
    Your new skirt is heavenly, and that faux patchwork frock is TO DIE FOR! O,the colour combinations you can pull off with that beauty!

  5. Wait, what? zombie Audrey Hepburn? Totally sacrilegious, but still, I have got to see that.

  6. I am totally in love with that patchwork dress! And that skirt???!!!! SCORE!!!


  7. I just love that plaid skirt and your bright "Mondrian" dress. What a fun party dress!

  8. I've missed so many of your fabulous posts! You are awesome. What a leather skirt!! Holy jamoly. And your NYE dress and your bright coat and dingle-ball scarf... Gorgeous.

  9. Last of the Parties? Never. That party dress with pink tights is fabba dabba doolious!

  10. Wow, I don't know which outfit I love best. I love that dress, and I love that turquoise scarf with the leather jacket and skirt.

  11. That dress is amazing, I love all of the colours! :)

    Really like the first outfit with the tartan skirt and the obi belt too :)

  12. The multi-color dress is FABULOUS!! You need to wear it more!!
    The new skirt is stunning-can't wait to see how you style it!
    Now I need a long full wool plaid skirt!! Love both of your more casual outfits!!
    The caplet is gorgeous!

  13. The first outfit made me coo outloud- navy cashmere and plaid and floral brooches with buttons? Right up my alley! That leather skirt is divine! Can't wait to see that make it in your wardrobe in 2013. I hope its worn often!

  14. I like seeing your outerwear as well as your main outfit, it gives me scarf inspiration! You are so right that leather blocks out the cold better than a big coat. And I like the L shot! Quietly getting ready while the pics get taken, just like in my house :-)

  15. Sheila, you always look so pretty, but I have to admit that I'm mad for your plaid skirt, and can't wait to see the long leather skirt on you.

  16. The caplet is stunning--I can see why you bought it! I, too, am a fan of the multi-colored dress.

  17. I love everything here! That first skirt is so elegant and I'm excited for your leather one.

  18. Whoa!!! What a whirlwind! Loving your obi belt and buttonflowers (a fave combination over by me too!) with that fab skirt. That's a gorgeously simple and smooth leather jacket and holy cow, a gorgeously tremendous pewter leather skirt! Dude!

    You are beautiful in your party dress, and I love the bundling-up pics! Hello there, Awesome Red Coat! I'm really liking that grey skit with your leather jacket as well, and what a lovely capelet / wrap you found. Lovely post!


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