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Dec 21st & 22nd - Outfits #21 & 22 - The Last of the Shopping and Out and About


Unlike many of you, I'll still be blogging away over the next week - I've still got days of work, the December capsule recap post, and Major Awards to bestow! You didn't forget about the Major Awards, did you? This year will be the 5th year I've given them out - they spotlight my favourite new (or new-to-me) blogs or websites that I've enjoyed this year. I'm also going to re-highlight some of the blogs/sites that are still in existence (sadly, many of my blogfriends don't always stick around). 

Anyway, I'm here. And I had my Friday off, which was lovely. L and I walked to town and met up with our friends Spence and Kim (and their two daughters), who are over from Vancouver for the hols. We went for lunch, and then I had a nice leisurely shop for the stocking stuffers for L. 
I've been wanting to go "ruffle overboard" since I got this awesome blouse. I've worn it twice with the floofy hem tucked in, last time here with these same ruffly boots. It felt good to unleash the floof!

The vest keeps everything locked and loaded - and is also necessary because the blouse is completely see-through! I last wore the vest here the first time I wore the blouse.
The skirt is my pleated black one that I last wore here with purple and teal.

It swirled about most satisfactorily.
And yes, I did wear these boots to walk to town, shop for 4 hours, and to walk home! I love Fluevogs!

Of course, most people didn't see me in my outfit, because I was outside. Duh. This is mostly what people saw.
My amazing Obakki coat (last seen here), my dark red leather obi, and my long leather gloves.

And when it got windy, I added my pink fuzzy faux fur tube scarf and my pink toque.
I like small non-bulky outerwear pieces that I can shove into a bag when I get into a store. Then I can properly shop!

The stuff:
All pretty shades of red!

I delved into my small collection of Christmassy jewelry.
The top pin is by Avon - I think L's Grandma W gave it to me several years ago - and I wore it on the toque. The big tree pin (worn on my coat's lapel) was given to me by my former boss when I worked in a year-round Christmas store. She was a wonderful lady. The earrings are a set that I bought in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2002. They are based on various circular shapes throughout the museum's collection, like a compass point. I also have a charm bracelet that matches, with all different shapes on it, but it's too stabby to wear with a coat and gloves. Those points are sharp!

Coat (Obakki, thrifted), leather obi (gift from L, locally-made), hat (Delux, thrifted), gloves (Club Monaco, consignment), tube scarf (thrifted), vest (Le Chateau, thrifted), blouse (J. Peterman, thrifted), skirt (London Fog, thrifted), boots (Velazquez Baroques, Fluevog).

I did buy a few things for myself while I was out...I know, I was bad. But as I said to L, he wouldn't have bought any of these things for me! Anyway, they're further down if you care to read on.

Today, L and I met up with our friends Nick and Karen, and Chris and Alison, at our favourite diner for brunch. After that, we picked up ingredients for turkey sausage chili (yum, it's cooking right now and the whole house smells of it) and we bought tissue and wrapping paper.
I didn't try too hard with this outfit - all super-comfy drapey stuff! These fabulous boots are getting a lot of wear - I last wore both them and this black cardi here, just a few days ago with sequins.

I layered my black fluffy underskirt with my silk chair skirt - I had to have something to pin the waistband to! I last wore the skirt two ways here, for work and a theatre outing.
I last wore the red velvet top with burgundy shoes, here. The belt is by Shi Studio, purchased about 4 years ago, and although you can't see them, I'm wearing a bracelet and earrings by Myka. I love wearing locally-made accessories - it's like wearing a piece of art!

Cardigan (Kensie), top (ACW, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Prepare Volunteers, Fluevog), belt (Shi Studio), bracelet/earrings (Myka, gift from L).

Okay, this is the stuff I bought.

I found this amazing summer dress on deep discount on a clearance rack at a boutique. It's by Bodybag By Jude, and is handmade in Montreal - I have another dress by them, this one that I bought cheapy on consignment. This was bought new and was $80.00. After shopping thrift and consignment for so long, it's hard to pay regular retail, but I don't mind spending more on Canadian-made items.
It's called the Origami Dress and it's cotton with a bit of lycra. The front of the bodice is intricately folded, and it has pockets!
It's one of those dresses that looks better on the body than the hanger
The back of the hem is longer than the front, and it has a few deep pleats that give it a bustle effect. It can be worn strapless or with the halter strap.  I'm thinking that I might have the sash sewn as halter straps to be tied at the back of the neck, and I'll add my own belt. Self-belts are the devil!

I also found this wonderful Danier Leather black dress in a thrift store for $22.99.
I wouldn't wear it plain like this, of course! In one of the stores I visited, the clerk was wearing a black dress with a menswear-style shirt and tie under it, with a blazer over that - it was a fabulous look! I'd like to try it with this dress.

