Friday, December 28, 2012

Dec 28th - Outfit #26 - Les Mis With Nieces

Today I did one of those out-of-character things: I went to the movies with my two eldest nieces. I took the bus to their house, then the three of us walked to the theatre, so I dressed accordingly.
Crazy Auntie Sheila wears big skirts and impractical shoes! News at 11!

Actually, as I've mentioned before, these boots (last seen here on my last shopping trip prior to Christmas) are fabulously comfy, even running for a bus. FYI, these boots just got marked down on the Fluevog website - eeee!

The skirt was made extra floofy with my red full vintage slip underneath - it also added that extra warmth too for the over-chilled movie theatre. I last wore it here a couple of weekends ago with my cashmere sweater.
Although I'm sleeveless here in the red velvet top (last seen here, just before the shopping booty, for brunch), I never took my outerwear off. The stomacher and belt topped the skirt nicely, but I'm a little boobtacular without the coat on!

Yes, once again the long black coat comes to the rescue (I wore it yesterday, in case you missed it). Seriously, why do extra-long coats ever go out of style? I love them!
This one is extra special with the velvet and wool plaid. Added my fur scarf and my fingerless gloves and I was set.

Coat (Vassalli, consignment), top (ACW, consignment), skirt (Mister Leonard, thrifted), boots (Velazquez Baroques, Fluevog), stomacher (INC), belt (Plum).

We went to see "Les Miserables" - both Hannah and Zoe liked it. I have been a fan of the musical for about 20 years - I listened to the Cast Recording on CD a LOT when I worked at the Christmas store, in the off-season back in the 90s. I also saw it performed live at the Queen Elizabeth theatre in Vancouver many years ago with L (it's the only musical he can stand). And I've seen the movie version with Liam Neeson as Jean Valjean, which I liked, although it left out my favourite character, Eponine. I was less enchanted with this movie version, sadly, and have to agree with Slate's Dana Stevens: why so many close-ups of singing heads? I get that the actors actually sung this as they acted, but made for a...lot...of...heads. Singing. Dramatically.

Ah, well, it was fun to hang with my chicks again.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the mall with my friend Elaine - I still have a $100 gift card from my birthday that I haven't spent (I was put off by the rampant consumerism and reek of plastic last time I ventured there). Poor L is sick and has been in bed napping for the last 3 hours, so I'm going to console myself with some wine and a movie, and a snuggly kitty on my lap.

Hope your weekend is full of purry love.


  1. You're such a good auntie. And you taught them the importance of getting out for a walk too. Or at least that it can be enjoyable.
    That is a gorgeous coat!

    (oh yes, new hair color. a bit too dark though for me)

  2. You are a fabulous Auntie Sheila!!! Love the outfit!!
    Hope L feels better!!

  3. Love the layered up look. A perfect outfit to see Les Mis. I saw it Christmas day with my brother, Dad and Dad's girlfriend.

    I admit it was my first real viewing of Les Mis and I was underwhelmed. It was good, I cried when Ebony died and again at the end, but you're right - lots of singing heads. I felt some more parts could have been spoken and been less awkward.

    However I saw the Hobbit the next day and was off my brain with nerdy love. I'm actually thinking about sneaking off to go see it again by myself, it was so good.

  4. Sheila...I have boot envy. You have some incredible boots in your wardrobe.

    Sorry your sweetheart is not feeling well.

  5. Lovely outfit, I like the coat with the skirt! Hope L feels better soon and that you have lots of luck at the shops tomorrow :)

  6. Oh, Sheila, I'm so glad you've been fashion-smashin' seriously all over the place lately, so wonderful to drop in even though I often don't leave a trail. I must say your arms are quite gorgeous in sleeveless tops! Love the luxurious velvet. Healing vibes to L!!

  7. Great outfit for Le Mis, even if the film didn't quite make the same standard! I am hoping to be an Aunty like that to my friend's daughter, and take her off for little fun trips. Is a tiny baby at present though... So I will have a little wait!

    Enjoy spending your gift card! And get well soon L.

  8. Everything in this outfit is such a beautiful shape! I like how you attend to temperature and combination of garments you'll spend most time in. You are a seriously awesome Auntie!

    And the smell of the mall - I KNOW. After not having been in a mall for almost a year, I took a young person shopping just before xmas and I was overwhelmed by the odors - waves of plastic and heavily-scented things - and the mountains of shoddy stuff. Feels poisonous!

  9. I like the boots of course and how the skirt and coat compliment each other.Sorry L is down and our for now. I loved les Mis. I felt the acting was superb. When you go to a theater performance you cant really see the faces, so I enjoyed the difference in the movies..

  10. You seriously are the coolest aunt! I love it! I have heard mixed things about Les Mis but I'm still looking forward to seeing it as I've also been a fan for years.

    Sorry L is ill! Hope he feels better and you salvage a good weekend! Extra cuddles to Vizzini for keeping you company!

  11. Love the victorian feel with your boots and coat happy new year

  12. I love that lovely red top and that coat is beautiful.

  13. I love the "boobtacular" look with the stomacher. And when I knock a bit off my waistline, I am sooo copying elements of this look!


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