Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Apr 17th - Outfit #14 - Purple Feet and Cat Whispering

I'm starting to do repeats of some of my capsule items now - this is the second wear of this awesome skirt:
I wore here on day 1 of this month.

Shout out to Peg of Up-Island, a regular commenter. I was just emailing her and saying she would look good in this saturated lavender purple that my shoes are (last seen here), and that I look hideous in that colour. That's why I have purple feet and not purple up near my face.

And my, don't I look pasty white without nylons! Ha!

This is the second wear of my navy blue cardigan:
I last wore it here.

I remembered to wear my big yellow cuff. It thuds on my desk with authority, heh heh.

Thank you everyone for your inquiries about Vizzini. He is doing really well - maybe he's a "one cat" feline? Now that we aren't completely focused on Inigo's illness, we're working on correcting some of his bad behaviour. We searched for tips on "how to make your cat more affectionate" and some of the ideas are working really well. He's sleeping with us for most of the night (aw...) and he's a lot less bitey and fighty. Just call me "The Cat Whisperer"!

Cardigan (Mango Suit, thrifted), skirt (Vivienne Tam, consignment), shoes (Camper), cuff (thrifted), necklace (consignment).


  1. That is a great skirt, Sheila. And I love it when my cuffs clunk on my desk. I feel very important : > Yay for Vizzini sleeping with you; I think it's the best thing in the world!

  2. Those campers are getting quite a lot of use! Lavender is the new neutral? Fabulous skirt. I'm always jealous of how well you wear brocades.

    Glad to hear Vizzini is doing well, especially with the better behavior.

  3. Sheila: You are right, I think that lavender purple would look good against my pale skin and silver hair. That is my mission for tomorrow- some lavender purple for next to my face!
    I love the 'authority' of a good chunky bracelet.
    Thanks for the good vibes - Peg - UI

  4. Still madly in love with that skirt. You're a redhead who can't wear purple and I'm a redhead who can't wear yellow or orange...to me that purple is perfect! When we lost our Roy a few years ago Meisha was really happy to be by herself for a couple of years. Eventually she started running her claws down the wall out of boredom so we got Willy...bet she regrets that now! :-) Snuzzles for Vizzini for me!

  5. The bracelet of authority is a touch of genius--it brings out the golds in the skirt. Like you, I have trouble wearing the pale purples.

  6. I love your yellow cuff with the jewel tones of the skirt. Wow. And your last post, that top is awesome! It's great that you can still wear your purples on your feet. And I think pale skin is great! I've seen too much over-tanning and orange skin around. I'm glad your cat-whispering is working!

  7. When change occurs in a household, everyone needs to adjust, including the other animals. When my Cat Mama passed away, her son Moozy was severely depressed for weeks. We brought him out of it but it wasn't easy. Animals can grieve, too.

    I love nylons for how much they enhance our legs. In fact, I wear them almost all the time. I'm not sure why so many women hate them and ridicule them as old fashioned. I suspect many associate them with their mother's generation, as if that's a bad thing (which it isn't).

  8. Glad Vizzini is getting better at sharing his affection for you! Love this outfit, that skirt is really beautiful! :)

  9. Those are great shoes, I like them.

    Glad things are going well with Vizzini!

  10. Love the outfit--loved yesterday's too (for some reason wordpress wouldn't recognize me to poat recently)
    You are not only the show Queen--you are the cool color combo queen!!
    Good to hear Vizzini is doing ok!


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