Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apr 10th - Outfit #8 - Peacock, New Boots and Eyes of Love

Thank you, everyone, for you very kind words, wishes and proxy hugs and snuggles for our dear Inigo.
Eyes of Love to everyone, with a big helping of Happy Paws
I'm sorry, I can't dwell on it further or I'll lose it - and I have to go do my WW meeting in a few minutes.

Fashion! Yes, we need a distraction!
I loved all the colour in this outfit, especially the vibrant peacock green of the sweater. The sweater is by Kenneth Cole Reaction and I bought it in Vancouver second hand for $32. I thought that was a little on the pricey side, but I love it, particularly the big kimono-type sleeves. I also didn't know that Kenneth Cole Reaction did anything but shoes.

I'm also wearing my new Smoking Lily silk obi, also purchased in Vancouver.
I should have done a close-up of it, but I'll wear it again and will take a proper picture then. 

The skirt is so plain that I can't even search for it on Ephemera to see when I last wore it. It's grey, it's a stretchy material, it was from Plum's closing sale last year. 

The shoes are my Pearl Hart Bellevues (last worn just this past weekend here), and they were even more comfy today. 

Sweater (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), skirt (Plum), obi (Smoking Lily), shoes (Pearl Hart Bellevues, Fluevog), jewelry (Foxy), ring (Wendy Brandes).

However, I was totally distracted when these babies arrived in the mail at work:
Boo-yah! Hello! These are the Babycakes Minis by Fluevog (I also have these Minis here), and I am in love. L is torn by liking the lovely tooled leather on the front and the buttons, with loathing the thick sole. I like all of them, although they are rather warm.

The traditional Minis sole:
I adore the scooped little heel on them - so nice to walk in!

A shot of the leather-work:
That's my card from the Montreal Fluevog store that they enclosed my receipt in.

More kitty pictures...
Inigo guards the bathroom from his knapsack bed.
 He startled us last night by going up on the scratching post on the deck.
There are two more levels below that - that's quite a hike for a kitty with a bum heart!
 Almost like his old self...
Such a determined boy. I am going to miss him so much.


  1. Sheila,

    You and Inigo have been in my thoughts all day. I love the beautiful photos of him. It's a gift that he seemed almost like his normal self today. I have lots of beautiful memories from the few days I had with Puka after we got the dire diagnosis and before he really went downhill.

    What a beautiful kitty Inigo is, and a gentle soul as well. I wish him happiness in his final days and a peaceful passing.

    You look lovely today despite the difficult time you are going through. Love the outfit and the new boots.

    I continue to send you positive thoughts and virtual hugs. Kitties are truly a blessing in our lives. Yes, their lives are shorter, but they leave a huge mark on our hearts. Inigo's heart may be weak, but his love is great.

  2. Lovely colors in this outfit. I'm liking this capsule a lot. The new obi is a great piece. Also omgomg new Vogs! I admit I like the boots version of the Minis a lot better. I'm mixed on the thick sole, but if you haven't read this story about a woman and her Minis you need to.

    Inigo makes me smile! Spike slept half of Saturday on one of Mom's purses. All the cushy spots were open and he decides to sleep on a bag.

  3. Those eyes of love! What a charmer.

    Your obi belt and kimono sleeves look perfect together, not at all costume-y. Not that either of are above costumes, eh?

  4. Love that first pic of Inigo - he is such a handsome cat. Glad he is still playing around on the scratching post :)

    Really like your new boots, congrats! And the colours in your outfit :) Still thinking of you and Inigo!

  5. Aww Inigo is so cute :-)

    I love the top, the obi and of course, the new boots! Wish I had a fluevog store somewhere near me!

  6. Gorgeous ensemble, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have fallen in love with those boots, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. *Smoochy kitty face* Such a good boy.

    Your outfit is so pretty and colourful. I wish I'd snapped up a pair of those colourful Pearl Harts before they were all gone in my size. I don't like the colours that are left. Didn't stop me from ordering these yesterday: http://www.fluevog.com/code/?w=sale&p=31&pp=3&view=detail&colourID=3217 I didn't originally like the distressed toe but for $150 I'm not going to let it bother me.

    I wish those Babycakes worked for me. I loved them so much but it wasn't to be. I was so happy when Fluevog put out the Libby Smith so I could have some buttony-goodness.

  8. De-lurking to chime in. My thoughts are with you: Inigo looks like such a joy.

  9. Drooling over those boots!!! They are super cute! I imagine they'll be quite versatile too!

    Glad you are getting some nice moments with Inigo. Beautiful boy.

  10. Anything tooled leather is okay by me. I do love this outfit.
    Thank you for sharing Inigo photos. He is such a handsome boy.

  11. Dear Sheila,
    Recently, when I found your blog, I showed it immediately to some fashionista-friends of mine (artists). We do appreciate your very unique style , colour-matchings and creativity.
    From here, the very heart of Europe (Budapest, Hungary), we send Inigo thousands of thoughts full of love, across the ocean! (my cat, Princess-Frusina-Her-Majesty, looks like exactly the same as Inigo. Oh, loveliest creatures of God!)
    Best wishes:Timi

  12. I again bow to the Shoe Queen!!! Those boots are killer!! Can't wait to see how you style them!
    Love the outfit--that green is wonderful on you!!
    And {{{{{chin rub}}}}}} for inigo!

  13. Sheila, I wish you strength. Inigo is such a sweetie-pie and I'm tearing up just thinking about what you must be feeling. My own AmalĂ­a is giving me kisses now and I can't even imagine how sad you must be. My heart goes out to you all. You can tell what a sweet cat he is.

  14. Note to self: Must get obi belt. Makes Sheila's waist look awesome :D

    Love Inigo's pics and climb up the scratching post.

    I wouldn't have gotten a thing done after those shoes arrived at my job...lol.

  15. My heart is very sad, reading about your sweet boy. I can't offer anything except my sympathy for this hard, hard time. You are doing the right thing for Inigo.

    I've heard it said that when your heart breaks, sometimes the cracks let the light in. May you find some lightness in the time you have together with your love kitty.

  16. Those eyes of love are lovely indeed. What a wee fuzzy sweetheart he is.

    And speaking of sweet things, the boot porn in this post is equally torturous!

    Hold on, Sheila. Warm, hopeful thoughts to you and your fuzzy guy.

  17. Apologies if this is a repeat comment - blogger keeps eating my responses.

    Those eyes of love are deep and lovely indeed. What a fuzzy sweetheart your wee fellow is.

    And speaking of sweet things, the boot porn in this post is equally torturous!

    Hold on, Sheila. Warm, hopeful thoughts to you and your fuzzy guy.


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