Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dec 13th - Outfits #12 and 13 - Chairs and Arm Parties

I had a very productive day today, and I'm feeling good. The weekend is almost here! And I have an event to go to tonight!
It was light enough not to need the flash this morning - yay!
Today, I'm finally wearing my chair skirt! I've had it since August 2009 (first worn here with black and grey). It's Smoking Lily and it was $27.00 on consignment. It's silk and is lovely and swooshy with that ruffle at the hem, but the elastic in the waistband is woefully lacking. I pinned it to a slip on both sides today, rather than wondering if I was exposing myself.

I've only worn it a few other times: in January 2010 (with the same boots that are in this month's capsule, and a grey top), in September 2010 (with an ill-fitting sweater/belt combo) and the last time in August 2011, where I branched out and did a light turquoise with it.

I always struggle with what to wear with it - grey, black, blah. I haven't strayed too far from that with this outfit, but I think my pieces are more interesting now. Instead of a lumpy grey sweater, I have this nice cowl-neck sweater that is much nicer on my shape.
I actually last wore this sweater, jacket and the tights all together on Dec 1st, here. I liked how the indigo blue of the jacket and shoes went with the purple of the skirt.

I last wore the shoes here with bright blue and lighter purple. Best Shoes Ever.

My Grandma J's brooch:
It's by Pastelli and is from 1963.

Jacket (Ricki's, consignment), sweater (August Silk, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Poetic License), ring (Wendy Brandes), earrings (Plum?), brooch (Pastelli, vintage 60s, Grandma J).

It is fitting to be wearing something from my Grandma J today (and tonight), as I'm headed out to the theatre (this one, where L and I went to see Janelle Monae) with my mom, my ex's mother, my ex-sister-in-law, my brother's sort-of girlfriend, and my two oldest nieces (I know, I have a complicated family) to see "The Sound of Music." It's my mom's gift to us all for Christmas, a tradition started with the same group going to see "Mama Mia!" last summer (here, in August).

I did a change-up of jackets and shoes for tonight.
Yes, I am having a glass of wine! Wee!
Return of the mullet coat, which I last wore here (2nd outfit) with my swirly green dress.

I moved the pin to my waist, over the knot from the coat's ties.
Gotta give the feet a break in my wonderful Fluevog boots, last worn with sequins and cashmere, oh my!

Enter arm and finger parties:
I like being Crazy Auntie Sheila for my nieces, what can I say?

Coat (Kania, consignment), sweater (August Silk, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Prepare Volunteers, Fluevog), brooch (Pastelli, vintage 60s, Grandma J), earrings (Plum?), bracelets (from left: Saltspring Island, gift from L; Fossil; St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop; Club Monaco), rings (from left: Mexican, gift from Cindy; Wendy Brandes; vintage 80s; Mexican, gift from Mom & Dad, vintage 80s).


  1. I think you must be beautiful Aunt Sheila. I adore that skirt and that mullet coat. The only reason I've abandoned arm parties recently is because Sasha Jane has the occasional Wild Cat moment - mostly she's sweet - and my arms and hands are full of kitty scratches these days :P

  2. I just love how much fun you have with clothes.

    I think I missed something (in my thesis writing haze)....
    is this purple month?

    Love it.

    1. Nope, it's black/grey/purple/turquoise/pink/blue/red month. ;)

  3. The chair print skirt is insanely perfect with that jacket. Premium pattern mixing! I also love how you transitioned it with your awesome wrap coat.

    Maybe try the purple skirt with some green or brown in the future? I know purples can sometimes be hard to pair.

    1. Green might be okay if it was the right shade - brown doesn't look right to me at all. It's a really difficult skirt!

  4. Hi Sheila,
    I find it very interesting that you are struggling with this skirt, because in my opinion practically every colour goes with dark purple - yes, black and grey look really good, but I'm also thinking of brown, beige, creme, white, yellow, any shade of green or blue, turquoise, maybe even red or orange ...
    Or would you find those to flashy in combination with the unusual pattern of the skirt?

    1. Hi, Sonja, thanks for the ideas! I feel constrained a bit by the grey/silver chairs - I'm not usually stumped for colours (I liked the teal mix), but contrasting colours don't look right with it to me. I'll probably do white with it in this capsule.

  5. Ok, there are so many things I like about this outfit I don't know where to start. That skirt and jacket-AMAZING, and I love all your rings and bracelets.

  6. I love being the Crazy Aunt too - isn't it great? : > Love this skirt - I've been wanting to see it with its fab print. You look elegant in all your textures and gems!

  7. Love love LOVE! Everything is gorgeous. I especially love the SL skirt.

  8. That skirt is STUNNING!! Love it with the brocade jacket!!
    And wow with the mullet coat--aren't mullets supposed to be business in the front, party in the back??? You definitely were looking fantastic for a night out!

  9. I am pretty much guessing your nieces adore that you are crazy auntie Sheila! I know I would if I was them!!

    I love your chair skirt! It's so unique, I haven't seen something like that before! I like that it's somewhat subtle from a distance, you have to get up close to see the detail. Super fun! Hope you enjoyed the Sound of Music!

  10. I adore the second look, it is pretty much perfect. The pin is beautiful and very special.

  11. your skirt is super cute, i really love it and your style honey!
    have a nice day!


  12. The skirt is adorable and that mullet coat is wonderful!! I love how your clothes are so darn cute as are you!! Love it ~Enjoy your holidays Love Heather

  13. Sheila, that mullet coat is divine. Your grandma's pin is exceptionally beautiful and I love how you styled it on the coat. Aren't brooches/pins the best when they once belonged to a grandmother? I treasure the ones I inherited from my great grandmother and both my grandmothers. I also like how you show a separate photo of the "stuff", it gives us great ideas how to pair pieces together. Blessings, Kathy

    1. I love wearing my grandmothers' and mom's jewelry. It makes me feel that connection with them. I'll try to do stuff pictures more often - sorry, I've just been so busy.

  14. I really like the print on that skirt :) Your accessories are so nice too!

  15. Look at all the bling! I'm so jealous!


  16. Sheila, you are splendid in your Best Shoes Ever and later the Goddess Wrap! Excellent bling shot. :) I love how you've styled this skirt - I'm as yet at the black-and-grey stage with a long dusty-purple satiny brocade skirt myself, lol.


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