Monday, April 9, 2012

Apr 7th to 9th - Outfits #5-7 - Long Weekend (and Cat Pictures)

I love having both Friday and Monday off for the Easter weekend; at my old job, I had to work on the Monday and that always sucked. 

On Saturday, I went to my WW meeting. 
We went for lunch with Nick, Karen and Elaine, then the lot of us went shopping for steampunk accoutrements for the Steampunk Expo in a couple of weeks. I worked on my outfits this weekend, and I have 3 different ones that I'll be doing. Fun!

This is the first wear of my favourite easy-wash fuscia blouse for the April capsule (last worn here), and this is the third wearing of this cotton Noa Noa skirt (last worn here, and first worn here in one of my favourite outfits).
I did my "tattoo" belt with it to help tie all the colours together.

Wore my jean jacket for a bit of warmth, plus added my Smoking Lily chartreuse and pink spore scarf.
This is the debut of my new-to-me Fluevogs that I bought off Elaine. I had seen these (and tried them on) at a local store some months ago. They were the last pair and were on sale for $99.00 (a bargain for Fluevogs). However, I passed on them because I felt they were too close in colours and shape to these boots.

I was out shopping with Elaine a couple of months ago and she tried them on and ended up buying them, with my encouragement. She had buyer's regret later and was going to take them back, but by then I was kicking myself for not buying them myself, so I offered to pay her for them. Hence, new-to-me.

Assorted "stuff":
I love wearing my silver chain with mixed charms on it. That's my amethyst that I've had since the 80s, my "S" that Mom and Dad bought me sometime in the 80s or early 90s, and one of the keys from L's jewelry box. For the rest of the outfits this weekend, I swapped out the key for a silver feather.

The tattoo belt:
I can't get enough of the flaming skulls on it, hee.

A better look at the shoes:
These are the Pearl Hart Bellevues (same family as both of these boots, here and here). They were excellent for shopping: after 4 hours, my feet were only a little sore, with a bit of rubbing on one heel. They will break in nicely.

Nice colour, eh?
Such a lovely deep purple. I like the criss-cross straps too.

Blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Noa Noa), belt (consignment), jean jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), shoes (Pearl Hart, Bellevues, Fluevog).

On Sunday, we went over to Mom's for Easter lunch. It's always cool to see all my nieces together, and my brother, his ex and his girlfriend.

I went pretty casual:
This is one of the tops I got from Smoking Lily back in January. It like that it has a bit of lavender in the flowers on it. It was $12.50 and is the same soft cotton/bamboo fabric as my Hama Hama top.

This is the first appearance of this awesome denim maxi skirt in this month's capsule.
I really love this and will be wearing it a lot. I last wore it here. Considering I only paid $9.50 for it (on sale, on consignment), and I've worn it over 6 times, I'm sure getting my money's worth out of it.

I'm wearing my lavender Campers that I bought in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. They are supremely comfortable, and I'm thinking, "Lavender is the new neutral!"

My lovely bub Inigo came in for a photo-bomb:
Hello, my panda bear!

I'm leery of picking him up due to the fluid in his chest, but I can't resist how he pushes his head against mine.
 Aw, he looks a little freaked out.

Top (Smoking Lily), skirt (InWear, consignment), shoes (Camper).

Today, L and I walked to town in the sun (it felt so good), got groceries and went for brunch.
Another very casual look, but hey, it's the weekend. And it's Visible Monday - get on over to Patti's!

This is the top I wore under the cardigan here, but it couldn't be seen.
I love the mustard colour and the asymmetrical border of fabric twists along the neckline.

I last wore the denim skirt Saturday, and same with the shoes (and they were awesome for walking to and from town). I wore my white leather jacket.
My purple bag is back in rotation.

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), t-shirt (INC, consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), shoes (Campers).

[beware, sad stuff ahead]

We didn't really do much this weekend, as we wanted to spend time with Inigo. He went for his 4th chest-tap on Saturday afternoon and we talked to our's not good. He's developed edema in his chest cavity, and he's not getting much time between the taps where he's normal and active. He's not responding to the medication, even after an increase, and his breathing is getting worse. With heavy hearts, we have made the appointment for his last trip to the vet.

