Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dec 8th and 9th - Outfit #8 and Wild Card #2 - Party Weekend

*yawn* Where do these weekends go?

I got up Saturday morning, after a late night playing Arkham Horror with L, and couldn't be bothered to plan much of an outfit to wear to WW and lunch after.
So I wore this dress again! I felt absolutely fine about wearing it two days in a row (last seen here, 2nd outfit). I liked it so much that this is my entry for Visible Monday at Patti's "Not Dead Yet Style" - go visit!

The boots are the last pair in this month's capsule. They are black leather and are by Aldo - I got them on consignment the January after I ended my 2009 year-long challenge of buying no new clothes. I'd spent the day at the mall excitedly looking for after-Christmas deals and didn't find very much, then spotted these for around $60.00. They've been worn a ton of times, so many that I can't actually summon up the willpower to find all the instances. But if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, before last February when I started this 30 For 30 For 12 Challenge, you'll recall seeing them.

I added the leather belt that I bought on consignment a few weeks ago.
When I weigh in at WW, I strip off all my leather - it's heavy!

I wore this gorgeous satin-lined cotton/wool Italian coat over it as my outerwear.
There's something about a long coat that just screams "Drama!"

I bought this coat and the leather belt back here in November. The coat was $72.00 and the belt was $25.00.
Although it's not super cold out, I do have to wear a scarf and gloves.
Isn't the plaid over the cream lining amazing?

Dress (INC), boots (Aldo, consignment), coat (Vassali, consignment).

After cleaning the house for a couple of hours, I had a nap and got ready for the party. I did relent and put up a few decorations around the dining room/dancing area (we don't have a dining room table).

I decided to go funky-glam:
My lovely brown satin dress didn't ever make it into a capsule, but this is its second outing as a Wild Card outfit! I wore it here in August for Nick's birthday party.

This time, I wore my black Noa Noa floofy sheer skirt under it to give the bottom some pouf, and my black stomacher to whittle down the waist (I love letting my clothes do the work for me), with a vintage 60s metal chain belt of Mom's over that. I'm wearing bronze-y metallic tights, and my blue suede shoes from my May capsule.

I'll get to the jewelry in a second, but first, a shot of the back.
Yup, dyed the back of my hair evenly!

The jewelry is pretty special stuff:
The bracelet is Mom's cuff from around the same era as the belt (I used to wear them together in high school in 1984-85). The ring is from the Louvre.

The necklace and earrings were a Christmas gift from L several years ago - maybe 10 years? He bought them in a local antique shop - he has such good taste!
I know the set was over $125.00. I think this is from the 1930s - it has that real Art Nouveau look to it, doesn't it? The stones could be bakelite (they don't feel plasticky) and the metal is probably gold-plated. The necklace weighs a ton! At some point, someone converted the earrings into pierced and frankly, did an awful job - the two hooks aren't even the same type! I should take them in to a jeweler and have them put better/gold hooks on them. There is a small mark on the ball at the end of the chain, but I can't read it.

I've only worn this set once before on the blog - here, for L's birthday party in June 2009 - it's not exactly everyday jewelry!

Dress (Robin Jordan, thrifted), stomacher (InWear), shoes (Feet First), belt/cuff (vintage 60s, Mom's), ring (Louvre Museum Gift Shop), necklace/earrings (vintage 30s, gift from L).

It was a fun party and good times were had by all! We went to bed around 3am.

The food spread:
All the food groups: cheese, chocolate, salty/crunchy and fruits and veggies.

I did put up a couple of strings of mini-lights and the table cover and tree skirt that Mom quilted for me years ago. I think the lights will have to come down at some point so Vizzini doesn't eat them.
I'm cooking a nice roast beef dinner right now, so off to attend to that! Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Ooh, yummy party goodies! You look gorgeous in both outfits, and yes that coat is simply jaw-dropping. Stunning jewels too, from your guy : >

  2. Sheila you are such a gorgeous lady! I am so in love with the ease and stylishness of the first look. The belt is a perfect completer piece for easy and comfy. And I am being reminded again and again that interesting coats really do help make a winter wardrobe less drab - not that I've needed one! I left in my shirt sleeves today and our air con is still on.

