Friday, December 14, 2012

Dec 14th - Outfit #14 - Breaking My Rules

If I could have worn pajamas today, I would have. I got home after 11pm last night (after Mom, Vicki and I finished playing with this tree, which my friend Justin's company did as an art installation) and went straight to bed. And then I worked late tonight. 

But I did the next best thing to pajamas and wore sequins!
So let's just get this out of the way now. This black cardigan is new to the capsule. I had intended for it to be in the December capsule, and then I got the wonderful mullet coat and swapped it out. However, I forgot that I made up a whole bunch of outfits that don't work without this cardigan. Like anything with this awesome sequin tank!

I've dumped the little velvet tank (this one worn here, that you can't even see in these outfits and may as well have been a plain black cami!) since it's an underneath camisole-like piece anyway and I'll rarely wear it on its own. I've substituted this drapey cardi and I feel better. I also realize that I'm starting to play loosey-goosey with my rules of the challenge now that the end is getting nearer.

For instance, I really don't have enough tops for January's capsule and I don't feel like going out and buying things that are duplicates of what I already own that would work perfectly well. So I'll be re-using a few things from previous capsules (which I did allow in the rules, technically). I'm also probably going to remove one of these pairs of painful Fluevogs and sub in a pair of black heels that don't kill my feet.

But enough whining! It's the weekend. Let's look at this outfit.

The cardi has been a workhorse since I got it, and I still love it as a drapey layering piece, even though this style of cardigan is probably not fashionable anymore. I don't care. It's by Kensie and I got it at Dots in December 2010 for $29.99.

I last wore it in September 2011 with my Desigual dress (oh, how I love that dress), in July 2011 (last outfit, just thrown over a simple dress), in May 2011 (with the lettuce dress and crazyass heels), in April 2011 (for a casual outing, 2nd outfit), in February 2011 as part of a Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, as part of a mini-travel capsule (I'm piloting a helicopter!) in January 2011, which is the first time I wore it. I'm sure I've worn it lots of other times but I'm getting hungry and don't want to look for them all.

The sequined tank was awesome to wear. One of the guys at work said, "We should start calling you Champagne, you sparkle so much!" Aw!
I bought it on consignment for $14.50 back in July while on a Sunday jaunt, the same weekend I thrifted the purple sequined skirt. I love shopping out of season!

I last wore these wide-legged pants here and was dissatisfied then with them. I felt like they were too much volume with this cardigan, but I was tired and couldn't face planning a new outfit at the last minute. Much as I like them, they just aren't right for me. Maybe I'll swap them for black shoes instead of being short a pair of shoes this month.
Speaking of killer, I love these and they are so gorgeous, but ugh, my feet hurt after wearing them all day - and I even cheated a bit and wore my runners (it's okay, they're silver Ugg runners!) around the office before and after I ran some errands out in town. I last wore these fabulous Fluevogs here with my schoolmarm outfit and liked them much better then.

I did some sparkly earrings and my silver cuff and a couple of silver/blue rings, but no picture. I'm tired, and I just cleaned up cat yark, and I need dinner! I have another busy weekend ahead (go ahead and call me a party animal!). Hope yours is full of comfort and joy.

Cardigan (Kensie), tank (BCBGMaxAzria, consignment), trousers (Kensie, consignment), shoes (Listen Up Mansfield, Fluevog, consignment), earrings (don't remember), ring (Wendy Brandes), other ring (handmade in Scotland).


  1. I think those cardigans, like skinny jeans, have become staples rather than trends, if you ask me. I love your mega-wide trousers. Sorry about the ouchy feet. I don't blame you for putting on sneakers!

  2. I love that sequin tank top and that cardi is very nice.

  3. Hope you get some rest!

    I really like the sequin tank and I think it looks fantastic on you. Hopefully you can wear these shoes less often until the capsule for December is over :)

  4. I love the trousers but they are a bit too voluminous for your slight frame. I don't blame you for ditching them. And don't worry about changing items in the capsule. It's your challenge so you're not going to be penalized by the fashion police. ;)

    1. Aw, thanks, Megan. I agree about the trousers - they're so fabulous, but just not for me (like trapeze coats!).

  5. Sheila, how do you handle swapping out shoes in the course of the day? Your Fluevogs have quite the heel and your silver Uggs don't.. how do you not tramp all over the ends of your pants? I hate wearing pants in winter because I wear boots on the bus, and heels at work and just can't get over the pant leg issue!

    1. These trousers aren't as long as they seem (note in the second picture they are about 3 inches off the ground), so when I swapped out to my sneaks, they barely grazed the floor. Plus all this volume means a lot of flapping, not dragging.

  6. I agree with Megan about the cardigans - they're musts now. Love your sparkly top - can I borrow it for my Christmas party tonight? : >

  7. I love your tastes in shoes- and your honesty about the comfort in them. I think you could easily start a shoe blog and inform us on the reality of good/bad kickers.

    The sequin top = magnifique!
    The loose goosey approach to your own playbook: healthy.
    Make it work. Rules are the lines in the road but not the road itself.

    Xmas hugs to you gorgeous Sheila!

  8. I love your spakly top--sequins and leopard--how can you lose??
    I agree about the pants--just too wide for you!

  9. Sequins can be used for good or evil. You seem to have harnessed their strength and used them to better the world. Nice job, buddy.

  10. Hi Sheila! Love the sequins--i have a similar top I may wear during the holidays. Cheery!

  11. Poor hungry (but very sparkly!) lady! I have a similar black cardigan I just adore and which also works on days like this. I really love the pants with those shoes, but it sounds like it's taking better care of yourself to adjust - implementing what you've learned right away - rather than suffer through. Good for you for knowing when to relax the rules!

  12. No one will take my long drapey cardigan from me, ever. I love the way you are wearing the sparkly top with yours!

    You are a busy, busy lady this holiday, that's for sure. Hang in there, and I hope you are enjoying yourself.


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