L and I are trying to give him as much love and care as we can for his last few days.
The boys hanging out on the couch.
He is such an amazing, loving, affectionate cat. It is completely devastating to us to even have to contemplate losing him, much less take that step to ensure that he isn't suffering.
Officer Vizzini oversees the neighbourhood.
I wonder how Vizzini will be without his big brother? I love that they are such pals. Othello and Inigo weren't  close at all, and we've been happy that these two have gotten along so well. I'm sad that they won't be able to grow old together.
Inigo enjoys the sun while Vizzini patrols. It was warm enough today to have the deck open.
Inigo has slowed down considerably. He breathes very quickly and any exertion brings on coughing fits. It's heartbreaking.
There is not much better than to be a cat in the sun.
But he's such a trooper. He is still alert and bright-eyed, and purrs whenever you're near him. He chirps when he wants our attention (he's been chirping at me for the last half hour because he wants his dinner). He sits on our laps or snoozes on the bed. He rests his head on us, and puts his paws on our arms, as if to assure us that it will all be fine.
Vizzini checks out the back area. The maple trees are full of birds.
Unless something bad happens between now and then (and an emergency trip is required), we will be taking Inigo in the next couple of days.
Boys about to have a licking session on the warm tiles.
My dear, sweet bub...all of our lives will be less without you.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you're having to face losing your dear kitty. They really weave their way into our hearts.

  2. This is just so sad. I can't bring myself to comment on the outfits. May Inigo rest in peace.

  3. Oh, so sorry, Sheila. Thinking of you the next few days.

  4. Congrats on the new-to-you Vogs. My Pearl Harts are the most comfortable heels I own. I have some issue with the non-buckle strap feeling tight sometimes, but otherwise no issues. I'd happily snag another pair if I had the opportunity.

    The denim skirt has the best drape to it. And ohwow at that price.

    I am legit tearing up. Sweet Inigo. I was wondering how he was doing. I am glad that you've done everything you can to minimize his suffering and I know there's not a happier pair of cats than your little guys. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

  5. Spoil that kitty. Poor little sweetie. You are totally doing the right thing in not letting him suffer for a long time. I know it's hard so look after yourself too. Thinking of you!

  6. OMG you have beautiful shoes. And I love your outfit here, awesome!!


  7. So sad about Inigo. My cats are family. Vet visits are so stressful to cats, have you thought about paying your vet to come to your house? Worth every penny to not have their last moments be in fear. My thoughts are with you.

  8. Ah, I have been wondering about dear Inigo. He looks so beautiful, your little man. My heart is breaking, but I know he has no fears or worries, b/c he has you and L. I am sending him love and hugs, and to you too! I have said goodbye to several dear kitties, but they are not really gone from my life. So safe passage to you, Inigo. xoxoxoxoxox.

  9. Oh Shelia and L I am so sorry! Please give Inigo a little hug from me.

  10. I'm so sad. This is such a sorrowful story. Cherish your time with Inigo and keep the memories alive. You have tough time ahead of you; my sympathy for that.

  11. I was SO sad to read about your dear Inigo. After you got the less bad diagnosis, I had hoped you would get months or maybe even a year with him. Since I lost my dear Puka so suddenly (and at the same age as Inigo) less than 2 months ago, I know full well what you are going through right now. Sometimes the best kitties don't get to live the already short cat lifespan... I try to remember that it is quality over quantity and that my husband and I gave Puka a great life, just as you and L. have done with Inigo.

    I agree with CharlotteSometimes about having the vet come to your house. That's what we did with Puka and it was well worth it. But he was very fearful of leaving the house and going to the vet, and that might not be the case with Inigo.

    I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I was happy to have been blessed to share in your love of Inigo through the wonderful photos you posted.

    As for Vizzini, he will be sad but will be okay. Our Coco (age 7) was VERY close to Puka and she took his loss hard. But she continues to improve, as do we. We spend a lot of time with her and give her lots of love. She's even adopted some of Puka's wonderful habits, which is heartwarming to us.

    Blessings to all of you.

  12. Oh, Sheila- Inigo! The lovely boy! I have been SO sorry to hear about his troubled health. It is so sad. I hope he has no pain-
    Best wishes to you and L.
    Hopefully, this post will finally take, no thanks to evil google or the mystifying wordpress...

  13. I am so sad about your sweet kitty. I know how heartbreaking this must be. I had my beautiful cat for 21 years...he looked similar to Inigo, actually, which is what initially drew me to this blog (along with great fashion). He passed away in 2009 and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him. My thoughts are with you.

  14. I'm so, so sorry about your kitty! I'll miss seeing his cute face here.

  15. First of all, I loved the mention of "my brother, his ex and his girlfriend." I love when holidays mean bringing people together, rather than dividing them!

    Secondly, I'm so sorry to hear that the taps aren't working as you hoped. Lots of hugs!

  16. Oh honey, no. I am so so so sorry. This just sucks. Hang in there, and hugs from MN.

  17. My heart melts with the news about Inigo but at least it's not a sudden shock, if that's any consolation. Your decision to release him from suffering I know is hard but right. Be strong and, as Megan says, make sure you take care of yourselves too.

