Monday, December 3, 2012

Dec 3rd - Outfit #2 - A Wide Leg

And it's December! Here we go! I am feeling PMS-y today and puffy and was generally in a bad mood all day. Sheila grouchy!
But enough about me - let's talk about my clothes!

These trousers are lovely and wide-legged, and very high-waisted. The waist needs to be shown off more than this outfit allows, but they were fun to stride about in, flapping around my legs. I bought them here in September, on consignment, for $24.00. They're by Kensie.

Funny how just one wear of an item can make such a difference. I am almost sure these will not last in my wardrobe past December, not after having the Best Satin Tux Pants Ever. I have a plan in mind for future purchases so that I weed them out sooner, but that's not going into effect for a couple of months. Anyway, moving on.

The cowl-necked ruby-red velvet top was purchased on consignment for $24.00 here in early November. I loathe turtlenecks, but I love a good cowl. It's by ACW Design and is made in the US.
The steel grey taffeta jacket is one that I bought in Camden Town (in England) when I was there with Mom and L in May 2010. I first wore it here with golds and blacks (scroll down past my vacation photos). I don't have any of the clothes in that outfit anymore, aside from that black wool vintage pencil skirt.

I last wore it here in November 2011, and also in October 2011 (3rd outfit, as a topper with my fabulous plaid flannel dress), May 2011 (with my pretty white eyelet skirt - ha, I hadn't quite mastered the "stair shot" yet), and in November 2010 (with my cream skirt and some dark tights, yeah, not so much).

This month has 4 pairs of Fluevogs, including these wonderful Listen Up Audrey pumps in blood red patent leather.
I've had these for quite a long time - I know I got them on clearance at the Fluevog store on Granville in Vancouver. I think they were around $99.00 - they were phasing out this heel design. Although Fluevog still does a Listen Up family, it's a different heel shape.

I've worn these a lot, including the last time in Jan 2012 (I'm a Gothic snowflake!), June 2011 (I haven't worn that black skirt yet in a capsule), in May 2011 (with my lovely stripey ribbon skirt - a twirl for Amber!), in March 2011 (with my Prada blouse, another item I've yet to wear), Feb 2011 (with grey and white), Sept 2010 (again with the Prada blouse), in June 2009 (with my Kitchen Orange black dress), August 2009 (for a birthday party), Sept 2009 (with very long hair and clothing I no longer own!), and in Dec 2009 (with pinks and reds and black).

For at least 10 wearings (that I could find), they're in really good shape still. Nice and shiny!

I used to be fearful of wearing shoes like this to work (too dressy!), but now I wear any shoes I want.
I mixed my metals but stayed with a leaf pattern.

Jacket (Camden Town), top (ACW Design, consignment), pants (Kensie, consignment), shoes (Listen Up Audrey, Fluevogs), silver bracelet (thrifted, vintage), earrings (Plum).


  1. Gorgeous shoes and the collar on your jacket is so beautiful. Love it.

  2. I love those wide-leg pants and shoes (such a beautiful colour)! Thanks so much for your kindness, and for the link back to your twirling pic which was an awesome outfit too. :)

  3. I hope you feel better soon!

    Love the red top and shoes with the black pants :)

  4. Love those Fluevogs. I missed those the first time around because I wasn't in to wearing heels. So many beautiful shoes were missed.

    The cowl top is lovely and shiny. Perfect for the holiday season.

  5. Yikes, this is great - I need a "steel gray taffeta jacket", stat. Gorgeous heels too.

  6. Aww, I'm sorry you were feeling grouchy! But you look great! The red caught my eye immediately - perfect December color!! I love the cut and fit of your wide leg trousers too.

  7. OOOO-RED!! Your blouse and shoes immediately caught my eye!!! The top is stunning and PERFECT for December!! Love the whole outfit!
    and the shoes--another reason why you are my Shoe goddess!!

  8. They may not be your fave pants, but they sure look great in these pics. Trousers are my go-tos when I feel yucky. I love the rich red and the cool leaf jewelry.

  9. Piękny kolor bluzki i butów:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  10. This outfit is an example of what I'm aiming for... and fall short of. I just love it, and would wear every piece! *swoon* You may not feel great, but you look amazing!

  11. well you might have felt crappy, but you don't look a bit crappy.
    those wide legged trousers kick ass.

  12. I love how you admit your grump! And then you dress like there's no tomorrow! xo

  13. Wow! These shoes are so beautiful! Do you find having red heels useful? I like red and have red tops and skirts but I don't know if I 'need' a red heel or not.

    1. I love red shoes! I have several pairs: three pairs of red boots, at least 2-4 pairs of red dressy shoes, and at least 1 pair of flats that I can remember. I love red shoes for the pop they give an outfit. You need a red heel! Go for it!


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