Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec 17th - Outfit #17 - Lace and Ruffles

Oh, we are in the home stretch! I can feel my days off creeping up! 

I'm breaking out all the gewgaws and bling and stuff this month. All aboard for ruffles!
Well, my blouse has lots of lace (you haven't even seen the bottom hem yet) and it's quite ruffly - I last wore it here with my schoolmarm look. I pinned the neck at the top with my sparkly starburst brooch instead of a necklace.

My strapless dress comes out to play again - I last wore it here with the same boots, my glorious (and ruffled) Velazquez Baroques by Fluevog.
I did white pinstriped tights to tie in the white of the blouse - I didn't want too much grey in this.

The sparkly thing about my middle is this incredible hand-beaded belt.
It's by Henry Birks (of Birks jewelry stores) and I bought it on consignment (at the wonderful My Sister's Closet) in February 2009 (here) for $20.00. I think it's from the 80s - Birks doesn't do any clothing items, but they did some beaded bags back then. Anyway, it's so beautiful, but I don't wear it too often, as it does up in the back with velcro and can fall off (it fell off once today).

Blouse (J. Peterman, thrifted), dress (Club Monaco, consignment), boots (Velazquez Baroques, Fluevog), belt (Henry Birks, consignment), pin (The Bay), earrings (Jacob).

It's been a while since I put up some pictures of Vizzini.
Our double-pane windows are all fogged up due to the cold this morning. Vizzini is sitting up there watching me get ready to leave. He looks annoyed.

But then he's all full of love when I get home.
"Feed me"
 He's trying to use his nefarious mind powers on me now.
He's been fed now and is studiously ignoring me.


  1. Striped tights, strapless dress, and fabulous gewgaws, hooray!

    Lol, Vizzini - I know that "wasting away ... feeling faint ... starving" pantomime! Food is love, you know.

  2. Look at those 2 cute little white toenails, or I guess they're claws on cats.
    You've got some great boots on here Sheila. Happy Holidays to you!

  3. Adore the blouse. Looks like something from my dreams. Your outfits are always such fun.

  4. Glorious belt! I remember a totally amazing beaded belt my mom wore for (LARP) costumes throughout the 90s. I wonder if she still has it.

    I don't know if you've noticed, but since you've gotten Vizzini, his pupils are more 'round'. I don't know if it has to do with lighting or what, but he looks more cute-cat and lovey. Maybe it's just a food begging mechasnism. Spike does the big-cute eyes when he wants food.

    Annabelle, my little feral girl, doesn't have any manners, and has more "cat" pupils.

  5. This might be my favourite outfit of yours ever! I love the lace blouse under the strapless dress, and those boots are amazing!

    You have me wanting to hunt out strapless dresses and blouses now.

  6. I really love how you put that strapless dress over that shirt. What a great idea!

  7. Oh I love the beaded belt, it's beautiful!

    Hello sweet Vizzini! He is so handsome! I can't get over how much he looks like my Pippin sometimes!

  8. Never go up against a grumpy cat when food is on the line!

    I love the strapless dress/blouse look. You really rock it! And those booooooots. Gorgeous.

  9. The belt is STUNNING!! I love the strapless dress over the lacy blouse-and those BOOTS!!

    But as usual for me you are again upstaged by the cuteness of Vizzini!! How can you compete with such a handsome fellow??

  10. You are the master of re-mixing strapless dresses. Love this look and that incredible beaded belt. Maybe it would be worth it to have a tailor put a more secure fastener on it?

    Vizzini looks like King of the World on his perch. The Absent Minded Professor's cat from before our marriage has discovered Sasha Jane's kitten food. I think he wanted her gone because she hasn't given up trying to make him play with her, but now he's all, "You can stay because you get the good stuff."

  11. Sheila, that dress is great! And what a fabulous idea for wearing the strapless dress over the blouse. Oh my! You have opened up a world of ideas here! Love, love those boots!!


  12. Aww Vizzini is so cute! :) Really like the blouse worn with the strapless dress, and that belt is beautiful! Such lovely detail :)


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