    On another note - big sigh, change gears - you do look beautiful. The sheen of your Noa Noa skirt is wonderful. The colour pops against that wild belt. Good one on the shoes too.

  18. I'm so sorry to hear about poor Inigo. I second the idea about a house call. We have a very kind vet who will do this--maybe yours would too? So much easier for all concerned, definitely. My cats are my family too. It seems like I love them more with every passing year...and vice versa! We have two tuxedo kitties--both girls, both hilarious characters, and also a 20 year old tuxedo fellow named Orca who is visiting for a few months while his owner travels. He's so happy being among his own kind, lol. I know if they could all three would send you fuzzy hugs and purrs of comfort! :-)

  19. Such sad news about lovely Inigo. Take care of yourselves. x

  20. I'm so sorry. I hope you and all of Inigo's family enjoy some peaceful and loving final days together. It's so hard, but in the end, letting them go is the most loving thing we can do for our pets.

  21. Sorry about your Inigo! Never easy when pets are so ill:(

  22. I am so sad hearing about your poor baby. Big hugs XOXOXXO

  23. Dear Sheila,my heart goes out to you. It is lovely to have a few days to love him and say goodbye,rather than a sudden decision that gives you no chance to come to terms with what is happening. I was lucky enough that the vet came to my home . Afterwards we bought a special rosebush to remember our beloved Horlicks. Whatever you need to bring a little comfort. I'll be thinking of you.Linda

  24. Oh I am so so sad to hear Inigo is getting worse :( I was scrolling down admiring your outfits thinking of things to say and then I read that. My heart breaks for you. I am extremely glad that you have the ability to make his last days special and spend so much time with him. Without a doubt he will know he is loved very much, and you will still have a few days to fill with happy memories of him.

  25. I'm so so sorry! Dear Inigo, you poor guys.
    Lots of hugs from all my family.

  26. First off in happier news - I love all of your outfits, you inspire me. I have a new yellow skirt coming in the mail and I plan to pair it with a pink top of some kind in a similar fashion to your first outfit.

    Secondly - I'm tearing up over here about Inigo. My family just lost our 19 year old cat about three weeks ago so I feel your pain big time here - it is such a tough thing to go through. And Inigo just reminds me so much of my tuxie girls too. I am so sorry he has gotten worse and I give you hugs and strength for the next few days. And as the others have said, take care of yourselves too.

  27. Aw, poor sweet kitty. Nothing to say but remember the love.

  28. I am so sorry to hear about Inigo. I know your heart is breaking. You and yours will be in my thoughts.

  29. I've been lurking on your blog for a while, (because I think your fashion sense ROCKS!) but I hardly ever post. But being a kitty-lover myself, I just had to let you know how my heart is breaking for you. Indigo is such a sweet kitty. I am so so so sorry.

  30. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to all of you!!
    Just keep inmind you love him so much you don't want to lose him, but you love him enough to let him go.
    I'll be thinking of you during this time.

  31. I am so sorry to hear the news, Sheila. You are doing the right thing in not letting him suffer. Very best wishes to you at this time xx

  32. I'm so sorry Sheila!! My heart aches for you. I know it's a hard decision to have to make but you are a wonderful pet owner and your cats have great lives. Give him hugs for me too!

  33. Sheila my heart really goes out to you both. I am so sorry this is happening to Inigo, considering you already had a pet loss not so long ago. I just hope you are given the strength - it's an unimaginable and tough decision to make. Hugs.

  34. Oh, Sheila, I am so so sorry to hear about Inigo. At least you have the time to say goodbye to him and show him how loved he is. Many hugs to you and both your sweet kitties.

  35. It's always sad to lose a beloved pet, and difficult to make that decision to make the last vet trip. We had to do that a few years ago, after a very brief catastrophic illness hit. Our vet was very accommodating, letting me spend a little last bonding time before he came in to give the shot. The final few moments were very peaceful and it was a relief to see Sparky relax and be comfortable, finally, just before the end, after suffering so.

    I read somewhere awhile ago that when a loved one passes away, a small piece of you goes with them beyond the veil, so you're always with them and they're always with you.


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  37. Oh, I just saw this. I'm so sorry about Inigo Sheila :( He looks like such a sweet kitty and it's so hard to lose them.


  38. Big hugs to you and your little man (and the other boys too). xoxo

  39. Sheila, thanks so much for sharing your precious baby with us. My heart breaks for your family, but you have loved him so much, and been loved in return. There must be a reason our beloved four-leggeds don't have human life spans, maybe it's to teach us the art of loving and living in the present.

    On a brighter note, you know I love your new Vogs. I'm glad you said they needed breaking in. I wore mine on an unintentional shopping trip, and was sad when I developed a blister. But I did feel like it was a breaking-in thing.


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