Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec 4th - Outfit #3 - Teal, Blue and Red

After all the black and grey of yesterday, I wanted lots of colour today!
Lots and lots of colour!

This is my Banana Republic tailored teal shirt that I got on consignment back here in November for $28.00. I'm wearing it underneath one of my favourite items in my wardrobe, this grey wool strapless dress. It's not only grey, and wool, but also faintly pinstriped AND it has a bubble hem AND it has pockets. This dress goes to 11. I have never worn it as a strapless dress!

I got it on consignment a few years ago - it's by Club Monaco and was around $40. I first wore it here in April 2009.

The last time I wore it was in November 2011 with another awesome pair of Fluevogs. I've also worn it here in April 2011 with a yellow shirt under it (I don't have that shirt anymore; it went a funny colour when I washed it), in August 2010 as part of "Bride of Dress Week!" (I like it with that purple shirt), in Sept 2010 with yesterday's red shoes, in Mar 2010 as part of a mini capsule wardrobe challenge (two different looks), in Nov 2009 underneath a cardigan, and in Oct 2009 underneath a mustard cami.
I had paired the dress and the shirt early, then pulled this awesome Smoking Lily obi with it. Of course, then it was natural to do blue tights! And if I'm going to do blue tights, then why not do these rosy-red Fluevog Velazquez Baroque boots?
I got the boots last March (here, on our trip to Vancouver; there are some better pictures of them). I wore them for the Steam Con in April of last year (3rd outfit: warning, lots of pictures) and then wore them recently for a November Wild Card, here, with my flannel dress.

The stuff:
I don't have much gold jewelry, so I always wear these pieces together. The ring was my Dad's - it's from the early 60s.

Off to WW!

Dress (Club Monaco, consignment), blouse (Banana Republic, consignment), boots (Velazquez Baroques, Fluevog), obi (Smoking Lily), earrings/necklace (Foxy), ring (Frances Jewelers, vintage 60s, Dad's).


  1. You know I adore that dress. i can't believe it hasn't had a strapless outing; it's got all kinds of glamour puss potential there. It might be a little inhibited by a BR shirt...lol. I love how you get to emphasize your tiny waist with your fabulous belts, and your shoe collection always inspires me to do bad things. Like buy shoes...lol.

  2. Echoing Lynne's comment about how you emphasize your waist with all your fabulous belts, obi's etc. Love this outfit on you and Lynne's comments always make me laugh.

  3. That is such a fab dress - and never worn strapless? - so wow, it's versatile *and* fab. You look great with your small waist highlighted, and oh, those boots!

  4. Lots of color, but I love it!! You made it colorful without being overdone. And I love your obi belt, it reminds me I haven't worn mine from Megan in quite awhile, I need to pull it out!

  5. So fabulous! I love those boots with the teal tights. Great earrings. Are they the hands from a clock? Very steamy!

  6. You are the color QUEEN!!! Today I'm wearing an outfit inspired by one of yours last month!!
    Love you in the teal!!

  7. U Ciebie znów pięknie:))bardzo ładne buty:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  8. Adore the colors! The obi belt is the perfect bridging piece for those boots and the blouse. I really love the heel on that family of Vogs.

  9. Oh, I somehow missed this beauty! Outstanding layering - I'm beside myself with the awesomeness of the way you wear this dress - incredible colours, and lovely jewelry!


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