Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dec 18th - Outfit #18 - New Shoes and a Skull

Tonight's my last WW meeting until after the New Year - since Christmas and New Year's Day fall on Tuesdays, this year, I'll actually get a couple of weeks off. That's kind of nice, although I'll miss my little group.
Today's outfit features my last "fresh" piece of clothing and a "new" pair of shoes swapped in for the trousers that are now in the give-away pile. 

The first item is my sweater; it is a sleeveless mock-neck cashmere in dark purple. I've had it since at least November 2008, since that's the last time I wore it. It's by Daniel Bishop, and I wouldn't have paid more than $20-30 for it. I do know it was consignment. 

I wore it a lot more early on in the blog; lately, it's become just a handy layering piece. I last wore it, oh...a long time ago! Back in March 2011 on my Best Weekend Ever (with my Desigual coat and my dear Inigo kitty). Prior to that, I wore it in December 2010 with my purple combat boots (hmmm...we haven't seen those appear yet in a capsule), and the night before that to see Leonard Cohen for the second time (not feeling my 2nd outfit there - too much black), as well as in December 2009 (ugh, I hate my hair there), in October 2009 (with more black), and in February 2009 (with a fabulous skirt that never quite worked - no lining). 
Really, only 7 wears of it in 4 years is not very much. I'm actually surprised that the moths haven't feasted on it.

The skirt is my awesome Smoking Lily skull skirt, last seen here with the same jacket, although the jacket was worn more recently, here, with my Smoking Lily chair skirt.

The shoes are my vintage early 90s Versace pumps that I picked up for $40 at the Vintage Fair several weeks ago (here).
I can't stop looking at them. They are pretty freakin' fabulous. Much more comfy than my too-high Fluevogs, too.
Ooh, I love those studs! I loved this style when it was first around in the early- to mid-90s. I had a pair of cheap black Payless pumps like these when I met L. I guess they were knock-offs of these!

I wore this amazingly cool leather wrist-wrap that I thrifted while out the other day:
Only $12.50 for leather and it's really beautiful quality. I'm pretty sure this is locally-made, as I've seen similar wraps in boutiques around town, for about $25.00.

Off to my meeting!

Jacket (Ricki's, consignment), sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily), shoes (Versace, vintage 90s), belt (swap from Ruth), earrings (don't remember), wrist-wrap (thrifted), snake ring (vintage 80s), lapis ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Awesome skirt. Amazing shoes. You never fail to impress us.

  2. Love, love, love every single piece! And increasingly jealous that I don't have access to this Smoking Lily stuff, heh.

  3. Whoo, SERIOUS shoes! Glad you went ahead with the swap-outs, hope it feels so much better.

    As ever, I love your links back - you have always been so cool! Love those combat boots, dear Inigo, and Best Weekend Ever - your incredibly gorgeous Desigual coat reinforces a recent decision against buying (even at half-price / for Christmas) two Desigual dresses and a cardigan - that kind of lovely design and quality was just not there.

  4. I still can't get over how awesome those pumps are! Totally badass. Definitely digging this capsule.

  5. Fantastic colour! Fantastic SHOES! I agree, your link-backs are wonderful.

  6. Wow, I really love that. That pink skirt is beautiful and I love the cut of that jacket.

  7. This capsule has some amazing pieces - like this crazy-good skirt, love it. Wonderful pumps too.

  8. Ooh your shoes are pretty freaking fabulous!! Beautiful! And I always love seeing the pink skirt!!

  9. Those pumps KICK ASS!! Love the whole outfit!!

  10. Super cute jacket and those shoes must have originally cost a pretty penny. I've been seeing those bracelets too and 12.50 is a good price. Especially if you compare it to Stella and Dot prices. They're 60.00 for something similar which I was suckered in to paying at my daughter's jewelry party.

    1. Oh those shoes are most fabulous! I love anything with studs on it. The bracelet is mighty fine too. You look so petty. What size shoes do you wear? I have a pretty pair of heels that I cannot wear that would look great on you.

    2. I wear a size 9-9.5 (Euro size 40), Debbi! Thank you for thinking of me - drop me an email (in my profile) if you want to discuss further. :)

    3. I sure wish you wore a 7.5, that is what size the shoes I have are. Darn it!

  11. Purple is a fave color of mine; I love yours mixed with the smokin' pink skirt, and those heels are a pure joy to behold.

  12. Love that wrap bracelet! :) Your skirt is so beautiful too, I really like the colour :)

  13. The color of your skirt is really vibrant and pretty. Its a good color for you. I love it toned down with the neutrals.

  14. I love those shoes and that belt. It's funny how certain shoes can be so much more comfy even if they are higher.



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