    The food all looks delicious, especially all those cheeses.

  3. I think I'm in love with your green dress! Perfect with those boots & belt! It reminds me of something Cher would wear....and I love her style!
    Gorgeous jewelry and a very sexy party dress!

  4. The food looks good and your party outfit is beautiful - I really like that statement necklace and matching earrings, stunning. Hope you had a fun night :)

  5. Spectacular!!! Love the green graphic of the dress with the belt and tall boots, and scrumptious coat. Your Wild Card outfit is incredibly beautiful - amazing dress and jewelry, bee-you-tiful shoes. What a whirlwind! Such a lovely-looking party spread too.

  6. I love the green dress. It has a real 60's mod look to it.
    The food spread looks delicious...everything is so healthy!

  7. Green is your color. I know, I know it's now the it color of the year, but it WILL ALWAYS be your color. Gorgeous. Love the glam wild card outfit too. Sizzle, sizzle.

  8. Wow! I love that green dress with that wide belt and boots. That looks so pretty on you.

  9. I love your fun green dress - but the 2nd dress is super beautiful! It looks amazing on you and is perfect for that kind of party! I love the jewelry you paired it with too, super elegant!

  10. You look beautiful in all your looks! And that necklace... that gets my pulse a racing!!

  11. I always admire your ability to pick very singular and unusual items... which i think in a way is your trademark :)
    In this case the Italian coat is amazing as that gorgeous earring and necklace set- I have to say you need to wear it more, it is AWESOME.

  12. Hmmmm, Sheila, your idea of hardly trying looks drop dead gorgeous to me. I'da been wandering 'round in sweat pants and an Eeyore tee :P

    I am living vicariously and doing the holiday dressing thang vicariously through you, so keep up the party weekends, please!

    We are unsure if we can put a holiday tree up this year since we are doing battle with Sasha Jane simply to wrap presents. When thwarted, she's like the Terminator's cat if he had one, yowling in protest and shoving open shut doors. She pretty much just keeps on coming no matter what you

  13. Love both outfits. I do so love belts. When I was thin, I wore them all the time. They add so much to an outfit.
    That coat is spectacular. Really, really. As is the necklace set. That is a statement.

  14. Funky Glam! Wow! And the jewelry is outrageously wonderful.
    I love the picture of the party food. What lovely composition. Maybe you should be a Food Editor.

  15. Yep, I do the 10-second dash too! LOL. Don't have a remote with my camera. All of these outfits are gorgeous! The green is very sexy. Love that belt. The black coat is amazing! And then the dressy dress! Wow! xoxo Lynn

  16. 10 second dash-LOLOL--at 5;30am b4 caffiene it's more like a l10 second umber for me!!
    love the green and black dress--really cute outfit!!
    And your party dress is stunning!!! Far more fancy then my party attire Saturday (you're not sporting elf ears!)

    YUM to the food!!

  17. Petite people sometimes get swallowed by their clothes ... you have an absolute knack in keeping this from happening. So much of your taste is admirably "larger than life" ... in the conceptual sense, not the too-big sense. I always look forward to what you've come up with!

  18. That jacket is amazing! Love all the party outfits, and it looks like you put on quite the party! Enjoy the busy season. :)

  19. I saved the photo of your food spread to my "party inspirtations" file so I have a guide next time I have a soiree!!! Usually I just bake lots of desserts (gluten-free) and fruit because I love baking and I love sweet things, but my mouth was watering looking at the meats and cheeses and crackers . . . it's only 9:30 in the morning and I want lunch now!

    1. I actually cheat quite a bit on my food - I hate the prep. I buy sausage rolls at the grocery deli and cut them up into 6ths. I also like to add fruit (grapes and raspberries here) to the cheese plates to fill them out. All my chips are baked, except for a bowl of regular chips (for the guys), and most of my crackers are gluten-free. I also buy unusual chocolates and cookies (the chocolate sticks are Pocky, and the cookies are German gingerbread).

  20. Oh my goodness, I want all of the clothes and accessories you featured! The green ensemble is fabulous, the brown dress divine and the JEWELRY! Oh my! Love your sense of style!


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