Monday, April 2, 2012

Apr 2nd - Outfit #1 - A Boom of Colour

Welcome to April! I am so excited to have another month of clothes! This should be a pretty challenging month, because I picked probably one of the hardest colour schemes ever: pink, purple and yellow.

Here's what I'll be wearing:
Heh, my coworkers are going to freak when they see the yellow boots.
Seven pairs of shoes is just right. There's a good mix of walking shoes (1-2" heels) and dressier.

Here are the bottoms:
Yeah, those might be leather pants...
I haven't included every pink, purple or yellow piece that I own (I still have a LOT of yellow, in particular), and I've carefully added a couple of neutrals (grey, black, cognac, denim) to balance out the colour.

No jackets this month, just two cardigans:
They look like they're walking arm in arm.
 To make up for the lack of jackets and blazers, I have 10 tops this time around:
Six of them have long sleeves, which I hope will keep me warm enough in my office. I'm being optimistic and trusting that I'll be able to switch to my lighter-weight outerwear instead of the winter layering of top/jacket/coat.

I have 3 dresses this time around:
They are all great layering pieces (and one is a really nice party dress worn on its own).

I'll highlight each piece as it comes up in the capsule as usual, but for now, let's get into the first outfit! 

BAM! Let's start off April with a bang! And hey, it's Visible Monday, so head on over to Patti's!
Woo, that's a lot of colour! The star is of course the skirt. I've had it for almost two years (first worn here) - I paid $30 in a consignment store for it. I've worn it 3 more times total since April 2010: here, here and here. Ha, I've only worn it with a neutral (denim) once.

This cardigan is new-to-me:
It's the replacement for my old marigold cashmere one, my old mustard cardi AND my pale yellow summer cardi. No pressure!

I love having a yellow cardigan, and this one is the nicest quality of all the ones I've owned over the years. It's Club Monaco and is a wool blend, so no pilling or fuzziness to it. I like the deep V-neck as well. It was $16.98 on consignment last month.

That's just a plain purple cami underneath (not included in the capsule).

I stopped taking pictures of my outerwear because I was sick of my winter coats. Now that spring is here, I'm breaking out the lighter coats, like this awesome yellow one.
And my purple bag too!

The stuff:
The shoes are pretty fabulous. The pattern inside is a Dr. Scholl's insole. I last worn them here, and I've had them since October 2009 (purchased with a birthday gift certificate).

I wore my Grandma J's faux pearl neckace:
I liked how the whiteness of the pearls brought out the white chrysanthemums.

Cardigan (Club Monaco, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Vivienne Tam, consignment), shoes (Friis & Co.), necklace (vintage 70s, Grandma J).


  1. Ohh! I love the color scheme of this month. I think it will definitely make up for muted tones of last month, especially if this first day has anything to say for the rest of the month!

  2. I am not very great at wearing yellow, so I am looking forward to seeing how you style these pieces.

  3. Wow, I adore the yellow jacket and the yellow boots. And so many of the upcoming pieces (at least the peeks!) April will be fun, at Ephemera. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, it's always a pleasure to see you.

  4. Love, love, love the colors! Always love you in bright sunny clothes. Enjoying the capsule challenges you've set yourself.

    On a separate note, I am a cat person, too, and our most recent family member is about to give birth! (We have three homes set up already.) Her name is Juvy and she's black (with a white blotch on her tummy); she'd fit right into your family! I thought you'd like that little tidbit. :)

  5. Love all the color! This outfit is fantastic. I absolutely love the skirt. Can't wait to see how else you wear it.

  6. You look like you walked off the set of Mad Men; sexy and classic outfit! (Geez a coat in spring?! It's gotta be really cold up there!)

    1. Our spring is still quite cold and rainy! A coat is a must.

  7. Love that skirt - it has an Oriental brocade look to it. I want to see you in those yellow boots!

  8. Interesting colour palette, to put it mildly! If anyone could pull it off, you can. So far so good.

  9. Love the items you've picked for this capsule! I am really looking forward to seeing how you wear those bright colours :) This outfit is great, such a pretty skirt.

  10. April is going to be a fabulous capsule. Look at all that colour!

    That skirt is so wonderful as are the yellow boots. I have some yellow Fluevog boots that I don't wear often enough but I have trouble styling them. Hopefully you'll give me some inspiration.

  11. My favorite colors! So vibrant and fun.

    You combined them beautifully in this outfit. Where do you plug in the electric cord?

  12. Gorgeous skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    How good of you to pland the whole month ahead, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  13. Love this outfit Shelia!! And I like the combo of pink, purple and yellow - it reminds me of Easter eggs! Perfect for spring!

  14. love this outfit!
    love the color scheme and cant wait to see all the pieces and how you mix + match them. :)

  15. This is a gorgeous outfit! You look really good in yellow. I've always been afraid to wear yellow (I'm a pale blonde tending to red-in-the-face), but I'm going to keep an eye out at the thrift stores and give it a go this spring. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Hurrah for color! LOVE that combo.

  17. LOVE the color scheme!!
    I love the first outfit-so vibrant!! Especially with the sneakers!!!

  18. Great palette and YES
    you started the week with a
    BIG BANG !
    you look spectacular.... you'd look even better on that red sofa.

  19. There's so much to please the eye in this post. I'm behind on my fave blog reading after a short digital vacay, but I love the purple and mustard together. The Karina Chronicles showed a model wearing a similar V-neck sweater backwards, today I think. That's on my style bucket list now :D

  20. You have more purple in your wardrobe than anyone I know. I'll look forward to your combos this I've always found purple a difficult color to wear, even though I'm on the hunt for a purple brocade skirt.

  21. That is a fabulous color combo. Having red hair, do you avoid certain colors or is everything fair game? Can't wait to see the outfit that features the yellow boots.

    1. I dye my hair red, so I'm not a natural redhead - I pretty much wear whatever colours appeal to me, although I know certain ones look better near my face than others.

  22. I really like the yellow-colored coat and the yellow-colored footwear. And so many of the future parts Apr will be fun, at Ephemera. Thanks for connecting up to Noticeable Wednesday, it's always a satisfaction to see you.

  23. What clothes! And that picture with the purple shoes and necklace is fabulous. You are a great photographer! The clasp on those pearls is gorgeous :)


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