Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dec 27th - Outfit #25 - An Ethical Shopping Expedition

I'm off today and tomorrow and poor L is back at work - it's kind of nice to have the day to myself, so I got up early and went to town to check out Smoking Lily's Boxing Week sale and to spend my She She Shoes gift certificate. Yee haw!

Today's outfit was almost a duplicate of this one (the evening version) except with different outerwear.
It was so warm out!

I actually last wore this skirt and boots together on the weekend here (2nd outfit), and the grey sweater here with a skirtload of sequins.

Just added my simple leather cuffs and white gold hoops and you've got an easy outfit for trying stuff on.
Both the teeny-weeny Smoking Lily store (4' x 11' - seriously, it's small) and the Milkman's Daughter (slightly bigger) were packed with people scrabbling for 30-50% off pieces.

I knew I'd be wanting to try a few things on, so I wore an outfit that would work for that - I was surprised at how many people hadn't planned for that! They stood in line for the 1-2 changerooms and I just changed in the street or the middle of the store! You have to plan for these things!

I wore this awesome long coat as my outerwear:
I last wore it here over my green swirly dress.

I love how turquoise and purple go together.
Ready to shop!

Coat (Vassalli, consignment), sweater (August Silk, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Prepare Volunteers, Fluevog), gloves (Accessorize), scarf (Marks & Spencer, thrifted).

I had some good luck at the little Smoking Lily store - $25.00 for silk obis! Wee! I got this lovely olive, grey, beige print and black one. About time I had one with more of a neutral base.
I think this makes 6 of these. I have a bit of an obsession.

At the Milkman's Daughter, I spotted this gorgeous metallic moto jacket on the 30% off rack for $91.00.
It's a stretchy denim - isn't it amazing? It can be worn fully zipped, as above, with the snap done up, and the sleeves snapped.

With the cuffs turned up and the front turned into lapels! So cool!

I got another Hama Hama top (I have this great crow one from the March capsule):
It's a rich olive colour - totally did not photograph well.

It has a moose:
It was $44.00.

I also got some underlovelies:
On half price for $10 a pair.

And a couple of little leather pouches. At least one of them is going to a blog-friend...
They were $9.00 each.

The skeleton thing is a new business card holder for me - it's by Bonspiel (I have a jacket by her). My old card holder is too small for my new cards. Oh yeah, I got new cards!
I've made my own business cards via Publisher on the computer for a few years. I decided to treat myself to professionally-made ones (these are by, and I'm linking because the quality is nice and they use recycled paper, no compensation received) when I ordered L cards for his blog as a Christmas present.

After going to Smoking Lily, I strolled over to She She Shoes. They had a big sale on! I spent some time wandering around the store, despairing as every shoe I liked seemed to be made in China. They were all lovely, and gorgeously made...but I didn't want to break my resolve so quickly.

But yes, I bought a pair. These gorgeous lavender lace-up boots:
I had to look at this as L buying me this gift - he hasn't taken the pledge to shop second-hand or ethically. That's my thing, and I don't want to impose that on others or make them feel guilty for not doing what I do - I hate that kind of high-and-mighty attitude.

So I sucked it up and graciously allowed him to buy me these wonderful, gorgeous, amazing boots with the gift certificate.
No zippers! You have to lace that thick cotton velvet ribbon.

Metallic leather behind the holes.
A slight platform.

A rock and roll heel:
They are by Feud London.
A lovely ruffle of leather for a tongue.

And a crown button:
What would you have done? Is it too much rationalizing? Am I going to be struck by lightning?

They were on sale for $60.00, so I still had $90.00 left on my gift certificate to spend. Fortunately, She She does carry some wonderful jewelry and accessories that are ethically or locally made. Hurrah!

Check out these amazing tights by Look From London:
They're made in the US.

I also got some tights by Voila (made in Italy), and some knee highs by Sox Trot (also made in the US).
Hurray for fun legs!

This gorgeous silk flower necklace was only $23.00.
It's by Harriet Grey, and was made in Vancouver. I am totally grooving on flowers lately.

I popped into Lotus, a shop in the mall downtown that only carries locally-made or ethically-sourced items.
The little blue studs were $8.00 and the felt flower was $5.00.

More flowers!

I hope your week is bringing you some sunny days!


