Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dec 25th - Outfit #24 - Elvish, Presents, Cat Pics and a Skull Santa

Merry Christmas, my friends! I hope you had a lovely relaxing day, filled with good food, good friends and good times. I know I did!

L and I spent the morning at home, chillin' with Vizzini and doing our presents to each other, then we walked to my ex-sister-in-law's place to hang with Mom, Cindy, Pete, Zoe, Hannah and a bunch of their friends (some very cool people). It was a great time - one of the best Christmases we've ever had.

I had to live up to my wacky-auntie image, so I wore a distinctly elvish outfit.
Dressed for comfort! My swirly green dress, last worn simply here with the same boots and a black belt, with my drapey black cardi over it. I last wore the cardi belted on the weekend for lunch out, here.
I'm wearing a pair of red tights with black lacy tights over top. The black boots were necessary for the 40 minute walk (it was rainy and blustery for most of the morning, but thankfully it stopped raining until we arrived). I last wore the boots here with my purple sequined skirt.

If my legs look like watermelons, it's because I'm wearing frog socks!
L gave these to me for Christmas (among other things, which we shall get to shortly) and I had to wear them! So fun!

The stuff:
I'm wearing a pair of Christmas tree earrings that Mia from my WW group gave me - thank you, Mia!

Cardigan (Kensie), dress (INC), boots (Aldo, consignment), earrings (gift), rings (both Oscar & Libby's), socks (gift from L).

And onto the day! Christmas started with Vizzini waking us up. We usually boot him out of the bedroom so we can sleep, but we did a stocking for him, so we let him hang out.
"Are you up yet? Feed me!"
He got very excited once all the presents came out.
"Where's my stocking?"
I took a lot of pictures of him going nuts over all the catnip and toys, but they were all understandably blurry. We had to take the toys away - he only gets supervised play with his toys, otherwise he runs away and eats them.

He spent most of the day flopping about after all the excitement.
 Sphinx position:
He moves so fast, it's hard to get pictures.
 And now for the other side:
"I flop very well."
 I was totally spoiled by L this year - thank you, love!
I got: 10 different kinds of loose teas (I'm on a tea thing right now), a beautiful mug with bicycles on it, two pairs of fun socks (the frog ones, and Van Gogh "Starry Night" socks), Cthulhu Fluxx (a fun game), the new Band of Horses CD, Til Tuesday's first CD (I had it on tape when I was a teen - love Aimee Mann), the newest issue of Bust Magazine, books (short stories by Kim Harrison, a short story collection called "Songs of Love and Death", a novel called "The Tiger's Wife", and another Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novel (Megan Mae, you would like these), a necklace and a pin (both vintage), some sour cherry candies, Violette candies, several boxes and bars of chocolate (all consumed already, heh heh), and a $150 gift certificate to She She shoes!

I am well-loved and very spoiled - and I give L just as much! He deserves it for putting up with me.

The necklace and pin from him:
I really love the necklace - I might wear it for New Year's Eve - and the pin is a perfect companion for the one Lynne sent me!

We got a fun game for starting conversations from our nieces, and my Mom got me some fantastic things. Check it out:
Can you guess what the wooden thing is?

The floral metal thing was hand-made by a friend of Mom's and can be worn as a pin or a necklace pendant - I love the steampunk vibe of it. The gold and wood disc necklace is from the Global Village shop and is so cool. Mom knows my taste well!

Did you figure out the wooden box?
It's a portable easel! You can store your brushes and paints in the secret drawer and adjust the canvas holders to any size. I had such a fun time painting with Mom back in September - we are going to do it more once the weather improves.

Vizzini is exhausted by it all. We've had a lot of play-time with both L and I being home.
I slept in today, and then have spent the day reading and sampling teas (I love the Lapsang Souchong - it's very smoky!).

I have to share a few pictures from last night. One, the Christmas Moon:
Ha! Yes, that's a naked Ken doll, mooning from the high branches of the Christmas tree. I do love that Zoe and Hannah have a warped sense of humour (like their auntie, uncle and grandmother!).

And what Christmas dinner is complete without a skull Santa cake??
Check out the skeletal "arms" on the serving dish! 
He was delicious! Shout out to Aleysha who made him. Hee hee, I get a kick out of that.

