Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Apr 4th - Outfit #3 - Enter the Yellow Boots

Oh, the yellow boots! These have been in my wardrobe since September 2009 (here) and I love them.
I've worn them with this skirt at least once (last time here for both items). I can't imagine not having them in my wardrobe, but man, they kill my feet! They're not ever going to be a wardrobe go-to, but I love having them for once-in-a-while wear.

I love this skirt, but I feel like I've worn it in as many permutations as I can since I got it in October 2009...well, maybe I can find a few more this month!

The cardigan (last worn here, third outfit) is actually navy (I usually wear black accents with this skirt) and the tights are the same dark purple as in the skirt.
The light is crappy in the den in the mornings right now.

I had a lot of comments about looking like a superhero - all I needed was a red cape!

I'm also wearing a yellow ruffled new-to-me t-shirt underneath. I thrifted it for $5.00 a couple of months ago and had put it away for summer, but I think it's warm enough now to wear it as a layering piece.

The stuff:
Sweet yellow boot-y goodness.

Cardigan (Mango Suit, thrifted), t-shirt (INC, thrifted), skirt (Le Chateau), boots (Aldo, consignment).

Following Ally's lead over at Shybiker, this is what I saw today:
Lovely azaleas! Those are as tall as me! [not very tall]

Miniature daffodils and some purple low-growing flowers.
See how nicely yellow and purple go together in nature?

I love the pink blossoms on the Japanese cherry and plum trees this time of year.
So pretty!


  1. Those boots are so cool. I think the fact that you can wear bright-ass-yellow boots AND remix them should win an award. I wish they were more comfortable for you though.

    Lovely flowers. I need to get some photos of our yard now that the concrete people are finished with the driveway. Hopefully soon we can stop stealing our neighbor's driveway, lawl. I feel bad using the side of their house for blog photos.

  2. Ooh, what pretty pictures! And thanks for the mention.

    Those yellow boots are wowie-zowie! Especially with the contrasting colored tights. You remind me of the great colorful clothes women wore in the Sixties. Flower power!

  3. you are a brave soul to wear those boots lol . I have to say this is my very least favourite of your outfits put together total mismatch . I love the skirt though . Donna

  4. I hadn't read your post until after I put up my latest, which also focuses on footwear, as does the post by Lisa at Dreamz'n'Wishz. Fine weather seems to move our best feet forward, but not always in the most comfortable of footwear. You look GREAT in your lemon boots with the eggplant tights!! Mighty She-Ra. Awesome look. And the flowers are so hopeful.

  5. Love it - like Shybiker said, it's Flower-powerful! I can see why you love that skirt.

  6. Those boots are amazing!!! I love the whole outfit!
    If you were a superhero you would be SuperStyleGirl!!!

  7. I love your skirt so much! :) Really like how you paired it with the purple tights and yellow boots to match the colours in the skirt :)

  8. You look like a modern day super hero :)
    I am all for the skirt.

  9. Lovely skirt and yellow splash.
    happy Easter weekend.

  10. You have sunshine on your feet.

    I like Shybiker's idea, too. May have to steal it. When it stops raining :P

  11. I saw this one and went, "WOW" I LOVE the colors in this outfit!! The reason you look like a superhero? That skirt and top give you an awesome hourglass figure. Sigh, now I must have yellow boots and I'm already having a hard enough time finding bright red ones.


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