Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12th - Outfit #10 - Layered Leather

Thank you all again, for your empathy, your kindness and your tears for our sweet Inigo. Your comments made me cry, and your sweet emails touched me. 

A big thank you and a shout-out to Kathryn and "the girls" at the seniors' center who have been enjoying my blog - hi, ladies!

Today, I still needed my yellow:
This outfit features a few fresh items from April's capsule that I haven't worn yet: the print silk blouse (last worn here in July, yikes!), the leather dress (last seen here), and the red shoes (last seen here).

I know, it looks like I'm wearing a skirt, but this really is a dress - and I only paid $20 for it! New! I also wore it here and here. Oh, and here.
I first wore the cardigan here.

I am still not really in love with these shoes. They serve a function: red, medium heel, comfortable, look okay...but they just don't ring my bell. I will, however, hold onto them until I find a better red shoe.
This blouse is one that has survived many, many purges over the last 4 years. It's been with me since I started this blog. Here's the very first time I wore it, in April 2008. I love it and am looking forward to getting some more frequent wear out of it this month.

With the wild print on the blouse, I kept the accessories simple and black.
Hurray for this cheapy black rose bracelet. It was a good $9.99 (on sale) spent a few years ago.

Cardigan (Club Monaco, consignment), blouse (INC), dress (Truly), shoes (Feet First, thrifted).


  1. Big hugs to you my friend. And lovely outfit. xoxo

  2. What a great idea for that leather dress. The tie blouse is really cute- oh wait!! That's the halter top! Great use of layering.

    I have the same problem with my red heels, although mine are a kitten heel. I'm not in love with them but I haven't found the right replacement. I pull my green shoes out more often than red ones, so I haven't felt the need to find one.

  3. So sorry for the loss of your beloved Inigo. ~Tessa Scoffs

  4. I hope wearing colourful colours helped you! I really like the yellow cardi with the blouse. Continuing to think of you!

  5. Oh yes, bring on the yellow!! Envelop yourself in yellow!! Clearly your body and spirit know what it needs right now. Warm yellow.

  6. You look great! I love the blouse and the shoes are pretty :-)

  7. You look gorgeous in these colors, Sheila, and the leather dress is fab. And I can see why you are keeping the bright blouse - it's so flattering.

    Furry and non-furry hugs are sent your way today.

  8. LOVE the outfit!!! your outfits this month featuring that sunny yellow inspired me to pick up a mustard yellow with thin white stripes LandsEnd t-shirt at the Goodwill yesterday. You'[ve given me lots of great ideas on how to style it!!

  9. Loving the yellow on you! But I'm loving those red shoes even more, those are so sassy and fun!

  10. The blouse is so awesome. I can see why it has been a staple in your closet for 4 years. I know what you mean about those shoes. They are pretty and red but they are no Sumatra.

    Extra pats and hugs for Vezzini.

  11. Sheila: I am so sorry that you lost you dear little cat. Our pets just never live long enough. I can see why you needed yellow for the past few days. You are right, sometimes it is not easy to 'fake it 'til you feel it'.
    Know that I am thinking of you.
    Lovingly, Peg - UI

  12. I can see why that blouse survives closet purchases - it's amazing, and has a lot of great colors to work with. Those red shoes photograph really well, even if they're not your fave. I have a similar mustard sweater, and now you've got me thinking about thrifting the perfect blouse to go with it!

  13. Once again, I am so so so sorry about Inigo. Pets bring us such joy on a daily basis... which make losing them that much harder. Hang in there. (((((((((doublehugs)))))))))))


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