Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 10th - Outfit #9 - Turquoise and Purple Flash

Unless it gets really, really cold or it snows I'm going to keep trying to do the stair pictures in the morning. It's so dark out at 7:45am that I had to use the flash today. 
Zoiks! I need lipstick!
When I don't use it, the aperture in the lens is open so far trying to get all the light that it captures my movement and makes me into a blurry ghost. It's hard to run and pose while the camera's beeping away at me - 10 seconds is not very long!

Anyway, the above picture is the only one that actually shows the pleats in this pleated skirt! It's by London Fog, it was made in Canada and I thrifted it for $4.00 back here in August. As noted then, it's a lovely crepe and it has a wide waistband made of grosgrain ribbon (it even has a bow!).

You can also see my lilac purple knee-high socks there. I don't need no stinkin' tights!
"I love your legs"
I was subjected to some cat love while I posed.

I'm wearing my knit teal shell by Jones New York, thrifted for $10.00. I can't find when I bought it, oddly, but I know it was fairly recently, like within the last 2 months.
I last wore the cardigan two ways, just last week. The boots are my flat riding boots, which I wore over the weekend with my green swirly dress.

The stuff:
Blue and silver and purple, hurray!

Cardigan (Kenar, consignment), shell (Jones New York, thrifted), skirt (London Fog, thrifted), belt (Bianca Nygard), necklace (vintage), bracelet (Fossil), pin (The Bay), earrings (vintage).


  1. Whoa that pleated skirt is awesome! Beautiful neckline, belt and boots.

    I'm struggling with some dodgy lighting solutions as will be seen in my next post, urgh! Your flash isn't bad at all - probly because it illuminates such a vision in lovely colours!

  2. I love your necklace. Your skirt reminds me of one of my favorite drinks from Starbucks! Their "london fog" is an earl grey tea with lots of steamy milk.

  3. I really like the blue and purple together. That pleated skirt is lovely :)

  4. That's a great color combo. Simple things are the most elegant to me and you pulled off elegant very well.

  5. I love the pleats in the skirt! I also really like the necklace.

    And I hear you on the lighting challenges, I struggle with that all winter.

    I always love seeing a kitty cameo!

  6. Two gorgeous colors that look great together! And I love the necklace.

  7. I love teal and purple together--your "stuff" is gorgeous!!
    And of course-Vizzni!! in action no less!

  8. Sheila, The color queen, oh my...but I really love that gorgeous brooch, being the brooch/pin girl that I am and as always thanks for sharing kitty love!! And on a happy note, there are just 10 more days to the shortest day of the year and then the days will start getting longer, and slowly you will get your daylight back. Hope that cheers you up. By the way, what is the average temperature during the winter in your beautiful city? When you wear short sleeves in the winter, it makes me feel cold, but then I'm a wimp when its 65 degrees. :)

    1. Right now it's between 4-7 degrees Celcius (that's 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day. It's warmer when it's raining, which is nearly every day at this time of year! We haven't had much cold weather - no frost, and definitely no snow.

  9. Znów pięknie i elegancko:))śliczny sweterek.Pozdrawiam

  10. Thanks for the photo info, Sheila. Can I ask what camera you have? I need to buy a tripod/stand (or Santa does) but am realising I may need to get a new camera also. I hooe not, and am going to experiment with the timer...

    The purple 'pop' is lovely today...

    1. I have a cheap little Lumix by Panasonic, model number DMC-FS3. It's about 5 years old.


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