This one is for Ally, who asked us to take pictures of ourselves with a Christmas decoration.
I'm doing my best nutcracker impersonation!

Hope you are all enjoying your time off. From my fam to yours, all the best.
Happy holidays!


  1. Happy Xmas, I love everything - skull cake FTW! Your outfit is great, but I esp. like L's shirt, very smart. And that portable easel, what a fun gift :)

    1. The shirt is one of his presents - it's a Willi Smith and was $40 on consignment. It's pale yellow and the pattern is little men with umbrellas. I think it's from the 90s, due to the baggy cut through the body.

  2. Looks like you had a really lovely Christmas, Sheila! Enjoy all of those books....:)

  3. Now here's one big exuberantly abundant post!
    Vizzini cracks me up. Even when he's tired his eyes are on fire. He looks so handsome on that gorgeous rug too.
    Love those socks! Same brand as the Chat ones looks like. They are such a great fit.

  4. Awww! What a great Christmas!!! I got Christmas snuggles from Annabelle and Spike hid under my chair. The other kitties were too excited for attention. Love seeing lots of the Viz! He's such a cutie pie.

    Will be checking those books out asap, book marking them now.

    The pin you got is perfect! So are all your other gifts! Great haul. ;)

  5. Aww love that family photo at the end! Sounds like a really lovely Christmas! You got lots of amazing gifts :) Really like that skull Christmas cake as well, unexpected but awesome :)

  6. Happy Holidays to you. Love your green dress with those tights, looks so nice. Your kitty cat looks so cute in his little bed.

  7. Frog socks!!! What a lovely and huge collection of excellent treats - awesome that your loved ones know and love you so well too. Thanks for letting us in on the fun of the Christmas moon, skull cake, and nutcracker pose, and for the very dear family shot with the hyper Vizzini blur. :)

  8. What a happy Christmas, you three! Vizzini cannot take a bad pic, he's just too good-looking. I *love* Bust magazine too. Enjoy your day-after, and all the great tea : > xoxoxo

  9. Merry Christmas, Sheila, L and Vizzini! Looks like a perfect Christmas to me.
    What does Vizzini love more, toys or wrapping paper?

    Lovely and imaginative gifts, you guys! We gave each other a new flat TV (the old non-flat one started whistling, so it was a necessary purchase:)

    1. He likes the toys, and he tries to eat the wrapping paper.

  10. Love the nutcracker accessory! And your outfit: so creative and fun. I wish you were my aunt... only you're probably more like my cousin. Great holiday post.

  11. Looks like you had a great time. That skull cake is wild.

    Happy Holidays!


  12. Seems like you were a very good girl .. getting all those presents !
    Your outfit for some reason reminds me of a watermelon :)
    There are so many things in your pictures that I like.... the globe (I know it's not a present but I love globes), the steampunk vibe flower is awesome, the plate where the cake is served !
    Hope you and L Clooney had a great holiday.

    1. Hee, you remember his Clooney face. :) The globe was a gift from my Mom for Christmas several years ago.

  13. Merry Christmas! I especially love the necklaces that you received.

  14. You look so festive in your outfit--LOVE the socks!!
    You definitely were a good girl this year judging by the wonderful gifts you received!!

    AAAAAAWWWWW Vizzini cuteness!!!

  15. You look gorgeous per usual- emerald is most def your color! I love your kitten! I bet I could play for hours with your cute kitty and some string. I do think that Christmas is a great time for feel the gratitude for all the gifts we've been lucky to receive year 'round, and your acquaintance via this blog is a gift I am most grateful. Hugs! Happy New Years!

  16. SO much awesome in one post! I love your elf like outfit, especially the frog socks! I also love all the Vizzini pictures! He's a handsome boy! And I can't stop laughing at naked Ken!

    Oh and we love the Lindt chocolate bars! My hubby has the Chili flavored one to try too!

  17. Thanks for sharing the Vizzini cuteness with us. It almost looks like he has a golden aura in the pictures.
    You did make out like a bandito on the gifts. Good for you.

  18. Great presents, it is so nice when you get what you want / asked for. I did very well this year too! Vizzini is too cute hiding out in his basket after all the mad present-opening and playing.

  19. Such a fabulous Christmas! So glad you had a great time and were so suitably spoiled xx


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