Monday, December 24, 2012

Dec 24th - Outfit #23 - Teal and Sparkle

Happy Christmas Eve! And since I won't be blogging tomorrow, a very Happy Christmas (or Festivus or Holidays or whathaveyou) to all my dear blogging friends. Sending you all peace, joy and warmth.

I worked a full 8 hours today - although I did go out for lunch with one of my co-workers. Seeing as I am "the front line" I had to stay until the bitter end. However, I was filled with wonder walking home, and had some lovely interactions at the grocery store that left me feeling at peace.
I will freely admit that I wore my runners around the office from when I left for lunch until when I left work at the end of the day! I really wanted to be home in my housecoat and slippers, hanging with L.

Well, let's get down to it. This is my brocade jacket, last seen here being all badass with these shoes and my skull skirt. My teal sweater shell finally escapes from its pairing with the purple cardi (last seen here, last outfit) and is allowed to shine on its own - I also last wore this skirt at the same time.

I actually wore the jacket buttoned up all day, so this is more close to reality than the other pictures. Forgive the sleepy-face and the poor posture, but the smile is real!
The skirt is my tweed one, and it was last worn with the teal shell (as above, link here, last outfit). I love the shape of it.

Better colour.
The tights are a pretty close match - you know I love my matchy! For sparkle, I've got my starburst brooch, rhinestone earrings and a glittery ring.

One last present to wrap, then it's a nice evening of games with L.

Jacket (Ricki's, consignment), shell (Jones New York, consignment), skirt (Etcetera, swap from Megan), shoes (Versace, vintage 90s), brooch (The Bay), earrings (don't recall), ring (Oscar & Libby's).

Wishing you all the best!


  1. An evening of games sounds wonderful, Sheila. We're listening to music, then we'll watch an epi of Battlestar Galactica, a perfect Christmas Eve! You look terrific; the sparkle brooch is so pretty.

  2. Such great shoes, pointy lapels, beautiful teals, and lovely-shaped skirt! Your smile outshines it all, glad you made it through the day and into the peace. Merry Christmas to you and L and Vizzini! xo

  3. Totally gorgeous! I'm glad you still had a good day despite needing to work. Hope you're happily curled up at home now! And have a very happy Christmas morning.

  4. LOL @ "sleepy face" -- but you look quite alert! Must be the high-wattage smile.

  5. Warmest holiday wishes to you and your guy....and the kitty.

  6. Beautiful outfit! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas day!

  7. I tend to say the same thing because I think the same thing -- love your tights! Hope repetition doesn't annoy you. Merry Christmas, pal.

  8. Merry Christmas Sheila! Hope you and L had a lovely day x

  9. Really like the detail on your jacket. Glad you had a good Christmas eve, even though you had to work :)

    Hope you had a lovely and relaxing Christmas day :)

  10. Oh Sheila.... I love your stair picture -
    We were luckily allowed to go home early :)
    Hope you had a great holiday !

  11. Love the teal!! those shoes are truly kickass!!!!! Merry Christmas to you,L, and of course the fabulous Vizzini!!!!


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