  1. Aaaiiee! All gorgeous Smoking Lily things. <3 Much love, especially the moose. I know Thranduil technically rides an elk, but omg I am Tolkien-nerding all over again right now.

    The new boots are totally gorgeous. I think you did well. I think it's good that you were trying to be conscious about your consumption. You did put your money to good companies and producers, even if not all of it went there. I think it's a goal to eventually be 100% ethical, local, etc - but realistically it takes time and effort. And if was a gift for you to shop.

  2. What lovely things! and NO need to rationalize those boots- they are gorgeous and good luck on ever finding something like that at your favorite thrift- ok, maybe I am too quick to rationalize but I approve! Lovely finds- the moto jacket is the best!

  3. What a fab shopping day - I wish I could have joined you! (we couldn't both fit in the Smoking Lily store though) : > Gorgeous jacket you've got there, and the boots are dreamy too.

  4. The lavender boots are fab...and the grey ones too! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  5. Oh my...those boots are simply divine!


  6. Oh my god, the boots!!!!! What a luscious treat and so deserved. I'm sure your honey loved buying them for you. But don't let Vizzini chew those laces!!
    Looks like they just might go beautifully with that skirt you're wearing too.

    Can't wait to see them modeled!

  7. STYLISH! love the jacket and the shoes too!

  8. When I become rich, I want to hire you as my personal shopper. You find the most amazing, unusual and attractive clothes.

  9. Such great sale purchases! You're smart to wear something you can try things on with too :) Really like that metallic jacket, and the flower necklace is great too!

  10. Hi, what a great haul! I gasped when i came to visit and saw you wearing the boots I WANT - I tried them on but they were too tight on my calves. I just got the blue guides which are great as it's summer for me now anyway but I do especially like the grey felt:)

  11. Wowsers! You really "went to town"! The boots are very cool. I know you're going to be showing some great combinations incorporating them into the color scheme. I really like the jacket, too - great lines & style... Happy New Year, Sheila!

  12. Wow, I don't know what to comment on first. So many lovely things. I love that purple skirt you are wearing in the first pic and that long coat, I want it. I also love that shirt with the moose on it and those lilac shoes are so hip.

  13. ^ ^ What Ally said.

    My favourite things are the obi belt and moose top. With the shoes, the way I see it is that it is good you are paying attention to where new things are made. But even when labels say Made in Ialy, it can mean the product was put together somewhere else then finished in Italy (not the tights though, unlikely they do one leg in one country and one leg...!).

    You always highlight the interesting details on the clothes/shoes you wear and comment on the quality. I think this is the main thing - buy the best quality you can afford and wear the heck out of them. If they don't work, swap, consign or donate them. What frustrates me is people buying mountains of cheap clothes that they wear a few times then throw away.

  14. OMG! Those boots are extraordinaire!
    Excellent shopper you are you find the nicest things!

  15. Your approach to shopping busy places is similar to mine! I always dress in layers that allow me to change in the aisles! I won't wait in line for a room!

    The boots are an amazing find, they are beautiful! And my mom adores moose, she'd love that moose shirt!

  16. Such fabulous finds! That Smoking Lily jacket is quite stupendous! I got a SL skirt for Xmas from my mother and I'm wearing it today with a SL top of the same style as your moose top.

    Those much awesomeness! L is a good gift giver. ;)

  17. Znów same piękne rzeczy:))bardzo podobają mi się buty z pierwszego zdjęcia:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  18. What fab finds! I really love your purple skirt it looks fab xx

  19. Can't wait to see you style the new boots!

  20. All of your goodies are fabulous!!! Those shoes are drool-worthy!!!

  21. See, this is why you are my favourite! You are coordinated and practical-for-shopping at the same time with a beautiful coat and outstanding colour combo, your new obi has omg MAPLE KEYS (WEE! is right), and of all the things you chose, there is a stretchy metallic moto jacket, moose shirt, anatomical heart undies, a huggy skeleton pouch, and knee-sox I cannot wait to see on. So cool!

    Your boots are outrageously awesome! That heel! I really appreciate your attitude as well, so respectful of everyone finding their way. I look at it like junk food - fine as an occasional treat now and then, but costly in too many ways to indulge more than that.

  22. Super fabulous finds! Boxing day has now become day three of Christmas (don't ask) and I miss the thrill of the sales, esp when I see what you found!! xx


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