One of my favourite downtown consignment stores, Regalia Boutique, moved from Fan Tan Alley to the trendy shopping block in the Old Town district - it's way bigger and they had so many amazing items. I got L a little something there, and found this vintage handmade blouse there.
It's cream lace (not stretchy) and has this floral pattern printed over it. I've flipped up one of the "butterfly" sleeves to show the lace better. This is a beautifully made blouse - it's fully lined and all hand-sewn. It was $25.00. I think it's probably from the early 60s.

I also found this blouse - also vintage, also handmade.
I feel very fortunate when I find fitted vintage pieces that actually fit my body! This is made of silk shantung, and it's covered with these little rhinestones. It's a deep golden olive colour.
The neckline is really unusual. I also like that this has a metal zipper - I think that detail makes this from the 50s. This blouse was $12.99.

I fell in love with this sweet little silk scarf.
It was $7.99. I like the red stumps with the green leaves and the weird little birds and butterflies. And what is that haystack thing?

My biggest score of the day, though, the thing that made my pulse go thumping, were these shoes.
I have admired the plastic Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + melissa shoes on other people (notably, Megan at The Fashionable Bureaucrat), but have traumatic memories of the plastic "jelly shoes" of the 80s. I had a pair of blue pearlized pumps that destroyed my feet (and yet, I wore them until the plastic wore out!), so although I fell in love with these, I was cautious.

But they are actually not that high! And they feel pretty good on! And don't you love the big bronze heart on the toe?
This pair has never been worn out of doors. I found them in the 50% section for $43.00. Score! These sell for over $200 new.

They are just so girly.
The shape of the shoe is called the Dragon Lady. Love it!

I spent this afternoon wrapping all my Christmas gifts for L, Mom and my nieces - I had the "log" channel on to make it feel like a warm fire was on! Hope your weekend is warm and cozy!


  1. Those shoes are beautiful, what a steal! Lots of great purchases :)

    Really like the first outfit - so nice to see all of the ruffles and the vest works well with the blouse as well as hiding the fact that it's see through.

  2. Sheila, I'm really glad the VW shoes are not painful because they are simply breathtaking. The purple boots are showstoppers too. Oh, and the blouse in the top picture. I love all of these spectacular pieces.

  3. I will be blogging next week too and look forward to reading your posts and your awards.
    I really like your first look, specially how you brought it together with the jacket.
    Sometimes when in cooler weather i feel my outfit gets totally dissapears when i put my coat on... in your case it´s just an extension.
    I am awed at your Melissa shoe find. I have two pairs from them and they are the most comfortable shoes... you got them for a really good price.

  4. Can I safely admit I scrolled right away to see the new stuff? OMG Melissa/Westwood shoes!! Love! I've wanted to try a pair on because I'm just so curious how they feel.

    The green dress is omg-to-die-for gorgeous. Can't wait to see you wear it.

    Also - I'm not sure if you've seen them, but I keep running across the Anna Sui chair tights - They always make me think of you!

  5. So glad you'll still be around over Christmas! I will, too, and it'll be great to have something stimulating to read (other than my own journal!)

  6. Hi Sheila!

    Love your creativity- I love your outfit, love the white blouse and those boots are so great
    Good for you to buy Canadian - the dress is simply gorgeous, the color must amazing on you
    Merry X-Mas and i will be blogging as well!

    Ariane xxxx

  7. The vintage handmade blouses are so lovely, Sheila - those are what I swoon for when I go out shopping. You look gorgeous in your December colors, love the pleated skirt. Have a fab Sunday!

  8. Smiled with you said you bought yourself a few things L wouldn't have thought to. I use that logic sometimes myself. This year I did buy my own stocking stuffers, because as the family stocking stuffer, mine is usually the only one empty :P

    I love everything you're wearing, you always look so romantic and luxurious, and of course, absolutely perfectly turned out.

  9. You looked fabulous in both outfit!! I love the ruffly top!!

    The green dress will be AMAZING on you--the color, the style-perfect!! how awesome are both of those vintage blouse?? It's like they were made for you!!

    The shoes are super-cool!!

  10. Love the first outfit particularly, victoriana gloriousness! I am glad you will post a bit more in the run up to Christmas, now I have cleaned the house/wrapped presents etc I have some time on my hands :-) and I so enjoy the recap posts.

    The summery teal-ish dress makes me smile - maybe the warmer weather isn't so far away ??

  11. Oh, the first outfit has such a cool Victorian vibe. I love it. Love the second outfit too. You are so, so cool. I adore your style.

  12. Oh, all the ruffle-and-pleat action is just fabulous! Beautiful cool palette. Your obi over coat and wide belt in the second outfit are great. The red and purple together and the lovely textures are so rich-looking. Did you ever score some beautiful pieces! My faves are the wonderfully wacky scarf and those OMG awesome shoes!!! They will be fantastic on you. I too have been eyeing up the Lady Dragons but unsure if they would really suit me - but at that price, I wouldn't care, incredible!!!

  13. *Swoon!* The first outfit here is something from my dreams! All flouncy and ruffled. That vest is so great! I may steal it if I'm ever in Victoria.


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