Sunday, April 29, 2012

Apr 28th - Outfit #24 - Party at Caro's, and a 10K Today

Last night, I had a nap and then L and I hopped the bus to our dear friend Caro's 40th birthday party. Since I already used my Wild Card outfits for the month here, my party outfit came from my April capsule:
I thought this was sufficiently party-worthy.

This is my lovely paisley blouse (last seen here), my classic leather pants (last worn here), and my yellow Tsubos, last seen here.

I like showing off my pipes:
And I'm not even flexing! I'm still doing my pee push-ups regularly, even 2+ years later - that's all I do for my upper body.

I added a few leather cuffs to be ultra-tough, and of course, with all those yellows, I had to wear my yellow leather jacket:
I never thought a yellow jacket would be that much of a staple, but I wear this a lot.

All ready to catch the bus:
We stayed at the party until midnight and caught one of the last buses home. I had to get my beauty sleep for the 10K this morning!

Blouse (INC), pants (Gap, 2000, thrifted), shoes (Tsubos), black cuff (Guess, thrifted), brown cuff (SkinZnHydez), wrist wrap (Club Monaco), jacket (Danier Leather).

I was up early to get ready:
My usual race gear. I haven't been doing any training this month - it kind of fell by the wayside with the whole Inigo thing, but I knew I could push myself and do the race with a decent time (I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow!).

Mom and I at the start of the race:
My no-make-up face
I did the race in 1:15, and I'll find out in the next few days (after they tally the monitors' feedback) where I placed. Another medal would be nice! I have a bronze, two silvers and a gold for the Competitive Walking category.

My mom is the only woman who has done every one of the 23 10K races since they started.
She is pretty freakin' awesome. Way to go, Mom!


  1. Wow! Impressive. The only way I could travel 10k is with a motorcycle beneath me.

    Speaking of which, in your leather jacket and pants, you're all set to hop onboard!

  2. You and your mom are both freakin' awesome! And you look awesome-plus in your leather pants.

  3. Your Mom is an inspiration...and I think I need to start doing a few of those pee push-ups. You look fierce in the party outfit--great shoulders and bold colors.

  4. Hope you got a medal at the race! It's so great you can do the race with your mother :)

    Really like the outfit you wore for the party, hope your friend had a lovely birthday :)

  5. Super impressed! I have done a 5k, but never a 10k!! Love your paisley top, such pretty colors and a fun print!!

  6. You look marvelous and so do your strong arms !
    WHat a great thing to do with you mom.. i see that she is part of where your good looks come from.

  7. Congrats on the race! My mom is 72 and can walk circles around me :P

    You look so amazing in those leather pants. You really have a gift for mixing beautiful colors in your outfits.

  8. I love the yellow! Especially with your amazing leather pants. Congratulations to you and your mother and great photos of the two of you.

  9. Girl, you are a marvel. Where do you get all your energy?
    Congrats on the race. You and your mom rock!


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