Thursday, April 19, 2012

Apr 19th -Outfit #16 - Tones of Yellow

Happy almost weekend! Today was a very rainy and grey day. *sigh* Spring on the West Coast is wet, it's a fact. 

However, I was making my own sunshine today, and it turned out to be one of my favourite outfits so far this month:
I love how the boots pop and yet also go with all the more subtle yellows, greens and caramels in this. Of course, it's all about the boots, ha! I last wore them here.

Sadly, though, they killed my feet again. They're okay for once-in-a-while wear, but are maybe not so good for this long of a capsule. I think there is room in one's wardrobe for cool yet less frequently-worn things like crazyass yellow boots.

I really liked how this top went with the skirt.
I last wore the top here, and the skirt here (first outfit).

Blouse (Esprit, consigment), skirt (Noa Noa), boots (Aldo, consignment), belt (Aldo Accessories), necklace (vintage 50s, Lisner, Grandma J's).

Vizzini was really cute this morning. I was a few minutes behind schedule but I had to take some pictures.
Hanging out on the deck, watching the crows in the Garry oak trees.

"Look at those yellow boots!"


He rolls around like this when he wants to play. Sorry, buddy, gotta go to work.
 Tonight, just as I sat down at the computer to blog, he jumped up on the other chair.
He only has one set of white eyebrows right now.


  1. Oh, wow! I LOVE this outfit. So bright and cheery and such a novel color combo.

  2. We express ourselves in spring with colour burst...and the yellow mustard you have chosen well suits the season.Very nice style and get up.

  3. I think this is my favorite outfit of the month too - the yellow boots!! Hey Vizzini, you are a supermodel. My cats like to roll around and "show me the belly" when they want to be scruffed up too.

  4. Vizzini is beautiful :) I like the pics of him in the cat post. I'm not sure what the proper name for that is, is it cat post? Anyway! Love the colours in this outfit, it all works so well together!

  5. I think this is my favourite outfit of yours so far this month. Very stylish. I also love how your hair matches that blouse.

  6. Such a handsome boy! Love that kitty!

    I love your skirt, I said that when you wore it before too, but I really do, it's so pretty and shimmery. And hello yellow boots! Woo!

  7. Your cat is adorable.
    I used to wear a yellow slicker raincoat when it rained and those boots are the best tonic for our weather right now!
    I think the sun will shine today, fingers crossed!

  8. Wow, those boots are wild. I really admire your guts for wearing them! And I love that blouse... it goes with your hair perfectly.

    Vizzini is so cute. My kitty looks like him in coloring, but he's much fluffier (and fatter). Every time I come here and look at your pics I think of my kitty. So... two good reasons to visit your blog! Awesome outfits and cute cat pics. :)

  9. These pieces look so good together. I love the print on that top. Vizzini has that same crazy "omg bird/bug/flying thing" look my mom's kitties get. Too sweet.

  10. I saw some gorgeous cats yesterday and if i could i would have shipped you one :)

  11. I think this is my favorite outfit in the capsule so far!! Love the colors and those boots!! WOW
    Vizzini is such a handsome fella!

  12. Great to meet you as well!! I will definitely be following your 30 for 30 for 12 - seems like such a feat!! I can't wait to see the leopard skirt appear on your blog!


  13. I think you have gotten more adventurous with you outfits over time. Do you agree? I noticed that you refer to WW meeting. Is this a reference to Weight Watchers. I have decided to loose 50+ pounds. I'm so unhappy with how I have let myself go. Did you have a successful stint with WW. Please forgive a person question, I hope you dont mind me asking. Did you blog about your experience? Love your 30 for 30 challenges so motivating to me.

    1. Adrienne, yes, I lost 50 lbs through Weight Watchers (I work for them as a leader now) and have maintained it for nearly 5 years. I wrote about it here:

      Also here:


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