Friday, April 6, 2012

Apr 5th - Outfit #4 - Pink Proportions

Thursday's outfit didn't turn out as well as I wanted to. It should have worked, but I neglected to check the proportions.
This is a lovely new-to-me pink silk satin blouse - it was $22.98 on consignment a few weeks ago. I'm usually leery of silk tops because they don't wash well, but for that price, this will be going in the washer/dryer (on delicate, of course).

The skirt is my black leather one that I first wore here - it was $32.99 on consignment back in December.
From the stairs picture, you can't really tell, but you can when I'm just standing - the top is long in the waist with that band at the bottom, and the pencil cut of the skirt is just past my knees. Result? I look really short! And I AM short (5'4"), but I like my clothes to make me look taller.

The tights were a fun addition.
The shoes are my black kitten heels that I thrifted some time ago for $4.00 - I last wore them here. I'm wearing the necklace and earrings from my Myka set (picture here).

If the skirt were shorter, or the heels higher, I think this outfit's proportions would have been better. Either way, it was a good outfit for a very busy day. I did a lot of running around at work, then walked to my Book Club meeting - that ended up being rather wine-filled and I got home quite late. Heh.

Hope you have a great long weekend!

Blouse (INC, consignment), skirt (Hemingway, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), jewelry (Myka), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. I agree, you cant tell when you are sitting down on how long the top is.However I still like it. I specially like the tights..
    BTW I just realized I have a very similar top in white that I have not worn in ages.

  2. 5'4" isn't THAT short is it? I'm only an inch taller and it doesn't feel short to me (well, unless I'm with my tall friends). I do love the idea of this outfit, but you're right; it's screaming for a shorter skirt!

  3. I wonder if it would have looked better tucked in? I love the sheen of silk and leather. <3 Two awesome textiles. Also for the silk blouse - I suggest washing inside out and hang drying. If it's wrinkly, toss it in the dryer for like 10 minutes with a damp washcloth. I do that with both my linen and silk things and it keeps them from both shrinking and is a great wrinkle fixer.

    1. Yes, I think it would have worked better. I didn't really notice the proportions until I looked at the pictures after work, otherwise I might have tucked it in earlier.

      Thanks for the washing suggestions!

  4. Great textures! The pink satiny top resonates with me, having just discovered the joy of bright, shiny pink. And the patterning on the tights is wonderful.

  5. I really like both pieces in this outfit, I agree it does make you look shorter than usual though. I'm sure next time you wear these pieces you will style them differently :) That's what it's all about really - finding what works for you and doesn't work through trial and error.

    That top is such a nice pink I'm sure that's all people noticed :)

  6. Your analysis sounds right (and is certainly better than anything I can come up with). Have a great weekend (and holiday, if you celebrate one).

  7. Great top - love that colour, which is a colour not a lot of redheads would be brave enough to try :-). As always, you pull it off :-)

    5 4 isn't short! - its average female height here in the UK (I've done a lot of research - my 6 8 husband and 5 9 daughter keep telling me I'm short and I have to argue that at 5 6 I'm definitely not short - I'm actually 2 inches above average!). You certainly never look "short" to me :-)

  8. I LOVE that color! You look fab! Pop by and enter to win a $100 gift card to Marketplace of India!

  9. Your new silk blouse is gorgeous, Sheila - let us know how that washing goes -- that's the reason I steer away from silk too, I don't like to iron! Love those tights. Hope your holiday weekend is peace-filled and/or wine-filled, as you wish. : >

  10. What an amazing blouse! I wonder if a belt would have helped at all.

  11. i love it!! the blouse is stunning!!!
    Maybe a thick belt at the point where the blousy part meets the band would help the proportions??

    1. I don't think a belt at that point would work - it's quite a dropped waist, so I think there might be weird blousiness if I belted. But it's a good thought and I will definitely try it next time I wear this.

  12. You made me smile. I'm shorter than you, and I like my clothes to make me look taller, too! As always, I am fan of your gorgeous tights.

  13. I think it's the scoop neckline; something about the proportion of the collar and the way it is open on your shoulders isn't as flattering as it could be. I have the same problem with those kind of collars.
    But the color is so pretty!


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