Friday, December 7, 2012

Dec 6th & 7th - Outfits #6 and 7 - Schoolmarm and Ghost in a Mullet Coat

Happy Friday, all you lovely people! Sorry for not being around to visit your blogs much - it's a silly season for us socially, so I have to squeeze in posts when I can. I'm multitasking right now as I dye my hair for our Christmas party tomorrow night! 

I went out after work with some of my colleagues and we ended up going out for drinks and dinner.

I can't believe how dark it is in the mornings! It's going to be black out when I leave for work soon. 
I enjoyed this outfit - it's practically all neutrals! There's only a wee bit of blue on the shoes.

This is my J. Peterman white cotton blouse that I bought back in August, the day after I got my newest tattoo. I always think of "Seinfield" when I hear J. Peterman - I've never seen a piece of it in person before, but this blouse is just beautifully made. It's tailored in the midsection and the hem is all trimmed in the same gorgeous thick lace as the ruffle down the front and the cuffs. And I thrifted it for $8.00!

The vest was also thrifted, bought back here in July for $10.50. I love the double row of buttons and the rounded lapels. It's a Le Chateau.
The skirt is my lovely wool herringbone tulip midi that Megan Mae sent me back in July 2011 (shown getting a little too loose on the stairs). I last wore it in October 2011 with greens and holey tights - I'm so glad to be wearing it in a capsule, because it's the most comfy skirt and deserves more wear! I love this shape too.

The shoes are my Listen Up Mansfields by Fluevog. I found these at My Sister's Closet last September (first worn with my grey leather dress) for $60! They are a very tight size 10 and were maybe worn once when I found them. I also wore them last November with this month's grey wool strapless dress.

Doesn't Megan's buttonflower look amazing with the striped vest?
You can't go wrong with lots of buttons!

Blouse (J. Peterman, thrifted), vest (Le Chateau, thrifted), skirt (Etcetera, gift from Megan), shoes (Listen Up Mansfield, Fluevog, consignment), buttonflower (Megan Mae).

Today, I was a little tired after four martinis the night before, so I went for even more comfort: the Jammie Dress!
The dress is by INC and I love the swirly green and black pattern, the balloon sleeves (with bows!) and the nice neckline (with a bow!). It's soft and stretchy and the pattern hides a multitude of sins, since it's so distracting that all anyone sees is the dress. It's by INC and I stalked it at The Bay until it went on sale for around $40.

I've had it forever, since at least 2007. I know it can't be earlier than Spring 2007 because I weighed 50lbs more prior to then. The first time I wore it was in May 2008, for my very first Dress Week!

I last wore it here in November 2011 (3rd outfit, and yup, hungover), and previously in May 2011 (yup, tired on a Monday morning), in June 2010 (yup, feeling muzzy-headed), in July 2009 (erm, feeling like a pirate?), in Feb 2009 (posing goofily, no doubt due to mind control from Othello and Inigo), and in July 2008 (tired after seeing Judas Priest live the night before).

The black wrap I have on is the coat I bought it on consignment in November here for $42.00. It's called the Goddess Wrap and it's by Kania. They retail for $229.00 so I got a good score!
I love the mullet effect of the hem! Isn't it cool?

The boots were last worn here with my hot pink skull skirt.

Coat (Kania, consignment), dress (INC), boots (Prepare Volunteer, Fluevogs).

I had some issues today. I think I'm turning into a ghost!
I feel fuzzy
 It was so dark this morning that I couldn't get a shot in natural light.
Can you see me?
 I tried again after work.
I'm fading away...
I checked with Vizzini to see if he could see me.
"Just feed me, woman."
Have a great weekend! Our Christmas party is tomorrow night!


  1. Oooh lovely lovely! That vest looks incredible with that skirt. I still remember how nice that skirt felt when I ran across it.

    OMG all the details of the second outfit though have me swooning. I love the wrap dresscoat. I love the swirly green and the wooly boots.

    J. Peterman makes me think of Seinfeld too.

  2. I just watched reruns of Seinfeld, and the last one I saw (not 20 minutes ago) was when Mr. Peterman fires Elaine. Then I read your blog. Weird, huh?

    Love the vest - that's so cool! You have the most amazing, one-of-a-kind clothes!

  3. Have a great Christmas party! I really like the first outfit, the button flower is so cute and the vest and shirt look great together.

    The coat in your second outfit is beautiful - shame about the fuzzy stair photos!

  4. A poltergeist! I love that first outfit. I love the feminine twist on menswear. Your second dress is so unique and pretty too, Sheila!

  5. You are looking very pale today almost ghostly!
    I have no idea how you did that with your camera but it's very effective.

    Love that green INC mullet dress.
    J Peterman was Elaine's go to place for clothes wasn't it?
    I love their descriptive writings and have purchased a few things from them over the years...their sales are worth waiting for.

  6. I need a jammie dress! This one is so great, love the shape and colors. And the ghost pictures too - so artistic! Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. Oooh, I have been waiting and waiting to see the Goddess Wrap on - good thing there's no commandment against coveting thy countrywoman's coat! Your Schoolmarm ensemble is equally smashing; love the layered details of the vest and perfect silhouette.

    For all the frustration, your photos are wonderfully atmospheric and your title would make excellent Clue characters. :D

  8. hahahaha your a ghost!! Love the first outfit that is just adorable and love that dress in your second outfit. Enjoy your holiday season I have been neglecting my blog. Just a little to busy as well. I need to squeeze in more blogging time. Merry Christmas Love Heather

  9. My, my that wrap coat is fabulous, how unusual it is and it looks great with your Jammie dress. That cat--he is fabulous too. His eyes just suck me in.

  10. The waistcoat is gorgeous. Sometimes Le Chateau just hits the mark perfectly. And it will be a good steampunk piece for you.

    The wrap coat/dress look like one piece! They are perfect together. I'm looking forward to seeing your christmas party look.

  11. I'm with you on this being the busy season!!! Love both outfits--the vest is stunning!
    The emerald & black dress is so cute and that coat is amazing!!
    Emerald is supposedly Pantene's color for 2013 so you are right on!!


  12. Love the vest and shoes outfit. Seriously envious.

  13. Black wrap fabulousness !
    and the pictures are kind of creepy...

  14. That vest is the best. I thought your wrap was a gorgeous dress before you explained it's a wrap, so I'm more than impressed.

    I wish I could get my camera to do that :o

  15. Great outfits, Sheila. I love how the waistcoat perfectly shows your waist off.

    That wrap was such a find, it really adds drama to the dress.


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