Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apr 25th - Outfit #20 - Marigold and Grey

I last wore today's shirt and shoes here, on the day we put Inigo down.
So hard to re-read that - I miss my boy so much.

It's been a strange month. It feels like the time has gone so fast, and that I haven't done that many outfits out of the capsule. I only have 4 more days left for outfits and there are lots of items I only wore once.

This is my solid grey skirt, a good stalwart, last seen here.
It's been interesting relying on my solid "boring" pieces a bit more. I realize I had gotten into the habit of only wearing my really cool, unique tops and bottoms, and these basics were languishing unworn. It's a good skirt!

This top, however, I am not so sure about - I'm a little on the fence. I love the colour, but the length is a little much. It's in the wash right now, so that may be the breaking point. If it comes out all wrinkly, I'm likely to pass it on. I hate ironing!

The stuff:
Not terribly imaginative, I realize, but there you go.

Blouse (Simon Chang), skirt (Plum), shoes (Tsubos), belt (Shi Studio), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop).


  1. Love the bright sunny yellow. It's so hard trying to explain that particular shade when talking to people, but your shirt is the perfect example of my favorite shade of yellow. I think this has been your most successful capsule yet. Every outfit has something interesting, lots of color, and remixability. (totally a word btw)

  2. This is one of my favourite yellows too, one that I can actually wear. And it looks great with grey :-)

  3. i really like the fact that u have matched the shirt and you pumps.....the color choice is interesting as it addds a dash of spunkiness to the outfit!!

  4. I love the colour of the shirt, adds such a nice pop of colour. You must still be so sad about Inigo, I can't imagine. I'm glad you have Zizzini to comfort you :)

  5. The basics are good too - and you look great in this color!
    My husband saved the shirt he wore when we took beloved Nola to the vet for the last time -- six-plus years ago! We call it the Nola shirt and now he won't part with it. We can still work up a good cry when we talk about her, so I am sure precious Inigo is very, very fresh in your heart. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. Your "not very imaginative" is a million times more interesting than the usual office worker. I like that colour yellow on you very much. Would you recommend Tsubos as a good brand of shoe?

  7. This yellow color looks so great on you, it's really nice with your skin tone! Gray and yellow is one of my new favorite color combinations overall, I think they work well together! I would totally steal those shoes if I could!

  8. I love the combo of grey and yellow!! I aggree with Megan--this has been an awesome capsule!!

  9. Oh Sheila - I think you look wonderful.
    I tie my items to moments too ... and I can only imagine how much you miss your little one.

  10. The color of that top is so fantastic on you, I'd hate to see it go. I think some button shirts are wardrobe essentials, but finding them in really unique colors is hard.

    I rarely iron either, I'm a master of grabbing right out of the dryer - or taking to the cleaners if it's a really nit-picky iron :P

  11. The color in this outfit is so incredible that I'm really hoping the top comes out wrinkle free. I'm itching to "pin" this look.

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